Written by Mudlaark

24 Jan 2010

Many years ago when I was still married my wife and I occasionally visited an old friend of mine and his wife. I had known him since at School but I met up again when I was still at University and then he had got married and they both became good friends of mine. A few years after that I got married and lost touch for a while with the friends as we lived in London and my friends in the Midlands. Anyway we resumed the friendship and as I said before, we stayed with them from time to time over the weekend. We would go out during the day for walks in the countryside and usually finishing off in the pub and enjoying the usual conversations but frequently talking about sex – in a general kind of way…though my mate, Phil, had an obsession about cock size, he always let everyone know that he was small but my wife and I had frequently heard them having sex, which turned us both on, and he didn’t seem to disappoint because his wife Barbara had some lovely orgasms (from the sound of it). My wife and I had the horniest sex after and during listening to them and we both knew how much this turned us on but we would work ourselves up into this both feeding off each other’s amount of sexual arousal. By the time I thrust my cock inside my wife she was cumming and my cock always felt like it was trapped in a vice – my God do I miss her, she was the best fuck ever…24 years of perfect sex.

Anyway, one particular weekend after getting back from the pub to Phil and Barbara’s house we decided to open a bottle of wine and I don’t know where it came from but I heard myself saying….Do you have any porn? And not long after that we were watching a video (this was 1983 long before DVD’s), I can’t even remember what it was but sitting next to my wife I knew she was getting turned on and I could see Barbara opening and closing her legs, she looked very horny too. I kissed my wife and she returned with the kind of passionate kiss that drew me in telling me she wanted to fuck, I looked up and Phil and Barbara were also passionately embraced and Barbara’s top was up revealing her breasts – I didn’t know she had breasts!! – they were stunning, perfectly formed, not too big and the most humungus erect nipples and her skin looked so sexy.

My wife and I retired to the bedroom and we rushed to get our clothes off and we were at it not even bothering to close the door. The next thing I know, Phil and Barbara were also having sex with their door open too and both couples seemed to stimulate so much arousal for each other we all went on for what seemed like hours. At one point I wanked over my wife’s tits but I know I was thinking of Barbara’s. I think secretly I had wanted to fuck Barbara for years but seeing her as I had done earlier made my longing for her even more. Every time I heard her whimper and then cum my cock either reacted by getting hard or if it was hard, it started me cumming. My wife seemed to get turned on in just the same way and I didn’t find out till many years later she fancied Barbara too. Well we did manage to sleep that night and sleep we did, deep sleep though I remember waking a couple of times and engulfing myself in my wife’s nakedness and drifting back into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke seemingly before everyone else and I just had to go to the bathroom. As I was on my way out to go back to bed, Barbara was at the bathroom door and gently shoved me back inside. She shut the door and bolted it and kissed me passionately. She was wearing a short black camisole which looked so sexy and she knew she had made me rock hard. She had a pee on the toilet and looked me straight in the eye which practically blew me away. Afterwards she stood up and came back towards me pulled down my shorts to reveal my member stood to attention and aching, she stood up again and kissed me and we both seemed to kneel down together facing each other and she lowered herself onto my cock all in one continuous movement, she took my shaft inside her as her legs straddled me and she just squeezed onto me without any movement and her whole body quivered and shook, I thrust slowly but she still gripped me tight and I came so quickly. I have never experienced a fuck with so little movement and when I came it was if the orgasm started in my toes and came up through my body. It was wonderful and years of fantasizing about this sexy lady exploding out of me.

Afterwards we both crept back into our respective partners beds and no one, seemingly, knew of this encounter but it will stay with me forever. The adventures continued for some time after but when it ended which secretly we all knew it should, it was a natural break and no one got hurt. Though as I said, I found out some years later my wife had secret liaisons with Barbara – wish I had been a fly on the wall but then that fantasy will probably be one that is never realised.