30 Jun 2016

After her first threesome with John I wondered if she would prepared to try something else. The following night we went to Johnny Wokkers, Julie wore her maxi totally sheer black dress, it leaves nothing to the imagination, but shows off her bare 38ffs tits. Underneath she had on a white thong which was no more than a piece of nylon. We got into conversation with a couple around our age, Sarah and James. Sarah asked if she could touch the material of Julie's dress, her hand touched Julie's left boob. Julie gave a little sigh of pleasure. You can do that again said Julie and Sarah touched her again. I cannot remember who suggested it but we ended up in their apartment where we all undressed. Sarah gently massaged Julie's tits kissing them and slowly sliding down her body until she reached Julie's pleasure hole. Sarah got her tongue working overtime in that lovely slit. Julie was shuddering with pleasure and crying out fuck me fuck me. Sarah had her lovely arse on view James suggested my hard cock should fuck her which I did causing groans of pleasure from Sarah, meanwhile James started sucking on Julie's tits. Julie after a good 10 minutes of pleasure said she wanted to lick Sarah's cunt.

They swapped places and as Julie was giving oral to Sarah, James shoved his throbbing cock into Julie's cunt, he pumped away but stopped from cumming. I played with Sarah's tits and she fondled my cock. After the ladies had exhausted their pleasure we turned them over and James fucked Julie as I fucked Sarah. We all came together in a series of gigantic pleasurable groans. We lay there in our sticky mess and after a coffee we had another session before going back to our apartment which was luckily nearby without bothering to dress.

We saw them again a couple of times including a group sex party, but that is for another time.