Written by James

30 Sep 2017

Part 1 of my story (A shocking discovery) related how my wife Hannah met and started having sex with her fuck buddy, a guy called Robert who is more than 20 years older than us, and it had become quite a regular thing. Sometimes, I would get to watch them fucking which I found very arousing, especially as I would get to fuck Hannah afterwards. I sometimes wondered what it would be like to have ‘sloppy’ seconds, but Hannah always insisted on using condoms with Robert, so it remained a distant dream for me.

I came home from work one Monday morning after my night shift when Hannah greeted me with a rather sombre face. She said Robert had phoned her the night before to tell her that his wife, who is called Nicki, had discovered a half-used packet of condoms in his jacket, and he had been forced to admit his dalliance with Hannah. He thought the shit would hit the fan, but she had been remarkably calm about it, more seeking information than wanting to chastise him. I told Hannah that I was relieved his wife’s discovery did not seem to have led to a major marital rift, but she may have to look elsewhere for her extra-marital sex now.

Towards the end of that week, she told me that Robert had phoned her again to tell her that all was still calm with his wife. A couple of days after her discovery, she had demanded he make love to her, the first time in more than 5 years, and she had been really passionate. Nicki had said that she assumed her menopause would be the end of her sex life, but she was quite surprised she could still feel passionate.

When Hannah came home from work on the Friday evening, she said that she had been talking to Nicki on the phone, something I would probably have recommended against, but they had got on really well. The following day was another of Hannah’s days off, so they had arranged to meet in town for a coffee and possibly a bit of retail therapy. Isn’t it strange how the things women have in common seem to span a large age gap. I gather Nicki is a bit older than Robert, possibly approaching 60. Hannah said that Robert would be going to a rugby match at the local minor league team, and I was welcome to join him. Although rugby is not really my thing, I enjoy any sport so I decided to go, if only to support Hannah if a row broke out. I still thought that Nicki had taken the revelation very well, and Nicki might be planning some sort of revenge on Hannah.

We drove to their house at lunchtime the following day, Nicki having prepared a really nice salad lunch. I don’t know why I had worried about Nicki’s true feelings as she and Hannah clearly got on well. Nicki was, as I had expected, rather older than us, probably old enough to be my mother, but I still found her quite attractive. She carried a bit more weight than Hannah, but she had, after all, had 3 children, who were now grown up and moved away. I think I would describe her as having all the right curves in the right places, oh and she had a lovely pair of breasts, large but not too droopy. Hannah has quite small breasts, so I thought Nicki’s were a nice contrast.

After lunch, Robert and I got ready to go to the rugby match, which was a half-mile walk from their house, and the ladies were going to catch the bus into town. As we walked to the rugby ground, Robert told me that Nicki had asked him to show her our SH profile, which she had been quite interested in, but she had not said anything beyond that to him. He said they had made love three times since her discovery of the condoms, and she seemed to be a new woman.

While we watched the match, there had been a slight rain shower, which seemed to have skirted round the ground, but we didn’t get seriously wet. I commented that I hoped the ladies did not get wet, and Robert said he thought they would be spending most of their time in M&S.

When we got back to their house after the match, we found both the ladies clad in silk dressing gowns, Hannah said they had got caught in the downpour earlier, but fortunately Nicki had a spare dressing gown she was able to lend her while Hannah’s clothes dried in the airing cupboard. Nicki made some tea and came back into the lounge, sitting on the sofa beside Hannah, with Robert and me sitting in the chairs. I must say that these two lovely ladies made a very attractive sight sitting together with Robert and me opposite, I sensed that Robert was probably having the same thoughts as me.

I noticed that Hannah’s nipples were showing through the thin material of her dressing gown, and I wondered whether it was the friction from the material or whether she might be feeling aroused. I then noticed Nicki’s nipples too and realised she was not wearing a bra, oh very sexy I thought.

We were talking about this and that, they asked if we had enjoyed the match, we asked if they had found anything nice to buy, and I realised that we were simply making small talk. Nicki adjusted her position so she was sitting on one of her legs and, as she moved, I caught a definite glimpse of a hairy bush between her legs. Robert noticed it too, as we looked at each other with raised eyebrows, he smiled and nodded to me. I think Hannah realised we had seen something, because she parted her knees slightly and smiled at both of us. I should add that Hannah is always well trimmed down below, so I found the sight of Nicki’s pubic hair very arousing.

I realised that someone had to make the first move, so I got up to walk over to Nicki and, putting one hand on the back of the sofa behind her, I bent down to kiss her gently on the lips. She kissed me back, so I put my knee on the sofa beside her to get closer, sliding my other hand behind her head and we snogged passionately. As we parted, I slid my hand down from the back of her head so I could seek out her breast inside the dressing gown, it felt large, quite a handful and such a contrast to Hannah’s pert little tits. As I began massaging her ample globes, she grabbed hold of my head to kiss me again, telling me she had very sensitive nipples, so I could do that all I liked.

I looked over to where Hannah had been sitting, and she had moved. I heard voices behind me so I assumed she and Robert were now together. I pulled Nicki’s dressing gown fully open and was delighted to find her totally naked, her body could not disguise that she was probably twice Hannah’s age but I realised I still felt lust towards her. I bent down to suck one of her nipples, and she pulled my head against her chest. Having sucked her nipple so she began panting, I rolled over to sit beside her, where we could both see Hannah kneeling on the floor in front of Robert, busily unzipping his trousers to extract his cock. I slid my hand between Nicki’s thighs and she readily parted her knees to give me access to her private place.

Hannah was just starting to take Robert’s cock in her mouth when Nicki said “I don’t think I can do the same room thing yet …… will you take me upstairs”. We got up and walked out of the lounge to the sound of Hannah slurping Robert’s cock and him saying “oh that’s nice”.

When we got to the main bedroom, Nicki turned to me and started to remove my clothes, in what I thought felt like a frenzied fashion. By the time she slid my trousers and pants down, my cock was coming to attention and she began licking my bell-end and taking it into her mouth. I found I could reach down to maul one of her ample tits as she sucked me, I could even pinch her nipple which made her gasp repeatedly. It reached the point where I realised I would have to stop her to avoid myself cumming all over her face.

As she stood up, allowing the dressing gown to fall to the floor, she said “I know Hannah and Robert have been using condoms, but I can’t, I hate the things …… so can you fuck me bareback?” I didn’t reply, I simply grabbed hold of her head to kiss her again passionately, which I think she realised was a positive response. We fell on the bed together, I wanted to take the upper hand and get her onto her back. I went down on her, finding my way through her forest of hair was a bit of a struggle, but strangely I found it quite erotic. Sucking her clit and plunging my tongue into her pussy opened her labia wide and I barely noticed the untrimmed hair surrounding her pussy.

Eventually, we fucked in various positions, and she orgasmed repeatedly in a very noisy fashion. Along the way, we heard similar sounds coming from downstairs and Nicki said she had quite forgotten what a considerate lover her husband was. Eventually, while I was fucking Nicki doggy style, I realised I could not go on forever and, when I asked if I could cum inside her, she said “take me on my back, I want to watch you as you cum”. So we switched over to missionary and, with Nicki holding her ankles up to her shoulders, I continued to fuck her vigorously until I bathed her cervix with my sperm, Nicki telling me continuously how good it was.

As we lay side by side recovering our composure, I noticed the clothes Nicki had been wearing at lunchtime, neatly folded over a chair. It crossed my mind how naïve I had been. When we returned downstairs, Hannah and Robert were just getting dressed, so much for her clothes drying in the airing cupboard. We said our farewells with much hugging and kissing, and we all promised we wanted to do it again soon.

As we drove home, Hannah said that I had said several times I wanted to experience ‘sloppy seconds’ and today might be the first time it was available. I didn’t understand what she was saying to start with, but then it dawned on me that they had not used a condom either. When we fucked later that night, the experience of plunging into Hannah’s sodden cunt with the feeling of his sperm still inside her was truly amazing, especially when I added my own deposits.

When we swapped with them a few weeks later, I found that Nicki had trimmed her pubic hair, which made it a lot easier to give her a good seeing to with my tongue. Also, she thought she could overcome her doubts about same room swapping, so we all shared their king sized bed. Afterwards, Hannah said she would help Nicki to get a ‘fully shaved’ look, so I am looking forward to that next time. Oh, and the age gap …… it means nothing to us as we enjoy each other’s company so much.