Written by anonymous

26 Aug 2010

My wife is being shagged by her boss at work and has been for some time now.

She has had my full approval since telling me (i suspected anyway) and to be honest i get off on the whole thing. There is however no suggestion of a threesome before anyone asks. I think she likes the idea of shagging a married man (maybe a power thing) and the fact that his Mrs works part time in the shop and that they have become friends is only more of a turn on.

Its strange that it always seems to be on the day she is there that they get up to no good after she has left.

There was one occasion when his wife had gone to the bank and he laughingly instructed my Mrs to give him a blow job. Not expecting her to actually do it. But, quickly she knelt and sucked him to completion! He shot his cum on the floor but some flew on her skirt. She was still wiping it away when his wife returned.

She even helped my Mrs clean the stained skirt. Some excuse was made about spilling the milk whilst making a frothy coffee.

Prior to her involvement with him sex between us was a routine and passionless thing that lasted five minutes or so once a month.

Now however she comes on to me (something she never used to do) every other day, she is wearing new sexier and prettier underwear and generally dressing in more revealing outfits that are much more femenine.

She wears stocking and suspenders, dresses, skirts and high heels etc.

In bed she will now wear skimpy silk outfits unlike before.

There is one slight problem with this new interest though.

His cock is very very large.

She has told me how she curls both her hands around it and there is enough left still to fully fill her mouth. It has a large head to it too.

When he fucks her he has to start off very gently and slowly. Gradually sliding more and more of the head inside her pussy. Stretching her lips tighter and tighter around it.

He always makes sure she is very wet, usually making her cum orally first and they have even used a flavoured lubricant i purchased for her at times.

She said that by the time he has half of it inside her she has usually orgasmed already.

He can it would seem last reasonably well and can cum several times over. He also has the ability to cums bucket loads, especially the first time and even more so if he hasnt seen her for a few days.

Before anyone asks, yes i have fucked her a few times straight away from when he has dropped her off home after one of their sessions and it was fair to say she was very very wet, sore and extremely loose. She often had love bites around her thighs and her shaved pussy was quite red and puffy.

I should mention that my cock is roughly six inches and quite thick but kind of falls in to her after she has been with him.

She isnt in to anal (probably a relief) except for his / my wet fingers.

She has very little interest in him emotionally and says they can never be any more than just friends. Possibly he is fonder of her than her of him.

He has suggested many many varied ideas and scenarios to her over the past months to add even more excitement to the situation but so far she is content with just being serviced by him during work time on weekdays.

They have shagged outdoors on a few occasions when they have been returning from visiting a supplier. Sometimes in the car and a few times in fields and woods near Maidstone.

They even did it once in a layby near Eccles which is frequented by truckers.

She was on his lap slowly lowering herself on to his cock whilst he tried to keep lookout when they became aware they were being watched. Whilst frightening her a little she said it heightened her arousal. Unfortunately a really dirty scruffy looking old guy knocked on the side window.

She froze, hid her face and made out they were cuddling as Mark told him to get lost.

She did find it erotic on one other occasion when they were in the woods going at it and a guy walked really close by.

The bloke stopped for a look about twenty feet away.

She said it made her feel naughty and even sexier. She said that despite the scared feeling she experienced she found herself wanting to put on more of a show for him.

She was on all fours at the time and shrugged her top and already undone bra so they slid lower revealing her breasts, she also arched her back further as Mark slowly fucked her. She said the cold air on her exposed nipples, marks length stretching her pussy and the stranger watching them made it an incredibly erotic moment. Mark didnt seem bothered by the guy when he shuffled slightly nearer, took out his cock and started wanking.

She could see him side on. She reckoned him to be in his thirties. He was wanking his cock really fast and shot his cum over the ground within a couple of minutes, tipping her over the edge and making her orgasm. Mark told her it was the wettest she had ever been and it enabled him to get deeper inside her. He soon once more filled her belly with his sperm.

Happy days.

As you can see all is good then, except for the problem of his cock size.

After he has used her my cock has little or no effect on her anymore and this is becoming very frustrating. She often sucks me to completion (she doesnt swallow for either of us) but has admitted that even her mouth aches after they have been together.

Whilst i dont want to rock the boat it is making life difficult.

Our sex life has improved as far as the frequency is concerned and we are closer than ever but she no longer orgasms when we have sex.

Have your cake and eat it situation i guess.

Comments appreciated.