Written by Yor

9 Aug 2017

This happened Twenty years ago when I was 42, an Army mate of mine introduced me to his wifes mate she was always with them out drinking etc, She was 40 5ft 2 not a bad figure, to cut a long story I ended up having a short relationship of 18 months, anyway I was around her house one day sitting in the living room and heard I will call her D talking to someone in the up stairs bedroom which was strange as we was the only ones home, I put the paper down and went upstairs D was on the bed kneeling out the window chatting to , I will call her J my mates wife, I said something then went to go downstairs I looked around D was wearing a short skirt and bending over showing her nickers, I started to get a erection sat down on the bed stroking her arse, I then parted her nickers and started to play with her clit, at this point D is trying to have a conversation with her mate but she was having trouble, J could not see me behind the curtain as she looked up, You ok D? said J, its R** fooling around behind me, Whats he doing then? what you think she laughed, now I was getting well aroused, so I pulled out my erect cock and put in in Ds cunt, I was banging away D was making all noises and her mate said is he fucking you? yes said D lovely said J, so I appeared from around the curtain and said why not come up, which she did, J was about 5ft 1 plump and sexy, without saying a word she stripped off got on the bed on all fours next to D and said come on then, I looked at D and she said go on then ..which I did, D stripped off and started to play with Js tits then got under us licking my balls and Js cunt, and so it went on for a couple of hours the three of us, at the time I was surprised the girls going with each other kissing licking cunt etc and to this day I think is was the occassion and got carried away, anyway it was a one off as a few weeks later we broke up, but I still use to see her with J and my mate and it has crossed my mind has my mate done the same as me but on a regular basis, I must ask one day he is now broke from his wife and we are still mates after 35 ..well we was once Soldiers and mates forever.