Written by Dave

3 Jul 2015

We have been reading your story site for a while now, and been getting more and more curious about group sex (well I have anyway).

We have been married for 25 years now, children gone and our sex life is very erratic. So I have been looking to spice it up a bit. Helen is in her late 50’s with a good size 14 body and will wear what I request, she has even been known to go out with just a coat on over stockings. I am the same sort of age and would love to see her used by other men.

Well this is my version of events at a party we went to in the summer.

On the pretext of dropping a birthday card off to a friend’s house, we were invited in for a drink. This I found out later was a set up by my wife, in we went to a very warm house and a warm reception from the gathered group of about 12 to 18 people.

Nothing to give away what was to come at all. After a few drinks we were all handed presents, and told to choose someone other than your partner to open it with, rather like an ice breaker. The presents were opened and inside were a condom, a little blue pill and a message with your name at the top, this was a set up. My message was to watch my wife!!.

The music started playing the song don’t stop me know by Queen, as the centre of the floor cleared and my wife took centre stage. She danced and gyrated to the music like a pro, glanced across to me a blew a kiss. Then slowly unzipped her dress slipping it off one shoulder at a time before letting it roll down over her black lace covered 38D breasts. By this time the group is getting excited and clapping encouraging Helen to go further. The dress was rolled down to her waist as she danced around the floor teasing the group. Slowly she rolled the dress over her waist to her hips to reveal her matching black lace suspender belt (I had no idea she had dressed like this). The dress was lowered to the floor to reveal the matching panties and black stockings.

The group went wild, some of the ladies had started removing their dresses, Helen by now had removed her bra and was working her panties down her thighs. I was experiencing immense pride and hard on. There was my wife, who up to then had only talked about group sex, parading round a group of strangers in just her stockings.

As I only had eyes on my wife, I didn’t notice the rest of the ladies revealing their bodies and some of them letting loose any cock they could to rub and suck. Helen had of course chosen her stud and was giving head like a pro with another lady licking her pussy whist being fucked from behind.

I wanted some of this action and it wasn’t long before a lady came across to me sank to her knees and let lose my cock, she sucked it wildly and I removed the rest of my clothes as quick as I could. Now I could see the reason for the condoms and pills.

Before long the floor was covered in a mass of naked and semi-naked bodies all fucking and sucking each other. I met Helen across the floor and she whispered Happy Birthday as I shot my load into the condom.

The evening rolled into the night, and with the blue pills I managed another 2 fucks, Helen told me later she had had 4 different men come inside her and could have taken more.

I am now going to organise an orgy, where Helen has told me she wants to strip again and try for more cocks, this story will be told later.