Written by palle

10 Jun 2007

On saturday night I was outside my local for a smoke. I was seated at the end of the picnic bench which had maybe 4 or 5 people seated there. The pub was hot and very noisy so some were comfortable outside. A local woman steps out to have her smoke but has no place to sit.I offer her my lap and she sits down with some force. My boner stiffens streight away but when she doesn't move I think that I will get a quick feel here.

She puts her hand in under her grips my prick and moves it forward. Now I am up between her legs and as she smokes she rocks back and forward. As quick as she sat down she is up and back into the pub.

A girl who plays for the local football club asks can she have this seat and before I stand up she sits down on my erection. Now Nicole is wearing a knee length summer dress but as she sat down she moves the back of it up so her bare arse is on my lap. I struggle to open my fly but with her help I am soon free and up her young and fit cunt. Nicole closes her legs and I gasp at the pressure on my prick but I am in heaven and hold on for life.

One of her team mates comes over to talk to her and they have a chat as if I was not there. Nicole moves as she talks and rides me until I find her cumming. My leg is now getting wet and I am still in there. At last Kate leaves and with the smokers corner emptying except for one other couple that are riding for Ireland we can get on with it. I stand up and still up Nicole I face her to the picnic table and go into her until i cum. I had dreams of having her for years and last night I cum up her and didnt even have to ask.