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Stories from our swinging life - intro part 1

"The joy of being seduced!"

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I was attracted to my partner Margery in a pub on a Saturday evening and having drinks we got on famously and took an instant liking for one another. I mentioned I had just been on a hang gliding course and saying I was going to watch a prog about microlights that evening she asked if she could watch it with me saying she also had an interest in aeroplanes but didn't have a TV in her new lodgings. (It had always been my ambition to fly in a spitfire and I achieved that with a 40 minute flight at Duxford in August 2022, see pic.) It was a great day with doing loop the loop and victory rolls etc and absolutely fantastic just like my swinging experiences and dare I say perhaps even more thrilling - apart except from the large cost than being free! Before she arrived I set a nice cosy scene in my lounge by keeping it dark by just having a table light to brighten the room. She arrived smelling very nice and looked lovely having changed into a lacy blouse and a pretty floral skirt and best of all gave me a big kiss on my lips when she came in with me thinking "That's a good start to the evening!" 

Even better she brought several bottles of Spatlese, her favourite German wine which we drunk while sat on my couch watching the prog. Afterwards we chatted about our lives with her saying she had moved to Essex and was living near her parents having left the Isle of Wight after her divorce. (I didn't pry with it being her personal business although more about that much later.) With her cuddling up to me on my left we started kissing and before I knew it she turned to lay on her back and pulled me down for us to carry on kissing. I was loath to get up and leave her but having demolished the wine it had gone through me and dying for a pee made my excuse to go to the bathroom - and to also sort out the erection I had! When I returned she lifted her legs for me to sit down and then swung them across up onto my lap with a big smile and then laid back closing her eyes. Well, I ask you, with her laying there relaxed what would any man do presented and faced with an inviting situation like that? So yes, unsurprisingly I started running my hands over her long legs and with her saying that felt nice I was encouraged to go further and gradually moved them up under her skirt to her panties. 

With her letting out what I regarded as a "please carry on" sigh I slowly moved her skirt up to expose her hips to see a pair of pretty lacy panties. I was amazed to find them absolutely soaked with her juices and having slid onto my lap they were tight against her pussy with her slit outlined with it ready and waiting for a good fingering. It seemed she had clearly come prepared for that with wearing some very handy tie up panties with bows at the sides. She was so wet that as I nervously pulled them loose and lifted her panties away a string of juice dangled and hung down below to her pussy. I discovered she had an incredible large triangular mass of pubic hair, the like of which I had never seen on any previous girlfriend or in any of all the girlie mags I had ever bought. After I had slowly eased them from under her lovely bum she arched her back and wriggled onto me so her hips rested on my legs making it ideal to allow me to work her pussy. It was quite deliberate and knowing what she wanted I set about doing just that! 

As I sat there looking down at her lovely pussy lips I couldn't believe how wet she was with what I would call them "flooded" with love juice which glistened from the light of my table lamp. It was much more that any other lady friend I'd had and my finger tips effortlessly glided and slid up and down between them with her sighing out "Hmm, that feels lovely". As I assume most men do I slipped my fingers in as far as I could to press them up under her clit and move them around as I rubbed her clit above. It seemed to work well with her moaning and sighing in appreciation until after a few minutes she reached down to pull my fingers out to put them on her crack. Seeing she wanted me to concentrate on her clit I parted her lips with the fingers of my left hand and rubbed around her large clit in circles with my other fingers with her quietly whispering "Oh! that feels wonderful!" I carried on with her excitedly moaning and groaning but no longer saying anything as she enjoyed my fingers. I deliberately took my time and occasionally eased up but doing that one to many times she pressed my fingers hard against her and urgently  whispering pleaded "Please, please". I set about my job and when I finally brought her off she let out a long sigh as she climaxed with her leg muscles going tight as the feeling surged through her body. She pulled me down to kiss and thank me saying it had been one of her best of which I felt really proud. 

Pulling me down for us to kiss I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and opening it found a pretty light green front fastening bra. I eagerly tried unclipping it but to my horror and  embarrassment I couldn't with my slippery fingers and the damn thing being so tight to her body. Seeing me fumbling away she smiled and offered to do it for me with her saying "There you go" to reveal a lovely pair of breasts with large nipples and areolas. I thanked her but smiling back she said it was she who should thank me! As I gently cupped and fondled them and kissed her nipples she moaned with pleasure and after doing that for several minutes said she also needed to visit the bathroom. That gave me the welcome chance to rearrange my prick again with it feeling even worse having been trapped in my trousers under her hips. It was then I smiled to myself thinking what a strange situation I was in with having started "down below" than "up top" with that being the normal way of doing things!

I patiently waited for her return wondering how the evening was going to go and hoping my luck was in. I soon found it was for coming back she asked me to stand up and taking my hand led me to my bedroom with me feeling like an excited little boy hoping and anticipating what was in store for me! Putting her hands behind my head to give me a lovely big kiss she said she wanted to reward me for being so nice. I stood there somewhat open mouthed as she  quickly undressed for me to see her lovely slim naked body before she gracefully slid under the sheet to hold it up inviting me to join her. I don't think I had ever undressed so fast before getting in bed with her! As soon as I had she moved down and grabbing my throbbing cock gave it and my balls a good licking before starting to suck me. Her mouth felt great unlike any other sucking ever before and lifting the sheet I looked down to see her amazingly deep throating my 6 inches. The trouble was by then my cock was ready to burst and being afraid I might cum in her mouth and her not liking that (which I later found she didn't mind) I asked her to ease up and so getting on top she began kissing me as she reached down to hold my prick to slide her pussy down to mount me. 

I had no choice or say about our fucking with her being quite dominant as she worked away moving her hips up and down giving my prick full length strokes with her pussy. With that and what had happened before I felt like cuming straight away but held back for as long as I could until I couldn't any longer and saying "Oh gawd!" pulled her bum cheeks and hips hard against me to empty my balls and shoot my lot into her as she collapsed on me sweating from her efforts. Smothering me in kisses and with a big grin across her face she asked if I had enjoyed that and said "Bloody hell, of course I did!" Hells bells, what a glorious way to end the evening! She had given me an incredible fuck and as we laid there carrying on kissing I laughed to myself being unable to make up my mind who had seduced who! 

The night was something else to remember and I knew from that she was the one for me. We started seeing one another regularly except for a quite few weekends when she said she was seeing her parents. I kept asking her to live with me but she made the excuse she wasn't ready to fully commit after her divorce until 4 months later when to my joy she asked if she could move in. However, before I answered she said it was only fair she told me everything about her life so I knew what I was taking on and there were no secrets. Over a couple of bottles of wine she did that evening and must admit I was amazed at what she said with her past being very colourful to say the least! Firstly she told me why she had divorced as she says below and after that in her next story explains even more about her being a very naughty lady. I was obviously surprised by what she said but having come to love her regarded that as all in the past with us starting afresh.

Hello, With Mitch being so good and agreeing to let me move in with him I knew he deserved to know everything about my past. I couldn't wait to have sex and married my naturist boyfriend at 17 and wasn't disappointed. Sadly many years later I discovered my rotten husband Dan had been having an affair with his secretary Angie. I would never have known had my best friend not seen them come out of a jewellery shop in Portsmouth where he had his own business. As they did she said Angie held up her wrist to look at a bracelet and after kissing him in the entrance they walked off holding hands - and a look at his credit card bill confirmed he had bought it! I had never "strayed" being loyal to him and so I was devastated and thinking about it little things started to "click" like him often coming home late and on one night saying he had to stay in a hotel because he had missed the last ferry being tired, the rat! I challenged him when he got home on that Tuesday evening with him at first denying it but with his credit card giving him away he confessed their affair had been going on for a long time. I gave him the choice of a divorce or for him to sack and get rid of her. He said she was too invaluable to his business to sack her and then dropped the bombshell he wouldn't because he loved her! 

We carried on "living" together but I obviously made myself "unavailable" for sex and when he had the liberty to make advances to me I rebuffed him saying he now had to get his "satisfaction" with Angie. I slept in a spare bedroom and after he had the audacity to come in one night wanting to fuck me I told him to "sod off" and got one of the men from our naturist club to fit two bolts on the inside of the door. The problem was with me having a high sex drive I missed it dreadfully so feeling what was "good for the goose was good for the gander" I started having affairs with men in our club to keep my strong yearnings satisfied.


Written by Your_fan

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