Written by Dan

30 Dec 2011

In the last post I told you how my relationship with Jenny had grown, particularly when our housemate Mike was away and we could walk around naked together. This was now a regular occurence, and our bathtimes together were more frequent.

Mike had once again informed us that he was going away the following weekend, this was good news as he hadn't ben away fro sometime and Jenny and I had both commented on how frustrated we were about having to wear clothes all the time, and not be able to have a relaxing bath together.

I was a little surprised when Jenny came home the following night and told me that we had been invited away for the weekend with friends of hers. as Mike wasn't back from work we were able to have a conversation, and I said how disappointed I was - tellin Jenny how much I was looking forward to not having to wear clothes around the house. "That's ok" she said "My friends Jan and Steve don't wear clothes either. They are the ones who got me interested in it. I've told them all about you, they are looking forward to meeting you and we won't have to wear clothes all weekend." I was speechless. Jenny continued "You'll like Steve, he's into sport like you and Jan's got a great body so it's someone different to look at." She finished off by saying "Don't worry" My mind was racing, and I felt a mixture of concern and eager anticipation.

Friday came, and Jenny and I both booked half a day off to make the journey to Nottingham where Jan and Steve lived.

It was a very hot day, and the traffic was horrendous. By the time we arrived in Nottingham we were dipping with sweat. Jan met us at the door - she looked gorgeous. Nice denim skirt, a couple of buttons undone at the front and a couple of inces above the knee. Nice blouse, again some buttons undone showing off her cleavage which was larger than Jenny's. the thought that I was going to be seeing her naked started movement in the trouser department. My thought were interupted by Jan saying "after A journey like that you look as if you need to freshen up. bring your bage upstairs and I'll show you where everything is". We followed Jan upstairs, giving me another chance to look at her lovely legs. "Here's the bedroom" she said showing us in. "the bathroom is straight across" She then looked at me in the eyes and said"I've heard how much you two like a bath together, but I'm afraid you 'll have to make do with a shower here." This was finished off with "Don't worry about clothes afterwards. We'll get undressed, Steve can join us when he gets back from work. I'll bring a drink up shortly, have fun." With that she went downstairs. As we started to undress I was asking Jenny exactly what she had told Jan. All i got in reply was a lovely smile and a "Don't worry, it'll be fine"

We both walked naked to the shower and started washing each other down. Jenny turned to face me a started kissing me passionately, pulling our bodies close together. "I love showers, they really turn me on" she whispered in my ear. "Turn the water off and cover me in soap" I did as asked and before long we were both covered in soap, enjoying the sensation of our hands sliding over each others bodies. By now I was extremely horny and although I'd taken things gently until now I decided it was time to explore Jenny's body further. Slowly I moved my hands to her breasts and started massaging them. She offered no resistance and I could tell from the change in her breathing that she was enjoying the sensation. At the same time she started moving her hands around my body, eventually brushing her hand against my erection. She did this several times before gently squeezing it, then moving her hands away again. She did this over and over, while I was now gently massing her lovely rear end and slowly but surely moving closer to massaging her pussy. As my hand brushed her small mound of pubic hair she parted her legs slightly to give me easier access. As she did this she took a firmer grip of my erection and started a slow rythmic motion. At the same time i was gently rubbing her clit. We continued like this for a long time before I eventally came, and Jenny had a lovely orgasm. We held each other close before turning the water back on and cleaning ourselves up. One last lingering french kiss in the shower before we stepped out to dry ourselves.

As we stepped out of the shower we noticed that two glasses of wine had been placed on the vanity unit. Jan must have brought them up. We did not know when! We both giggled nervously before towelling down and walking back to the bedroom. I was just about to put a shirt on when Jenny reminded me that Jan had said no clothes. We had one more kis and wnet bcak downstairs.

Jan was in the kitchen, and we walked though to speak to her although I was not sure what we might say as we did not know exactly what she had seen. "Feeling better?" she asked with a knowing look in her eye. "Sorry I've still got clothes on, but I've been cooking" With that she closed the oven and undressed herself in thekitchen. It was the horniest thing I'd seen for a while. It took me back to when Jenny and I first started taking our clothes off. My erection returned immediately. Jan saw it, but did not look away. "Looks like you may need another shower soon" she laughed. Jenny broke the ice by commenting on Jan's nicely tanned body. She was in good shape, the boobs were bigger than Jenny's and very shapely with slightly larger nipples. Jenny then commented on the fact that Jan was completely shaven. Jan explained that she'd been persuaded to try it by Steve, who'd done the shaving for her, and had come to like it. She suggetsed that Jenny do the same. "Worth thinking about" was the answer.

Steve eventaully arrived home, looked at the three of us and moaned about the fact that we'd started without him before promptly getting undressed himself and joining in the conversation.

despite my initial worries the evening was going very well, wer were relaxed and I had two lovely naked women to look at. The heat of the day was still around and Jan said she was going to stand on the pation to get some air. They were lucky, as the house was not overlooked at all. I decided to join her, I enjoyed her company and wanted to get a closer look at her body. Steve and Jenny did not object.

Almost immediately Jan raised the question of the earlier shower. When quizzed she confessed that she had arrived when Jenny and myself were just about to orgasm. Jan said she had put the glasses down quietly and watched. She said she was turned on and had started playing with herself. This gave me an even bigger erection than before which she noticed. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Steve and Jenny were getting on well, then without warning she took my erection in her hand and slowly started wanking me. "This is too good to waste" she said. I blurted out someting about Steve and Jenny, to whch she replied "Don't worry, we can sort that" Without hesitation she walked back in to the room "Steve, Jenny wants to be trimmed like me, I said you'd oblige." Steve smiled and took Jenny by the hand, she did not resist. "I'll be about 20 mins, I'm sure you can amuse yourselves" said steve. Jenny looked me in the eyes, smiled and blew me a kiss. "Don't resist" was all she said.

With that Jan appeared at my side, held my erection once more and guided my hand between her legs. "This isn't going to last long is it" she said, knowng that I was ready to burst. "We can take our time later, but I need that in me now then we can go upstairs and watch"

With that we were lying on the carpet and making love. She was right. It didn't take long before we both orgasmed. we lay together for a while before Jan whispered "Come on, lets go"

We quietly walked upstairs. The bedroom door was open and we coul see Steve just finishing of the shave. Not much could be seen because Jenny was still covered in foam. Steve gently washed the foam off to reveal a beautifully shaven mound. "the best test of smoothness is with a tongue" he said and immediately started to lick Jenny. Again she did not resist, her eyes closed and her head went back. Iknew she was close to orgasm and before long she let out a long gentle moan. Jan took my hand and moved me forward a little more before whispering (but loud enough for Steve and Jenny to hear) "The other smooth test is to make love, you always do it to me after a shave. Jenny needs the same treatment please". Steve started moving up Jenny's body positioning himself for entry, Jan was slowly bringing my erection back. It seems that the night was just starting - and I now desperately wanted to make love to Jenny. SomethingI'd not yet managed.

I'll let you know how we got on in part 3.