Written by Steve Walker

26 Aug 2017

This goes back a few years but I felt I ought to write it anyway

I was working away from home for a few weeks in Leicester and looking for a bit of sexual relief on the side to occupy my evenings

I came across this lady advertising in the local rag and decided to take a punt on her

I honed and her husband answered the phone. I stuttered a bit but then he said was I after Sue

So I said yes

He told me that Sue didnt come to the phone but he gave me the details and the prices and said when did I want to see her

I was a little taken aback and said tomorrow night

He gave me the address and we agreed a time.

I admit I was nervous as hell and drove up to teh house

He had told me to park in the drive and I did

I knocked on the door and this middle aged guy opened the door

He reached out his hand and said Steve and I said Yes and he invited me in

My heart was racing now and he said Sue is upstairs. If you want to settle the money with me now and then you can go meet her.

I gave him the cash and he directed me upstairs and said the first door on the left

I entered the room and there was Sue sat o the bed wearing a short dress and looking very pretty

She stood up and came over to me and gave me a kiss and asked if I was nervous

I said Hell Yes

No worries she said it's all perfectly safe

We kissed some more adn then she undid my shirt buttons and I ran my nands over her body

My clothes do come f=off she said and I started to undo her blouse and reveled a nice red bra

I reached roudn the back and found the zip and unzipped the skirt and it fell to the floor

My eyes nealry popped out of my haed

Red thong and holdup and she looked stunning

By mow I had a hard on and she sensed it

She undid my belt and I stood there in my underpants and her in her underwear

More kissing and then she said

Lets get naked

I reached roudn and unclipped her bar and she slipped her hands inside the side of my pants and quickly dropped them to the floor

I dropped to my knees and pulled her knickers down to re=veal a nice hairy bush

I buried my head in it and she smelled gorgeous

She motioned to me to go to the bed and we lay there her hands stroking my cock and balls and my with my head between her tits and my hand between her legs.

She said shall we try some 69 and I said Yes expecting her to produce a condom but she didnt and just straddled my face with her hairy pussy

I licked her pussy and then started darting my tongue in and out tasting her juices and fingering her clitty at the same time

It msut have done the trick as I felt her orgasm and liquid started to flow from her pussy.

She stopped the sucking and said di i want to fuck her

I said yes and she got a condom and rolled it onto my cock

Back or knees she said

I said back and she laid on the bed with her feet against the headboard

I like it this way she said you can get more purchase on the headboard

I knelt between her legs and she guided me into her love hole

Hard she said and I started thrusting hard into her cunt

I was surprised how long I had lasted but eventually the thrusting got the better of me and I filled the bag and collapsed on top of her.

Nice? she said and I said very nice

We sat up on the bed and I made to get up but she said stay here

We were kissing and cuddling and then there was a knock on the door

She shouted come in and I tried to cover myself up

No no dont do that she said

Her husband walked in with three cold drinks and she took hold of my cock and said just look waht he did to me darling

MMM that's a nice load he said

He put the drinks down on the bedside tables and I was still trying to cover myself up but then he started to strip off and stood there naked.

I was really confused now but then sue laid down on the bed and slid down it till her bottom was nearly at he bottom of the bed

She said to me to kneel on the floor and to suck her pussy

Her husband straddled her and put his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her face.

He said to me give her a good sucking and make her cum again

I said how did you know she had cum before

He said I was stood outside the door listening to you and there is a camera in that corner so I was watching you fuck my wife. and you did a good job by the look and sound of it

I buried my head into her sopping wet pussy and she put her legs over my back to hold me in place

I cold hear him saying that he loved watching her getting fucked and then I heard the dries of ecstasy as he unloaded into her mouth

Keep sucking her he said and eventually she had another orgasm.

I got up from m knees and looked at her and she opened her mouth to show me a mouth full of spunk.

He get up and left the room leaving his clothes on the floor and she told me that he gets a real turn on from seeing me getting fucked.

We lay on the bed together for a while and then She removed the condom and I got dressed and went downstairs with her naked

He opened the lounge door still naked and said that he hoped to see me again soon

Sue gave me a long passionate kiss as I left and I got into the car and drove away