Written by Steve

16 Feb 2007

This is not really a sex tale more of a life lesson. But I will give you more info on the sex side of things another day.

I don’t regret having an open marriage but it did end up breaking us up and leading to our eventual divorce. Not nice with 3 children. But if I could get my current wife to swing I would do it all over again. and by god I would love to have my first wife in bed again. What a whore she was.

Anyway, I got hooked on swinging with my 1st wife before we were married. We were even engaged and due to get married in a few months when we went out in a four some with my mate and this x girlfriend of mine.

I had stayed friendly with an x girlfriend who had started dating this mate of mine. After our night out we dropped my mate off at his house and then drove onto my x girlfriends house to drop her off as she lived closest to us. She asked me and my fiancé in for a coffee which we accepted.

The chatting turned to having a digs at me, how bad I was supposed to be in bed? Why was I always late etc? Typical light hearted girls attacking the guy type of thing.

I don’t know why but for some reason the three of us were sitting on the lounge floor with our backs against the settee. I was in the middle with a girl on each side.

I started putting my hand up my fiancé’s legs, but she said, “No not today honey, I have come on” With that my X said “I haven’t” As I looked at my fiancé she said “I don’t mind” So there I was fingering my X with my current girl frigging herself off through her knickers on the other side of me.

Of course I wasn’t happy with that and we ended up with me on top of my X fucking the arse of her with my fiancé lying on her back beside us wanking herself off.

It broke the ice for a very open marriage. We had 14 years of very happy marriage enjoying sharing joint lovers and also having our own fuck buddies. One of my wife’s lovers was her boss at work. Unfortunately he was the turning point of our marriage; I thought she couldn’t do without him. But I was wrong, even after we spit up and divorced they stopped seeing each other.

I was so stupid getting jealous even though I couldn’t say how many cocks I had seen her have up her in our 14 years together, but this chap really got me upset. I am married again now and love my new woman to bits, but wish I hadn’t fucked up my last marriage with my stupid worries as she was a fantastic woman, great mother, and a cum slut too.

I will post the details of our swinging activities another night.

Goodnight for now.

Steve got married again.