Written by sam_liz

28 Oct 2011

I had been seeing Liz for a while, we got on really well from the start and things got even better when we started sleeping with each other. We were both in tune sexually, shared some interests and were having a great time. we had some good friends and enjoyed a good social life. The only awkward part was that I shared a house with some other lads, and while Liz got on with them really well it was not the most private of places.

This was the scene one Saturday night. Liz had come round to see me, I had thought that we may go out for a quiet drink but nothing was planned. I could see she was not too happy in the house as the lads were getting noisy and preparing for a good night out, some of their friends had arrived and the drinking was starting.

Liz looked at me and said, "forgot to tell you, but we've got a party to go to. Grab some clothes you can get ready at mine" This was the best news of the night! Liz had a lovely flat, quiet and private. Usually getting ready at hers meant sharing a shower togetherm making love and then going out. As we drove around I could feel the erection starting to grow in anticipation.

We arrived at her flat and joined together in a long lovely passionate kiss before moving to the bedroom to get ready fro the party. "we'll need to have a quick shower, we're a bit late already" called out Liz as she started to undress. I asked further and found out that we were going to a party, it was not just an excuse to leave my place and get away from the noise. I was undressed by now, with a full erection and ready to hit the shower. Liz turned to face me, beautifully naked. She is not one of the 'body to die for' women that seem to be in every story here. But she is, to me, gorgeous. Shoulder length brown hair, lovely eyes and a smile that is irresistible. Nice medium sized boobs, lovely nipples and a nice body on a 37 year old female. The brazilian fanny is always kept well trimmed and is a real turn on. Wandering around naked in teh flat is nothing unusual for Liz, and I for one don't complain.

She looked at me, smiled and said "as nice as that looks and as much as I want it now you're going to have to behave. We haven't got time right now." She must have seen the look of disappointment, took me by the hand and led me to the shower, where we did at least explore eaxh others bodies while we were washing each other. This did nothing for my rock hard erection which was still looking for some action. I slowly started to rub the shower gel into it, to give it a good clean as well as enjoy the moment. I felt Liz hold my hand, "not yet" she whispered, gave me a kiss and turned the water off.

we went back to the bedroom and started drying off, me being treated to the lovely sight of her body again and being increasingly frustrated by the fact that it was currently out of bounds.

"Where are we going" I asked. "Tel you in a minute, need to make a call" said Liz and picked up th phone. All I managed to get from the conversation was that she apologised for us running late, but we were still coming and would be there soon.

The answer to my who was that question was that it was Jan, one of our long standing friends. So, mystery over, we were going to Jan and Dave's place. Only just around the corner so just a few minutes walk away and we could all have a drink with no need to drive.

Liz carried on getting herself ready, and trying to talk to me. I couldn't hear much over the hair dryer and I was not listening too much, just enjoying the sight of her naked body. I was wondering what the occasion for a party was, as I didn't remember it being a birthday for Jan or Dave. I knew it wasn't their anniversary as that had been a few months before. Not to worry, they were pleasant company. Jan was the same age as Liz, slightly taller and attractive in the same way. Both of them liked to dress to impress and I always looked forward to seeing Jan. She liked low cut tops, and would always have her cleavage on display. I was convinced it was a deliberate ploy, but try as I may I had not yet managed to get a full on view of her boobs. Liz and I often talked about this, Liz new it turned me on and we always had great sex when we got back from theirs. Liz would usually tease me on the walk back asking how much of an eyeful I'd got knowing that this would be winding me up. She also got on well with Dave and would wear skirts that showed off her legs as she knew that Dave liked to see a flash of her thigh - Jan had told her over a coffee one morning. So it was with this knowledge that I becoame less frustrated about not having had sex in the shower, but now anticipating a great night when we got back.

Liz was flicking through her wardrobe, looking for a dress to put on when I asked her what the special occasion was. She picked a dress that would sit above the knee, had a split down the side and buttons down the front. "dave should enjoy this one" she said, "What did you ask again?" "The occasion, what is the special occasion tonight".

Liz looked at me as she took the dress off the hanger "Jan phoned a few day ago, I went round for a cup of coffee. We talked, and in the conversation we discussed how good sex was after we meet" I was none the wiser, "So, what's the occasion?"

Liz, standing naked, looked me in the eye and said "Jan asked if we fancied going to bed with tem tonight, I said we did" With that she put on the dress, no bra or string - just the dress. What she had said had been a complete surprise, it was as if time had sttod still for a moment.

"Come on we're late. Shirt and trousers only - go commando. They won't be on long anyway" were my orders. I got dressed and followed Liz to the living room. Our eyes met and we had one of the longest most passionate kisses for a log time. Liz hugged me and then said"you'll eventually get to see Jan's boobs tonight, and hold them and kiss them and touch her everywhere before you take her to bed. Come on lets go, I can see you're ready" and then she gave my latest erection of te night a quick squeeze.

On the way to Jan and Dave's I found out that the chat over coffee the other day had been largely about sex, and over the period of an hour or so both Jan and Liz expressed their interest in swapping partners and the idea was born. Not wanting to waste time tonight was the date.

After 5 minutes or so we were there. My heart was pounding as the door bell was rung. Dave answered and in we went. "Jan's in the lounge" he said. We walked in, Jan was in a short skirt and blouse that had just one button fighting gravity to keep it together. She walked over and kissed me, a long slow kiss. We puuled our bodies together and I felt my erection pressing against her leg. Her hand ran down my side and gave it a squeeze. Our of the corner of my eye I could see Liz enjoying Dave's attention in the same way.

For a while we chatted, had a few drinks to calm the nerves. Taliking about anything and everything apart from sex, until Jan said "I gather you like my boobs, and have always been frustrated about not seeing them" I told her that was true, in much the same way that Dave liked looking at Liz's legs. We trunred to face liz, her dress had ridden up and the split side had exposed just about all her left leg, it should have been obvious to Dave that she had nothing on underneath.

Jan then spoke again " I can't wait any longer, I am so turned on and there are two empty beds upstairs" With that we all got up and wlaked to the bedrooms.

I leaned forward and undid the button on her blouse. The material parted to reveal to lovely boobs, as I moved my hand onto them and started to massage the niples Jan slid the blouse of her shoulders. Her breathing changed as she helped me out of my shirt and then carried on with my trousers. As soon as she released the zip she saw I had gone commando, slipped my trousers of and ran her finger around the end of my erection which was soaking wet with precum. I reached behind her and undid the clip and zip of her skirt and eased it over her hips, it fell gently to the ground and she too was stood there naked. I moved one of my hands to her pussy, no brazilian here it was fully shaved, and soaking wet. we touched and kissed for ages, I had to move her hand from my erection as I feared coming at any moment. We slowed the pace a litte and lay on the bed, still exploring each others bodies. I was gently teasing her clitoris and knew that the changes in breathing menat she was close to coming. I felt her grip my finger as she had her first orgasm. We kieed some more, then mad love. I slipped into Jan very easily. I t was not a mad rush, just a beautiful experience. Slowly but surely we increased the tempo until we both came together. We lay there in each other oarms for ages. Slowly we got out of bed and walked back downstairs for a celebratory drink. Liz and Dave had not returned so we put some soft music on and slwoly danced together, Jan working me up to my next erection.

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