Written by Roy

2 Oct 2007

We often spoke about swinging but nothing much had happened since our last attempt years ago,anyway it was our anniversary so with our child staying the night at her Nans we decided to have a night to ourselves at a local pub,i walked into the bedroom to see Laura looking as sexy as i've ever seen her, short skirt showing her lovely legs at their best and a top showing a cleavage to make your mouth water, i was tempted to throw her on the bed and fuck her there and then, but decided i would save that for later. We walked into our local which was'nt really busy at that time so found ourselves a table tucked away in the corner, we had a couple of drinks and were sat there chatting when out of nowhere a couple appeared at our table and asked if they could join us as they were being bothered buy a talkative drunk,i said of course feel free, it was'nt till they sat down i realised what an attractive couple they were, they introduced themselves as David and Amanda, before long the drinks and chat were flowing and it seemed like we'd known each other for ages, i got up to go to the toilet, when i returned i was suprised to see David had taken my seat next to Laura so i had to sit next to Amanda, i did'nt mind to much as we were all getting on so well so i just carried on chatting to Amanda, i was suprised when she leant across and whispered in my ear i would love a 69 with you,i looked over at Laura and David but they were deep in conversation so without a word i put my hand under the table and slid it between Amandas legs where i felt a soaking wet cunt with my fingers, i whispered back, "i would like to feel that on my tongue" instead of a horny response, Amanda said to me look under the table, as i did i was stunned to see David with his hand right up Lauras skirt and her hand pushed down his trousers where i could see she was playing with his cock, obviously this had all been planned when i went to the toilet, so it took me a minute to get control, i said would'nt it be better if we went to our flat and continue this "conversation" i don't think i've ever seen four people finish their drinks so fast ! as soon as we got through the front door i put the tv on and a porno on the dvd, i went to the kitchen to make drinks leaving Laura, David And Amanda to enjoy the film, i could have only been five minutes before returning but when i do i find Laura between Amandas legs licking her cunt with David behind Laura fucking her with 7 inches of solid cock, i undress and just watch a while wanking myself, before Amanda calls me to fuck her mouth,i propose we all move to the bedroom where theres more room to enjoy ourselves, which is where the second part of my story will begin.