Written by marysboy

20 Nov 2007

I just read your story about squirting. My buddy and I were just discussing this Together we pro ably have had sex with over fifty women. The conclusion was we had only encountered two women who squirted.

In my case, I worked for a woman who owned a large company. She was twenty years my Junior. She had asked me if I would stay late to check some invoices.

We worked till after midnight. She suggested that I take a nap on the big leather couch that was in her office. I no sooner put my head down then I fell asleep.

I dreamt that I was fucking this beautiful woman. What it really was, my employee was giving me a blow job.

I sat up to see that she had taken off her skirt and blouse.

She stopped sucking me, took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I ran my hand inside the silk pantie. She was soaking wet. I laid her back and took the panties off.

I finger fucked her. The wetter she got the more fingers I put in her pussy. Finally I was fist fucking her.

She told me to put a finger up her ass. As I slipped my thump into her rectum she came.

It was like a man coming. She squirted and squirted until the leather couch gleamed with her come. I only had that one experience. There was no way she was faking it. She really shot her load.