Written by Mad mick

2 Sep 2017

Hi there, I've got to tell you all, what happened to me on Thursday, down at our lovely studland nudist beach, I arrived early and walked through the dunes, there was a guy with his wife and another guy was having a wank and playing with her, I said, morning and walked past until I found a place to lay and stripped off, I looked over to the couple and their admirer, he was pulling his shorts up, almost immediately the husband waved at me, I waved back and started walking over, the lady was on her back with legs open, her lovely cunt was really wet, fancy a go, the guy said, I went straight down to her cunt and began licking her out, as I'm licking the guy is saying , she really wants your cock in her, as I film it, no problem I say, I sit up and thrust my hard cock straight into her cunt hole, felt lovely, apparently when I walked past earlier and saw the other guy, all he did was wank over her, I continued fucking her until I spunked up her lovely cunt, her husband caught it all,on film , it was great , I said thank you and wandered off, a couple of hours later, I looked over and the lady, Sue was her name, waves at me, so I ! !