Written by Lucy's Hubby

9 Dec 2007

I married Lucy when we were both 19 and virgins. Lucy was very insistent that she wanted to save herself for marriage and only give up her maidenhead on the marriage bed. She gave it up and we were happily married for three years and then she wanted a baby.

I'd always been a little worried that having children might not be easy. I was a test tube baby myself as my father had a very low sperm count and wasn't able to have children without help. I was worried that I would have inherited his problem and would have the same issues trying to get Lucy pregnant.

We tried for a baby for months. We had sex regularly but Lucy's period came each month and it became less fun and more chore. I had confidence issues and wasn't always able to rise to the occasion or just didn't feel like it - which had never happened before.

Lucy was concerned that we couldn't afford private fertility treatment but that it wasn't available on the NHS in our area because she was too young. But she didn't want to wait for a baby; she wanted one now. Sadly, it just wasn't going to happen without medical help because I clearly wasn't giving her my seed, just the juice. There was only one option: we needed to another source of sperm.

Lucy ruled out any of our friends of work colleagues as she didn't want them involved in what was our own personal, private problem. In fact, Lucy really didn't want anyone to know us or our issues. She was old-fashioned and didn't like sharing what was private. Also, she didn't want a relationship; she wanted the seed that would fertilise her egg. That only left us with strangers.

The advantage of a stranger was that we wouldn't know him and he wouldn't know us. It would be anonymous and private. Neither of us liked the idea of picking up someone in a pub or going to a swinging party, so we looked for dogging locations near us.

The first night we went, Lucy just wanted to see if this was going to be the right thing to do. She just wanted to look at the men who went there and see if she was willing to use them and make them father to her (our) child. She didn't dress up sexily on anything like that: she was just wearing jeans and a sweater. When we arrived she got out of the car and started walking around, looking for men. I locked the car and followed at a distance, not wanting to cramp her style. I didn't.

Five minutes later she'd found a group of three chaps having a smoke, but with their flies open. As she approached them they were really polite and offered her a cigarette. I think the darkness and the anonymity had filled Lucy with confidence.

"Oh, I don't want to put my mouth around anything with a filter tip, guys. Have you got anything else for me?" she asked.

A few seconds later the cigarettes had been thrown away and Lucy was pulling a good looking cock out of one of the guys' jeans. Her tongue poked out and touched the end before slowly inserting itself under the foreskin and swirling around. Then she swivelled around and did the same to the bloke to the right, and then again. Soon she was blowing them each for a few seconds before moving on to the next and then moving on again.

And then she started pulling down her jeans. She had to stand up so that she could pull off her jeans but one she'd done it she kneeled back down on the grass and asked them to fuck her from behind. All this time I was shocked at how fast this was all going. Our plan had been to check the place out before going home to talk it over and decide whether we wanted to take it any further. But here I was standing a couple of dozen yards away, watching my wife suck three guys before asking them to push her knickers to one side and take turns fucking her.

The first one didn't last very long, just a couple of minutes before he started to moan and hear Lucy tell him that she wanted his cum in her womb. His buttocks flexed a few times while he pumped my wife full of seed and then the next one knelt down and nudged his meat inside Lucy. He took a little longer. I suppose Lucy was now quite wet and slippery with all the sperm already inside her. But within a few minutes he was adding his seed to that first chap's and the third bloke knelt down for her last fuck of the night.

His cock was really quite long and thin. It slipped inside her nice and quickly and a few minutes later deposited a load deeper than she'd ever experienced before. As soon as he'd finished she turned around and cleaned him up, licking up the spare sperm before rolling his foreskin back down and putting his cock away in his pants. Then she readjusted her knickers and stood up before putting on her jeans and walking back towards me.

Not a word was spoken as we got back in the car, although Lucy lay down in the back and lifted her knees up, trying to keep the three loads of cum she'd received inside her cunt and moving towards her womb. When we got back I carried her out of the car and up the stairs, making sure to keep her lower half elevated and laying her down with a pair of pillows under her bum.

Lucy had had sex three times already, now, and I was getting blue balls. I couldn't wait any longer and pushed the very damp gusset of her white cotton knickers to one side and started to lick and suck on her cum filled cunt. It was salty and slick and really stank of sex. It was just what I needed. I pulled my clothes off, throwing them across the room in my haste to free to my own cock and slip it in her seed slicked sex.

It was the sexiest experience I'd ever had; and I pumped back and forth for several minutes before I sent my juice inside her, to chase the swimmers she already had.

A few weeks later Lucy was thrilled to miss her period and nine months later she had our first baby, Mystère. We named her after her father, who we\'ll never know. Buy Lucy doesn\'t want her to be an only child and we\'re planning a little brother or sister for her soon. In fact, making the first baby was so enjoyable I don\'t see any reason to stop at two, or three...