Written by keithandmoira

29 Sep 2008

We had spent most of Saturday working in the garden, my wife and I were hot, tired and sweaty so we finished off and went inside the house. I went to the bathroom and stood under the shower feeling great and then dressed in a pair of shorts and T shirt. Moira took a shower and I prepared the gin and tonics.

There was a knock on the window and there was doug just paying a social call after viviting home park. He came in and I poured him a drink. After about half an hour Moira came down and walked into the room, more floated than walked but you will know what I mean. She had put on a kaftan type dress that was very light and whispy, a motled blue thing that she wears in the evenings when she wants to play. The suprise on her face registered immediately when she saw Doug sat with me. We both made comments on how great she looked and complemented her on her choice of dress. Doug asked what she was wearing underneath it because we could see the black outline of something. She stood in front of us and I walked around behind her and raised the dress up around her waist, another suprise, she was wearing the body suit that Alan had bought for her, high necked, breasts covered and with an understrap that bucked at the front but left her bottom uncovered. Doug was on his feet in seconds and together we lifted the dress from her she just stood there as we began to fondle her and nuzzle her neck. I started to unzip the back of the suit as Doug began to undo the four buckles at the front and slip his hand between her legs. Then the suit was on the floor around her ankles and we led her to the table. Doug bent her forwards over the table and within seconds he was deep inside her fanny pounding away at her. The look on her face was sheer pleasure and suprise.

Doug has fucked her several time before but he had never seen her in the body suit and she didnt know that he had arrived at the house completely unexpectedly. We shafted her in lots of positions and I especially enjoyed watching Dougs well proportioned cock sliding in and out of Moiras wet and slippery hole. Doug eventually left us and went home to Eve and Moira and I continued to play.