Written by Dan

3 Jan 2012

To get the best from this you really need to read parts 1 & 2

Those of you who have will know the score. My friendship with jenny was now serious, although the ultimate was still to come. we were with Jan and Steve and Jenny had been given a nice shaven mound while I had made love to Jan. I desperately wanted to get to Jenny before Steve did. Jan could sense my mood and gently pushed me forward. Whiel steve was giving Jenny the best of his attention I positioned my head between her legs and started licking, quickly muttering to Steve that I hoped he didn't mind me checking his handy work. He nodded and I got to work. The attention that Stev had given to jenny had certainly aroused her. Her lips were swollen and she was well lubricated. This was the first time I had been in this position and I wanted to make teh most of it. Jeny was moaning, and the noises wer getting louder. It took ker w while to realise that she was receiveing the attention of two men. She looked down and saw me, smiled and lay back again. I slowly started moving up her body, but in such a way that steve could not gain access to her. Slipping in was easy and we slowly starte to make love. Jenny reached forward and we started to kiss pasionately. Her moans of delight grew steadily before she climaxed with a superb shuddering orgasm. I followed shortly afterwards and we then collapsed in each others arms.

We had forgotten about Jan and Steve until they joined us on the bed. Jan kissing my neck and her hands runing over my nody stirring me to another erection. Steve using his fingers to great effect on jenny's clit as she started to pick up on another orgasm. None of us were in a rush and we explored each others bodies for quite a while before making love to each others partners. Again it was slow and sensual, finally all of lying together on the bed.

Jan was the first to speak suggesting that showers may be in order, but quite firm that she wanted to shower with me having witnessed the earlier performance between Jenny and me in the shower. I needed no second encouragement and we went off to shower. The same routne was followed, each of use massaging the other until we were covered in soap. With the water off we were VERY slippery and were enjoyingevery minute of the slippery massage, hands going everywhere while we were engaged in some very heavy french kissing.

We had lost total track of time when I bec ame aware that Jenny and Steve had joined us in the bathroom. "Any chance we can join in ?" asked Jenny. Jan and I stepped out of the shower, still coverdin soap so that Steve and Jenny could move in. We carried on kissing and exploring each others bodies while Jenny and Steve to work themselves. We pasued to watch them do exactly the same as we had done, it was so erotic. Jan whispered to me that she though there was enough room for all four of us as it was a walk in shower. jenny and steve sensed the arrival of our bodies and for the next few minutes it was hands everywhere. Without any planning Jenny and I ended up next to each other, as did steve and Jan. By now everyone was as horny as hell and Steve and Jan moved out of the way while Jenny bent over and I took her from behind. When we finished we quickly washed the remains of the soap off and swapped places with Jan and Steve. Watching the two of them make love aroused us both again. Sensibly Jan suggested that we have a short break, and we all agreed going back downstairs to find our drinks.

Not much was said, nobody needed to as the atmosphere between four still naked people was still supercharged. Although the pace slowed a little there was still plenty of amazing sex for the rest of the night and the remainder of the weekend.

We did find that Steve and JAn had been swingers for years, but none of the weekend (apart from the naturism) had been planned. As for Jenny and myself we spent many many happy hours in bed together after the weekend. Our friends just thought it was a natural development. Little did the yknow what we got up to when we regularly visted Steve and Jan. They were great weekends, but driving all that way with a raging hard on was a challenge, but well worth it.

Hope you enjoyed the tale.