Written by Paul & Claire

29 Aug 2017

I posted a story on here recently of how my wife and I met John and Jenny, a couple slightly younger than us, who are also newbies, and we ended up ‘soft swinging’ in their spare bedroom. What happened went a bit further than we had planned, not that we had planned what we wanted to happen, but the physical contact had been limited to our own partners, and we both found it very erotic.

John messaged me a few days later to say that, after we had left, they had made love and Jenny had been more enthusiastic about it than she had been for ages. I said that was pretty much our experience when we got home, I didn’t mention however that Claire had given me the most fantastic blow-job, definitely a first.

We agreed that it would be nice to meet again, and John suggested a stroll in the country park near to them. The last meeting in the pub had been nice, but the conversation had been limited by other people around us and he suggested we could talk more openly on a stroll in the countryside. The weather had been rather wet for a while, but we managed to organise a date for one afternoon a couple of weeks later.

As we drove to meet them, Claire and I talked about what we thought might happen. I said I thought it would probably be just an opportunity to talk more openly, but I asked her how she would feel, if we ended up going back to their place and they wanted to swap partners. She said “well I wouldn’t mind a bit of a ‘fumble’ with John, but definitely no penetration …… well, no intercourse anyway”. She then started to stroke my thigh as I drove along, so I guessed her mind was racing.

John and Jenny arrived a few minutes after us, and we greeted each other with lots of hugs, kisses on the cheek and warm handshakes. As Jenny hugged me against her, I felt her ample breasts press briefly against my chest which caused a slight stir in my trousers. I don’t know why I did it, but I gave Jenny a brief kiss on the lips, she smiled as we separated, so I assumed I was not going to get my face slapped.

We set off as a foursome, walking along an old railway track, but we quickly separated into pairs, me talking to Jenny with John and Claire walking together a few yards ahead of us. Jenny said they had so enjoyed the last time we met, it was the first time that had met another couple and, although they had talked about what might happen, they had not agreed anything in advance, so the spontaneity of what happened made it all the more exciting. She said that she didn’t think they could go any further than ‘soft swinging’ with our own spouses though. I said that was much the same for us, I had realised from messaging John that we had much in common.

I noticed a large cloud above us and commented that I hoped we were not going to get wet as I had not come prepared, wearing only a short-sleeved shirt and slacks. Jenny said, “it’s OK, I’ll let you come under my umbrella” and held up the tiny ladies’ umbrella she had brought with her. I said “it will be cosy under there, I think we will both get soaked”, we both laughed and she elbowed me in the arm. We had both virtually stopped walking as we were looking at each other, and I suddenly found myself drawn towards her lips. I kissed her, it wasn’t passionate I would call it more sensuous, our lips touched softly and it seemed neither of us wanted it to end. The only point of contact between us was our lips and, while I felt a great urge to envelope her in my arms, I didn’t want to break the spell, it felt almost electric. I could smell her perfume, which was really pleasant, erotic even, and I wanted it to go on forever.

It was Jenny who broke the contact when she stepped back and I briefly thought this would be where I got the slap, but she smiled, stepped back towards me to link her arm in mind and we resumed walking. She rubbed my arm with her hand and said “sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” to which I replied “it’s alright, you kissed it better”, and she snuggled closer to me. I had quite forgotten about Claire and John, but I noticed they had stopped about 30 yards ahead of us and had turned watching us. I wasn’t sure how much they had seen, but when they resumed walking Claire linked arms with John, so I assumed they may have witnessed everything.

John had told us that, some way up the old railway line, there was a well-made track leading off to the side which looped round and eventually led back to the carpark, and we had decided to follow that route. After a while, I decided to chance my arm again, so I broke the link with Jenny’s arm to put my arm around her shoulder. I needn’t have worried because she slid her arm round my waist and briefly stroked my belly with her other hand.

John and Claire had turned off the old railway line, and we followed them to find them about 30 yards along the path locked in a passionate embrace, they were kissing, arms around each other, Claire had one hand behind John’s head pulling him onto her mouth. Jenny and I looked at each other briefly before she pulled me off the path behind a tree and we were instantly locked in a passionate kiss.

Jenny had her hands round my neck and the smell of her perfume caught me again, making me want to grind my lips against hers. I think the sight of our spouses kissing had made us both feel horny, and she pulled me towards her, making her lovely breasts press against my chest, which caused a big stir in my trousers. As I slid my hands down to her bum, she pressed her hips against me, which really got my cock stirring. When we eventually broke the kiss, Jenny said “well, someone’s pleased to see me”. I suppose I should have felt embarrassed, but I wanted her to know the reaction she had on me, so I simply smiled.

When we stepped back onto the path John and Claire had resumed walking ahead of us, this time with their arms round each other, so we did the same. A couple of times during the remainder of the walk, we stopped to kiss again, and I delighted in feeling her soft lips on mine. Nothing had been said, but I think we were both comfortable doing it in full view of our spouses ahead of us. When we got back to the cars, John asked if we wanted to go back to their place for a cup of tea, and it seemed to be assumed Jenny would travel in my car, while Claire went with John.

Immediately we left the carpark, Jenny put her hand on my thigh and was gently stroking me there. I had to put my hand on hers part of the way as she seemed to want to unzip my trousers and I wasn’t ready for that - yet. When we got to their house, Jenny and Claire went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and John and I sat on the sofas in the lounge. I heard the ladies talking briefly in the kitchen, before they came into the lounge and sat down, Jenny next to me and Claire with John. I put my arm around her shoulder and she snuggled up to me, John did the same with Claire and I was pretty sure which way this was developing.

John turned to Claire and began kissing her, without any protest from Claire or Jenny, so I began kissing Jenny too. She was clearly a lady who liked to be wooed so I took my time kissing her gently, stroking the side of her face and running my fingers through her hair, while I gently ‘pecked’ her lips. She rubbed her hand over my chest and I wondered whether she was about to push me away, but she slid her hand behind my neck to pull me into a more passionate kiss.

I decided to chance my arm so, while kissing her passionately, I cupped one of her gorgeous breasts in my hand. As she broke the kiss, I thought this was where I would get my face slapped, but she adjusted her grip on the back of my head and kissed me more passionately. I heard Claire moaning on the other sofa and, when I looked over, John had her blouse unbuttoned with one hand inside her bra. When I looked back at Jenny, she had started to unbutton her blouse too. When she fully unbuttoned it, I leaned forward to kiss the side of her ample breast while cupping it over her bra.

John said “shall we take this upstairs then” and we all trooped upstairs to their spare bedroom. Jenny and I took up position at the bottom of one bed, kissing and mauling each other, whilst removing clothes as we enjoyed each other’s passion. John and Claire were doing the same next to the other bed, and I noticed they were on the bed first, although they were still wearing basic underwear.

Jenny was down to her bra and panties, while I still had my boxers on. She turned away from me, which I took to be an invitation to unhook her bra, and she said “ooh you naughty man” while still holding it against her chest. She turned her head towards me, and offered me her lips so I kissed her gently, realising I had to woo her all the way. As she turned to get onto the bed, I grasped her hips and with one swift movement, slid her panties to her ankles. She turned to me again and said “ooh you are a naughty man”, we embraced, kissed passionately, and fell onto the bed still kissing.

When making love to Claire, I like to take the dominant role, so I pushed Jenny onto her back and, with her staring expectantly, I pushed my hand between her thighs. She instantly spread her legs and grabbed hold of my head to kiss me. I could feel straight away she was quite wet so, when I slipped two fingers into her, she gasped and began to breathe heavily. It wasn’t too long before I rolled between her legs and the expectant look on her face was wonderful as I went down on her. Her juices were flowing freely and, when I sucked her clit between my lips, she orgasmed noisily.

I crawled up beside her as I wanted to play with her beautiful breasts, and she grasped my cock and began wanking me. Her breasts were deeply flushed, her nipples standing to attention and we continued to enjoy each other’s bodies passionately. Jenny pulled my head up to her face to kiss me and whispered “I want you to fuck me”. I must have looked surprised, because she continued “I want you inside me …… I want you to fuck me”. I looked over at the other bed and they were too lost in their moment for me to seek guidance, John was feasting himself on Claire’s ample tits and I got the impression he was trying to get one hand between her thighs.

I decided I needed to make my own decision, so I rolled Jenny over onto her back, slid between her legs and raised my hips in preparation to enter her. As I lined my cock up on her pussy, she had a broad smile on her face and she pulled me in with two hands on my buttocks. We fucked for what seemed ages, but was probably only several minutes, during which Jenny orgasmed noisily. I slowed down a bit, allowing Jenny to recover, and I wondered how long I could go on before I needed to withdraw when Jenny said in a louder voice “I want you to cum inside me …… flood me with your sperm”.

I looked over at the other bed to see if they had heard and Claire was sitting astride John’s legs sucking his cock noisily. She raised her head and looked across at us, so I assumed she had heard what Jenny said, but she smiled and resumed her attention to John’s cock. After a moment, she crawled up, raised her hips and I was treated to the wonderful sight of my wife lowering herself onto John’s rampant cock.

Jenny had been looking over at the other bed too and, when we looked back at each other, she gave me a wicked smile, whilst grabbing my cock with her vaginal muscles and saying “now fuck me properly”. We resumed fucking, Jenny wrapped her legs behind my bum to pull me in with each thrust and she began exhorting me to greater effort “that’s it fuck me …… fuck me hard …… make me cum ……” It wasn’t too long before I felt the sap rising and I bathed her cervix with my sperm. This seemed to be the trigger for Jenny to have another big orgasm noisily. It also had a big effect on our spouses on the other bed as they both came too.

As we calmed down, we lay spooned together watching the other bed, them in a similar position and we all smiled. John said “it’s so much more fun if you don’t plan it in advance” and we all agreed. Jenny said to Claire “does your husband clean you up afterwards, mine does”. Claire seemed a bit embarrassed at the suggestion, because I knew it is something she never let me do, but she didn’t get the chance to answer because John wrestled her onto her back and began licking out her pussy. Sensing that Jenny wanted me to do the same, I got between her legs and licked up everything that leaked out. Needless to say, the ladies both orgasmed noisily, much to our enjoyment.

The ladies went off to the bathroom together to clean up while John and I chatted about how we had both enjoyed the spontaneity of what had happened. I did wonder what the ladies might be doing in the bathroom, although Claire denied later on the way home that anything untoward had happened.