Written by Robbieeee

12 Mar 2015

I like to Wife share, and had harboured a desire to see my beautiful blonde mature wife with a black guy. Not sure what it is. She has had big cocks, so it's not that. I think it's sometimg to do with how the skin of a black man would contrast with my wife's pale skin.

However, her rely toy requests had always been No. She always quotes "Once you go black, you never go back. So I took that as DONT push me and backed off.

We were invited to a party recently. It was organised by my wife's close friend and girl fuck buddy. Her parties are usually fantastic and we have met some lovely people there on occasion.

So the day of the party my wife told me she was going shopping for an outfit for the party. When she got home she showed me this set of very sexy lingerie. She obviously wanted attention tonight. She didn't eat all day, so her cloths would fit perfect.

She always got a little excited the day of a party, but today was different somehow.

We arrived at the party and it was in full swing. People were introducing themselves, drinks were flowing and the music was thumping. All in all a good start. We mingled as you do and chatted to some familiar faces. We went and looked around, watched people getting intimate etc. fantastic!

Along came my wife's friend, we kissed cheeks, and said Hi. She told me to relax while she took my wife away for a bit. This usually meant they were going to somewhere private to kiss, cuddle and basically ready themselves for some fun.

I found the drinks and made myself comfortable on a sofa watching the movie that was playing. A chap came over to me and said to me, "Why are you sat watching that when the real show was going on in the next room? So I got up and joined him at the doorway to the next room. It was the large play room and lots of people were already there watching.

I eventually found a spot where I could watch, and was Stunned at what I saw. There on all fours having a spit roast by two of the biggest black cocks I have ever seen was my beautiful blonde wife. She had completely given herself up to them. In her new lingerie she looked spectacular!!

I stood there agog gradually getting aroused. I did not notice my wife's friend stood next to me. She leaned in to me and said, "she looks fabulous, doesn't she. She Sadi to me."I did this for her. It's her fantasy. She didn't follow it up because she thought it was such a strong fantasy that it may end your relationship. She was afraid she'd have to pursue a black lover. So suck it up you little shit. Watch her have her brains fucked out by two real studs. Your wife will never be the same from this moment on. You nagged her, now watch them fuck her". I watched for what seemed an age. She was completely fucked literally. She walked past me and said, there, reap what you sowed. She linked arms with her friend and left the party. I was left alone and shocked