Written by Simon

2 Dec 2015

I'd gone on about mmf so much with Sammy to which she'd seemed amused but dismissive. So coming home to find her ex Scott pumping his brown cock into her was a bit of a shock but not an unpleasant sight. She smiled at me from over his shoulder as he let out a low moan and tensed obviously emptying himself into her. She giggled "you still like to cum first then Scott?" "Fuck off I was desperate for that. Hi Simon". We'd not been the best of friends since I'd got with his ex but it was a nice enough greeting I suppose and I held out my hand and shook his rather sticky hand before undressing and joining them in my bed. Scott rolled off and invited me to "have a go". Sammy laughed "I'm not a toy!" Scott growled "that's exactly what you are you dirty fuck slut" and began kissing her deeply to which she responded causing me sharp pangs of jealousy. She broke off momentarily to order me to lick her cum sodden slit saying " you wanted it now eat it out". They continued to kiss passionately as I meekly obeyed . It's an awful taste but she came quite powerfully impressing Scott. " nice one simon" he conceded as I rose up her body and plunged my hungry cock into her messy wet cunt. He lovingly stroked her hair as she noisily came again. "He really does it for you doesn't he?" He said gently. Sammy nodded. I slipped out and invited him back in. There followed a magical cum filled night. For me the best part was waking up to see Scott slowly fucking his cock into a sleepy Sammy from behind with her on her side facing me. Scott and I smiled at each other and I stiffened. After a struggle I managed to join him in her cunt. Our cunt. And we actually chatted as our cocks rubbed together inside her. She woke fully and smiled saying "well my boys are getting on famously" before tickling the cum from both sets of balls. We had failed to bring her to orgasm so again it was my job to lick her cummy hole as Scott helped with a finger and as she came the jizz seemed to draw deeper into her. We fell into a blissful sleep and both respunked her in the morning. Now there's a baby growing inside her but we're not sure whose balls have caused it