Written by Just Bob

1 Aug 2010

The four of us Karen Tom kathy and myself decided to add two more couples to our swinging. Kathy and Karen did he search and preliminary email interviews. First we met Sara and Brad for dinner at a local steakhouse. We told them part of waht we experienced as a group, couples swapped, and the full mix of threesums. Sara and Brad were both twenty one, engaged and going to university. Their marriage plans were on hold untill after graduation. Totaly committed to each other,and both wanted to engage in open sex with others before the final vows. All went well at dinner and we put the invite put for Sara and Brad last night BBQ at our house. Also they were to bring swimsuit for the jacuzzi after dinner.

The BBQ party was a go. Food and drinks were consumed. Karen over dinner explaind the rules of our relationship. First: Freinds with benifits, sex for sexual enjoyment, check your jellosey at the door. Second: The ladies were on birthcontrol methode of choice since they loved the sensation of the men riding bareback. Third: Noting the fact the four of us were tested for VD before we started to play. New commers needed to be tested for STDs, even tho they were virgins till thier senior year in High School, and had not been with anyone else. Forth: No playing outside the group. We cannot risk STD. If there is a couple that they are intrested in there are two choices. Quit the group or see if they ae willing to join us. We plan to have four or five couples total in our group. Fifth: no single outsiders, solo participation is encouraged if your partner is out of town or just cannot attend.

I took Sara and Brad to the spare bedroom so they could suit up for the jacuzzi. Karen and Kathy had put their Wicked Weasles on and were out first and into the hottub. A WW is a skimpy bikini that becomes transparent when wet. Tom and I were next in follow by our guests. Sara had a one piece suit with a deep plunging V past her belly botton. Small pert tits and a firm bubble butt. once they were in the conversation went to sex. Karen told them the story of me being introduced to me strip pool. Karen's hand concieled by the waters aggitation and darkness was giving me a hand job. Soon it was time for another round of drinks. Karen followed me into kitchen with her nipples hard and showing thru. I told her Kathy said that the four or us should wait for sex untill our guests leave. Her reply was grabbing my suit pulling them down to my feet and a BJ. Once hard she bent over and toolk hold of the counter top. She pread her legs and guided me into her hot hole. I fucked hard and fast comming in her deep. Karen rubbed her clit till she came hard pushing my semi out. We got the drinks and returned to the hot tub. Kathy noticed (my load) leaking out of karen. She took her finger and wiped it up and tasted it. "BOB" you F'd KAREN in the kitchen!! The other broke out in laughter and I served the drinks. Later Sara and Brad spent the night together in the guest room and Kathy Karen Tom and I had a great foursum in the mastersuite

In the morning Sara and Brad agreed to join our group. Strip pool part four cumming soon.