Written by jimmyd23

5 Jul 2008

This is a story about an incident that happened at a friends wedding me and my wife attended last summer.

My wife is called Amy and we have been married for 2 years (girlfriend of 6 years before that) has long blonde hair, blue/green eyes and size 40 DD breasts. She is 24 and is very curvy and has a very sexy ass.

It was a nice sunny afternoon on the day of the wedding and Amy was getting ready. I wasn’t going to the ceremony but would meet up with her later for the reception. She got dressed in a little black number, which showed off her lovely ass and sexy cleavage perfectly. She was wearing a pair of black lace French knickers underneath which drove me wild. She finished the outfit off with a pair of very high black stilettos which made her legs look very sexy.

I new she would be getting lots of attention at the wedding and men are always staring at her chest. I don’t mind this too much and it sort of turns me on knowing other men find her attractive.

Well, the time came for me to drop Amy off to the wedding ceremony and before we went to the car I gave her a sensual kiss and I just had to have a squeeze of that cute ass. I dropped her of at the wedding at around 1’oclock and I was horny as hell watching her walk of to the church and I headed home to chill out before the evening reception.

Well the time came for me to head out for the evening do and I was looking forward to seeing Amy as I knew she would have had a few drinks and she gets very horny when she is tipsy!

I arrived at the evening do at around 7.30 and parked the car in the car park and made my way to the venue. As I was walking through the car park I noticed a man sat in a very flash expensive looking BMW. He looked through his mirror at me and then locked his car and made his way to the venue as well. He was about 6”5 and very muscular and had chiselled features. I remember thinking he looked a bit out of place with his flash car and expensive suit and he looked like he was famous or something.

Well I headed for the bar to find my wife and get a drink. I found her talking and laughing with a group of guys she used to go to school with along with some of the bridesmaids who were looking very hot in their dresses. As expected Amy was a little tipsy and apparently very horny as she gave me a very erotic kiss when she greeted me.

As the night went on the drinks were flowing more and more and Amy seemed to be having a great time dancing with all her girlfriends, she was by now very drunk. I wasn’t really drinking as I had the car and I agreed I would do the driving for once.

While Amy was dancing I was standing outside with a mate and we were just chatting about general guy stuff and it was at this point I noticed the chap from the car park again. My mate saw me looking over at him and then mentioned something to me which was a bit surprising. He said that he heard that this guy was apparently a porn star in America! I didn’t believe him at first and thought he was winding me up. But he reassured me he definitely was and that he has some dvds at home with him in! My friend continued and said that this guy was called Mark and he was extremely well hung! We laughed and joked about this for a while as it was a bit of interesting news for a local town where not much goes on!

Amy was still off dancing inside and I took a glance into hall where the dance floor was to check we she was ok as I made my way to the toilet. She was still dancing and joking around with the bridesmaids and her girlfriends so I left her to it.

As I came back from the toilet I noticed that Amy was no longer on the dance floor and I couldn’t see her anywhere. I headed back outside to see my friend and was sure she must have gone to the toilet or something. Time went on and no sign of Amy so I thought I would take a walk around the grounds, maybe she had gone to get some air.

I walked around the corner towards the carpark and it was very dark with just a few street lights. It was then that I noticed a few of the bridesmaids and other girls from the wedding gathered around the pornstar guys car. I approached quetly and they didn’t notice me. I then saw this Mark guy standing in front of the girls and it was then I noticed my wife was also there. I was intrigued as to what was going on.

I moved closer and could hear the girls giggling and laughing. They were saying stuff like “is it really that big?” “How big is it?” to Mark and I was pretty obvious what they were talking about.

I then heard my wife asking him to show them his cock to prove how big it was. I couldn’t believe what she was saying! I was starting to get very turned on hearing my wife talking like a slut!!

I moved closer to see what was going to happen and it was then that my wife and the bridesmaids saw me. They didn’t seem at all fussed and my wife called me over. She was being really slutty and started saying all this rude stuff. “she said come over, Mark here is about to show us his big cock to prove how big it is!”

I was very horny by this point listening to my wife begging to see this guys cock. Well the girls continued to try and get Mark to get his cock out and he eventually agreed!

He started to unbutton his trousers and you could feel the anticipation in the air. The girls were fixed on his crutch, including Amy who had a her mouth slightly open and a glazed look in her eyes.

It was then that Mark pulled out his cock and there was a huge gasp from the women and my wife called out “fucking hell that thing is huge”. I couldn’t believe I was standing there watching my wife staring at another mans cock! Although, it was very impressive, probably 11 inches plus and was very thick. He was circumcised and he a massive helmet.

My wife was mesmerised by Marks cock and couldn’t take her eyes off it. I was getting very turned on by this but was also a little jealous but I put my thoughts to one side as I was more turned on than anything!

It was then that my wife said “do you mind if I touch it??”. She looked at me and said “you don’t mind baby, do you? Its just I have never touched a cock that big before” what was I supposed to do, all the bridesmaids were like go on let her just touch it. So I agreed and with no hesitation she reached out and grabbed his huge member. She started to stroke it and he was starting to get hard and so was I watching this!

It was then the other girls started to cheer and were saying things like “suck it” they were daring my wife to suck this huge cock! She glanced over to me and her eyes were full of lust and I could tell she was very horny. I gave her a look to say she could if she wanted to. She then turned back to Marks cock and wrapped her lips around his huge head and the girls let out a big cheer!

I was so turned on by know watching my wife on her knees in a car park sucking the biggest cock id ever seen. She was really going for it and Mark was really enjoying it. It was then that he started to unzip her dress from the back. As he did it slipped down over her body to expose her huge breasts and ass! I started to think that maybe this was going to far but it seemed I didn’t have much choice in the matter!

Amy then stood and continued to tug on marks cock and they then started to kiss and he was groping her huge tits. He had his hands all over her ass and was pulling her towards him. He then pushed her over the front of his car and was sucking on her huge nipples.

The bridesmaids were gob smacked, they couldn’t believe Amy was behaving like this but at the same time you could tell they were all jealous.

My wife was breathing very heavily and was so turned on by now she obviously couldn’t care less that I was her husband and everybody was watching her getting groped and sucking another mans cock.

It was then that Mark started to pulled down Amys black lace knickers to expose her no very wet pussy. Now I was sure this was going to far and it was looking as if my wife was going to take this guys huge cock right in front of me and her friends on the top of his car!

She looked over to me again with that glazed look of lust and drunkenness and you could tell she was in heaven. She shouted over to me “you don’t mind do you baby?? I really need this big cock in me, I need to be fucked by this huge cock”

Again what was I supposed to do, all the girls were cheering her on and shouting “going, take his cock”. So I nodded but I then realised that they had no condoms and I wasn’t really sure about my wife going bareback on her a pornstar. I mentioned this to her and she “oh baby, will you go to the toilets and get some”

I agreed and headed to the toilets as I thought if she was gonna get fucked by another man then he should be wearing a rubber. I headed to the toilets and got a condom and made my way back to the car park. As I approached it appeared I was to late and it was then I saw Mark thrusting his huge cock into my wifes pussy with no condom.

She looked over at me and said “sorry baby, I couldn’t wait, I just needed his cock”. She was panting and breathing heavily as Mark bent her over the front of his car and continued to punish her pussy with his massive cock!

I was so horny watching my wife like this, I also had a mix of jealousness in my stomach but it was a very exciting feeling

By now Amy was in ecstasy and was screeming and panting at each stroke of his cock and it was clear that she was having an orgasm of her life.

Mark then suddenly pulled out and pushed my wifes head down to his cock and he began to stroke him self in front of her mouth. He then let out a loud moan and his cock started spurting out huge loads of cum all over my wifes face and lips. She was covered in cum and then slumped to the floor in exhaustion. I went over to see her and then Mark pulled himself together and said to me “thanks for letting me fuck this hot chick” I was like yeah as if I had a choice.

He then drove off in his flash car and left us, the bridesmaids made there way back to the bar, silent and gobsmacked by what had gone on. My wife was sat against the wall covered in cum. She looked like a total slut, I went over to her and she said “sorry baby, I just had to fuck his massive cock, do you forgive me?” I said of course I do.

She then came up close me to me and began to kiss me with her cum covered lips. I couldn’t believe I was tasting this guys cum on her but I was so turned on I could care less.

Amy then headed towards my crutch and got my cock out and started to suck it really hard. I was turned on that I didn’t take long before I was spurting my own hot cum down her throat.

That was our first experience of her being fucked by another man. We have never talked about it again or done it again but im sure it will happen again as my wife appears to very much a dirty slut!