Written by Roleplay_2009

11 Jan 2015

The evening was all arranged at a sexy swingers club in Devon. We had arrived the night before to have a night to ourselves and that was just a warm up.

So we got into our superhero outfits for the evening, the missus was dressed as superwoman (just no knickers, she said it would be easier access just incase) and me dressed up as batman.

We entered the club at 7.30ish and there was already a handful of people in the club. Everyone dressed as a superhero.

At a little chat with some people we had a little walk around, saw what was on offer and headed to the bar for a little drink, this little drink into 3 more drinks as we watched more and more people turn up.

I said that I was going to the toilet and let the missus a tenner to get some more drinks.

As I was heading back to the bar I could see missus superwoman being chatted up by another batman and side kick Robin. I stood away and watched what happens with interest. Batman ordered some drinks and a couple of shots, which went down quickly.

Then I saw Robin whisper something in Superwoman's ear, as she leaned away they both started to giggle and my superwoman looked at batman and gave him a little wink.

I came off to them and got introduced to batman and Robin. I leant over and asked if all was ok and superwoman just smiled and looked back at me with a massive smile. I said I was going to find a chair but was finding a reason to leave so I could watch from a far.

As I turned back Robin was whispering something in missus superwoman ear again but this time a hand disappeared up superwoman skirt.

Robin got all the way up and found there was no knickers up there to be found. I noticed the hand stayed there a little while longer, in fact it wasn't moving anywhere for a while. I then noticed as superwoman gave Robin a kiss and her hand then slid up her skirt too. As this was happening batman was standing next to them both with a huge smile on his face.

Then all of a sudden missus superwoman turned to him and started to kiss him deeply while the two ladies carried on playing with each other.

After 10 mins of kissing batman pulled away and went to superwomans ear, that was it and they were off to a play room, bat man holding both superwoman and Robin by the hand.

So I got up and followed to see what was going to happen. I walked into the first room but it was the wrong one as there was an orgy of superheroes in there.

I went to the next one which was locked and I tapped on the door for missus superwoman to let me in. As she popped her head and saw it was me, she let me in to see batman was fingering her while she was stood at the door.

I walked in a took a seat in the corner to watch to see what was going to unfold. To start with batman pulled his filled erect 9 inches out while both girls were kissing and then dropped to her knees to suck him off together. They kept swapping between kissing, sucking, licking and wanking.

Batman then stood them both up and told Robin to lie on the bed and take her knickers off, then his missus was lying on the bed, legs wide open and just stockings now on show as her thong was thrown across the room. As Robin took the thing off her bent over missus superwoman and said "you came ready I see, no knickers, you are a good girl!!"

He bent her over and pushed he head towards Robin's already wet pussy and she started licking while being fingered again from behind.

She then let a scream of Fuck me batman!!

He stood over her bent over body, after going silent again as she sucked and licked Robin's very wet cunt and slowly started to press his hard be lend against her wet pussy lips.

Not only was this cock big it was so thick too.

The few thrusts and the big hard cock was sliding in and out of superwoman, with each pump pf the cock, more juices came out, running down her black stocking tops and down the black material.

She barely made a noise as her head was still deep licking Robin's cunt. This went on for nearly half an hour as both pussies kept dripping more juices out.

The ball of the sudden both girls jumped up and onto their knees and started to beg Batman for a hot load all over them. They were kissing while batman was wanked like made, grunting and dirty talking at them both. While they kissed and looked up begging for the cum, as superwoman was starting some dirty talk a fresh white load shot of the massive cock and straight over superwomans face, then another stream of hot spunk went straight at her tits and a final one back over her face and some into her hair.

I thought that was it but he stood then shot one last load all over Robin's face and massive tits, both girls just started licking the bellend and then each other's tits.

Then as they stood up both the girls walked off and started to suck me off. I didn't last long after watching and ended spraying over Robin's tits.

The girls cleaned up and we went back of the room

To hit the dress floor.

I could see superwoman wanking off two more guys at the bar. After she was done, so was we for the night.

So off we went back to the hotel for a hot fuck in the our outfits.