Written by Youngcouple8928

31 Aug 2010

my young wife is brunette, petit, in her mid-twenties, slim waist, curvy bum, big breasts (C-cup). she has a sweet pretty face and is quiet but not overly shy and a cute smile.

we'd discussed some of the naughty things after my previous story. it turned us both on - she said she'd like to actually try it with a man that she knew from work, he was a bit older (40's or 50's she wasn't sure) and she thought he might fancy her and would go through with it. and she trusted him to be discreet and not to tell anyone, even if he turned her down and she didn't think he would go "weird" either as some men do.

i, knowing men!, was pretty certain that most men at her workplace would fancy her, let along an older man. she dresses very sexily but not too over the top, just a hint here and there, maybe a tight top, or the cleavage showing a little, or a nice skirt with sexy tights but nothing so attention grabbing. and she's not overly flirty with men, she responds to banter but in a polite and relaxed way rather than taking it further in words or actions, so far..

my only concern was that he might go a bit weird and get obsessed with her or something but i thought if that comes to it then i will have to deal with it but it was risky as it could ruin things. the perils of these choices!

i agreed but i wanted to join in, she wasn't so sure so we compromised on me watching (from some kind of distance) and not joining in. she wasn't sure if he'd agree to it or whether she'd pluck up the courage or have the opportunity to propose this situation to him but it was there as a possibility.

Weeks passed and we would talk some scenarios out in our fantasies, which got us worked up enough into a breathless euphoria on many an evening but nothing real!

then, one day she said there were drinks after work and if she got the opportunity she would see what 'might happen', obviously i was very excited - watching her getting dressed for work, she work a knee-length black skirt over stockings and suspenders, high heels, a frilly/lacy white bra and a cute tight, white blouse which has been unbuttoned to show a bit of cleavage but you really would have to strain to look. she wore her hair down and her nice little stud earrings.

i could barely concentrate all day, willing evening to hasten quickly. i waited at home that evening and got a few texts from her saying she was having a good time and would have a few drinks before trying to make our fantasy become reality..

i then got a text saying "things going well hun, might hav 2 b bit naughty, will see xxx"

then at almost midnight another text saying "think it might happen but not 2nite hun, can u wait 4 wknd? xx" of course i could! i texted back and said as much. when she got back home she was flush with excitement and a little drunk.

she had got tipsy and tried to get into conversation with the older man (who i'll name as "Lawrence" for the purposes of the story). but it was difficult as people kept interrupting and she was nervous, but he stayed and she stayed. eventually she managed to get him by himself, no interruptions and she led the conversation on, she can't remember how exactly but she overcame her nervousness to propose our fantasy.

he thought it was a wind-up at first and was torn between making a fool of himself and turning down an unexpected sexy encounter. he was really cautious and wasn't sure either way, they were in a pub, it was a little dark but still a public place and she said it wasn't like she could do anything too extreme.

She told him he could discreetly look down her top, which he did - he wasn't totally sure so she got him to walk her to the bus stop, again it was dark but still fairly public and she was unsure if anyone from work was still out but on the walk there they had a little kiss and she let him grope her - not for more than a few seconds but enough to convince him. she took his number and spent the next day, which was thankfully Saturday texting him and deciding what to wear.

we decided it would be safer and more comfortable if he came to our house in the evening. i would be allowed to watch but i would have to stand in the hallway and they would leave the bedroom door open, i would only be a few feet away but i wasn't to come in or talk. They would pretend i wasnt there and i would keep still and quiet.

if anyone wanted to back out or stop at anytime they were to say so. she said she trusted him and she had texted him some of the things she had wanted him to do but she wouldn't tell me exactly what, only to say that she knew what she wanted him to do and had let him know and there might be some "dirty talk" and was i ok with that? yes of course! was my enthusiastic answer.

when he finally came round that evening he was grinning like a chesire cat, he seemed like a nice bloke. he was tall, broad, a slight belly but in good shape for a man of his age, i would have put him at late 40's early 50's. his hair was greying and cropped it was receding. He looked like he might play rugby and he had a good-natured grin which made you feel relaxed. We were all a bit nervous and we sat down for a glass of wine before anything at all was mentioned. it was quite strange, we all felt a nervous excitedness and an inclination to laugh!

i broke the ice and said "think we all know whats going to happen, i'm perfectly fine with everything and looking forward to it but if anyone doesn't feel good or wants to back out just say." my wife and Lawrence nodded and i turned off the lights and waited patiently by the bedroom door. my wife put down her glass, her eyes twinkling intensely on Lawrence and she said "do you remember what i asked you to do?" he smiled and merely nodded. they both stood up, she was wearing more or less the same outfit from the night out, he was wearing what i would guess was his work clothes, no doubt from my wife's instruction, a blue shirt and tie, black trousers and shiny black shoes. my wife took his hand and led him past me into the bedroom, neither giving me a second glance. he waited as she lit some candles and turned the lights off, instinctively i turned the hall light off and waited.

the glow of the candles didn't seem bright enough at first but my eyes adjusted quickly, i had been aroused all day and this anticipation was bringing me to boiling point. i knew he was going to do dirty things to her, to use her, she would be my wife but his plaything. this older man using my wife as a sexual object for his fantasies - this was going through my mind as i waited.

they stood barely 6ft in front of me, in the middle of the bedroom, their features subdued and softened in the candle light. she reached her arms up around his neck and his hands took her around the waist and squeezed her bum as he leant down to kiss her fully on the lips. their breath quickened and she gasped as he pulled her blouse open and pulled her bra down, her breasts bouncing slightly in the suddenness of the movement. she looked down as his hands moved round and squeezed her breasts, cupping, squeezing, stroking. both of their eyes intently taking in his groping of her tits. she hastily grasped at his trousers, unbuttoning and unzipping until they came free and pulled them down. his erection bulged hugely in his white cotton pants.

she stroked it tenderly before eagerly pulling them down to reveal his hard throbbing cock. his hands still grasped her breasts and her hands eagerly rubbed his cock, one hand after the other. this may have gone on for seconds or minutes i have no idea. he then pulled up her skirt and put his hand between her legs, moving her knickers to one side - "You are so wet!" he said, she nodded and looked at him coyly, pulling on his cock. "Oh you are such a dirty bitch." she nodded again, "you are going to suck my cock aren't you?" she nodded eagerly and then slowly knelt down until she was on her knees, in profile to me, in front of him. she looked up at him and smiled as she began feeling his balls and kissing his cock. she kissed it gently all over before slipping the end into her mouth and sucking slowly, one hand feeling his balls the other around the base of his big cock. he placed a hand on her head and said "you are such a dirty bitch aren't you?" she mumbled agreement, nodding slightly. "you love sucking cock don't you?" she nodded and mumbled. "You are going to give me a lot of blow-jobs from now on aren't you?" she agreed. "you know i am going to have to bend you over and fuck you for this don't you?" she nodded furiously, her mouth still full of his cock. "i'm going to do things that you havent done with your husband." she nodded again.

he then eased his cock out of her mouth, pulled her to her feet, turned her round and bent her over against the wall and started fucking her hard. he was grabbing her tits, her hips, calling her a dirty bitch and a dirty slut and fucking her hard. she was breathlessly telling him to fuck her harder. it was if i didn't exist to them. he fucked her hard for probably 10 minutes, i really don't know, it could have been an hour! and then when she was begging him to fuck her harder he put his hand over her mouth and i could see that was making her come, he slipped his finger in her mouth and she sucked on it greedily. this made him come really hard inside her and she finished coming at more or less the same time.

after that i gave them a bit of privacy and went into the main room. i could hear her in the bathroom after a few minutes and then a sheepish looking lawrence came in and asked me if i was ok.

i said i was more than ok - it was amazing! he said he'd like to do some things again with my wife, maybe when i wasn't there - i said that was fine as long as she tells me about it afterwards!

when he'd gone we had some fun of our own! and my wife said she really wanted to let Lawrence use her again, or maybe some other man like him.