21 Feb 2017

Whenever meeting new play mates, two topics always crop up in conversation. ‘How/why did you get into this’ and ‘best/worst experiences’. Well I suppose that makes it four topics but you get my drift. For us, I remember one night my wife, Di, looking up from a magazine she was reading and saying, ‘do want to give this swinging a try?’ Now this wasn’t some top shelf mag she was reading but ‘Take a Break’ or ‘Quick Break’. I can’t remember exactly what the title was but to say I was taken aback would be an understatement. The article she was reading was an interview with a couple who were into it and without going into graphic detail spoke enthusiastically about what it brought to their relationship. Of course there was an interview, just to balance things up, with a recently divorced lady who spoke ‘bitterly’ about how it destroyed her marriage.

To say we hadn’t discussed swinging before would be untrue. But like a lot of couples it was steamy bedroom talk, the stuff of fantasy which was left in the bedroom. We read top shelf magazines together and got turned on by the letters pages which always had accounts of threesomes, foursome etc. But that was it. When Di spoke about it on this particular evening, well it was in a totally different perspective. “ Are you really serious about this?” I asked. “ Well why not? We talk about it often enough.”

Now this was going back a few years and meeting’ like minded couples ‘ as they were often called wasn’t as easy as opening up an app on your phone or plugging in your lap top. Contact magazines or going to a Club were the only way unless you had a good friends who were open about their lifestyle. Well, we drew a blank on that score. Contact mags were laborious and seemed to take for ever and I began to give think we would never lose our swinging virginity. Ever resourceful, my wife turned up with a copy of ‘Loot’. As she sat down reading it I asked what was wrong with the car we already have? She laughed. “Don’t you know they have personal ads in here?” The penny dropped.

We sifted through the ads and she circled the ones that sounded promising. It involved ringing a phone number and leaving your details for the advertiser to call you back. I wasn’t entirely happy with this and suggested that we take an ad out and have likely candidates ring us. So a fortnight later, when the paper came out, we bought it and there was our ad. The following day we began to ring up our inbox and made a note of the more promising ones. I have to say, we were both taken aback at the large number of people who had replied. On the first day there were about a dozen but after the weekend there must have been at least 40 replies. We were obviously wrong in thinking this was a pastime enjoyed by a small minority! On the following Monday evening I rang the first number on our list. A guy answered the phone. “ Hi, you answered our ad in Loot”. “ Oh, right. Can you call back in an hour. Just got some friends around”. We rang another couple of numbers but there was no answer. Eventually we rang our first number back. “Oh yeah…er would you like to speak with Alan?” Well, I suppose at least I knew there was a female involved here. Alan came on and we chatted for a while. They were experienced but as he said knew the score with first timers. He then asked if his wife Jane, could speak with Di. The girls chatted for a few minutes before Alan came back on. We arranged to meet the following Friday evening for a drink and a chat.

At the time I was in my early 40s and Di in her mid 30s. Terry and Jane on the other hand were mid 50’s, both worked in local government and if anything surprised us about them it was their ordinariness. Jane was reasonably attractive, short black hair and fairly short in stature a little on the stocky side. Terry was similar in height to me, slim with greying hair. Neither were stunningly good looking but equally were not ugly. They chatted with a candid ‘matter of factness’ about their experiences. How did they get into swinging? A girl at work had spilled the beans about what she and hubby got up to one night after a few drinks. Jane was intrigued and told Alan who was equally fascinated. They had both heard about ‘wife swapping’ parties and had read about them in the more lurid Sunday newspapers. Eventually Jane’s colleague told them of a party that was coming up and asked her if they would like to go. They agreed and although they didn’t really get involved they had caught the bug. Shortly after this they met up with Jane’s mate and her husband and swapped partners for the first time. Their next experience was at another party and so it continued. Their circle of ‘friends’ increased as they got to know more and more fellow swingers. We had been chatting with them for over two hours when we decided to call it a night. I told them we would be in touch.

On the drive home we readily agreed that we would like to take things further with them. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that we all agreed no play on the first meet, we were quite sure we would like to have moved things on there and then. So the following evening I rang Alan and asked if they would like to meet up with us to ‘take things further’. He said they would be delighted and so we arranged to meet them the following Saturday afternoon. We drove over to their place, a tidy little semi on the edge of town and parked up. Obviously we were both very nervous, but both Alan and Jane settled us down with a drink and a little chat in the lounge. He suggested that because it was our first time we might like to takes things easy with a little same room own partner fun. This was fine as it put less pressure on us. Alan slipped a video on to get us in the mood. It was of a meet that they had with another couple. Taken with a video camera, tripod mounted and put in the corner of the bedroom it showed Jane and another lady playing with each other. Gradually the intensity of the action increased to Jane getting a strap on out and using it on the lady. The favour was returned and Jane quickly came. As they lay back on the bed the two husbands joined them and there was lots of cock sucking, fucking as the camera faithfully recorded the action. Looking back it was a grainy picture and there was very little detail. But for it’s time, when there was little in the way of genuine amateur porn vids, it was fantastic.

We were a little transfixed by the video and didn’t notice our hosts until we saw Jane kneeling in front of Alan as she busily gave him a blow job. At this I began kissing Di who responded lustily. I slipped my hands inside her top and began caressing her boobs through her bra. Within minutes she, was down to her stockings and suspenders and me totally naked sporting a raging hard on. She lay back on the sofa her hard dark nipples bullet like, as she then spread the folds of her pink shaven and very wet pussy. I knelt down and gently began to run my tongue over her pussy lips and swirling it around her clitty. She squealed with pleasure as I continued this while running my hands over her body. After a while her squeals seemed to take on a more guttural sound. Looking up I could see her sucking on Terry’s shaven cock while Jane began to suck on her erect nipples. This was all too much for Di who convulsed into a shattering orgasm.

It took her a couple of minutes to recover from this by which time Jane was busy sucking on my cock while Terry played with her boobs and pussy. Recovering from her post climax ‘tingles’, Di shuffled across and got to work once again on Terry’s cock. This’ watch and be watched’ plan obviously wasn’t working. If there was one memory of Di on that occasion it was the look of complete and utter lust in her eyes. Within minutes she was lying on the sofa, legs splayed inviting Terry to fuck her. He glanced at me and l said “ you may as well give her what she wants”. “ Thank God for that” said Jane. “ Now would you like to fuck me too!”. We laughed but very shortly the sound of laughter was replaced by moans of pleasure, deep and heavy breathing and the sounds of bollocks slapping against arses! I fucked Jane from behind before lying back on the carpet as she rode me. I could have cum there and then s Jane’s cunt muscles gripped my cock as her boobs swung freely inches from my face. With this going on and watching my wife getting fucked by another man while she was in a state of wanton, sexual abandon. I finished up fucking Jane on the rug in front of the fire eventually pulling out to wank my load all over her shaven pussy and belly. She looked up at me with a sultry smile on her face as she rubbed my spunk into her skin.

Looking across the room, my wife was in a similar position and before long Terry was shooting his load over Di’s tits. We all sat back tired but very happy. Di and Jane went off to the bathroom to clean up, Di cutting some sight as the streaks of spunk dripped down her body. It wasn’t the end of the afternoon as Di and Jane took a great deal of time cleaning up in the bathroom. On going upstairs to check what they were up to we walked into the scene of Jane busily working away on Di’s pussy. Within minutes we were in the bedroom this time fucking our own partners on the bed side by side.

We drove home later that evening discussing how things hadn’t quite turned out as planned. So much for the softly softly approach. However, we both agreed we were glad it turned out that way. We met Alan and Jane a few times after that and of course they introduced us to a few of their swinging friends as well.