Written by Dan

30 Dec 2011

The events here go back quite a way, but I thought you may be interested. I had just finished at university, and started work in my first job. Like a lot of people I couldn't afford a place of my own, so house sharing was the only option. Three of us shared, myself, Mike and Jenny. There were the normal problems of lack of privacy when 'entertaining', but apart from that we all got on well together. We socialised, but it was no more than being good friends.

we were all out together in our local pub on the outskirts of Oxford on a Thursday evening when Mike informed us he would be away for the weekend. I also had plans, so that left Jenny on her own for the weekend. Her response was not what we expected! "Good " she replied, "I'll be able to walk around without any clothes on for once. I miss being able to do that." Now Jenny was not one of the 'body to die for' people you read about - she was quite petite, small boobs, short but did seem to have a nice pair of legs. She had an amazing party dress that she used to wear that showed them off to good effect, and always caught your eye when she did so.

No more was said about the matter and we left it as it was.

During the Friday when I was making my plans I discovered that not all the arrangements were in place for my weekend with friends in Reading, so the weekend was cancelled.

I got home first, followed by Jenny 30 mins later. We had a quick chat and I let her know that my weekend away was cancelled. We decided to go out for a meal together, called back in th epub for a quick drink and then went home. When we were settlin down with a nightcap I apologised for spoling her weekend. "What do you mean?" she asked with a puzzled look. I reminded her of the conversation the previous night. She said she was not bothered, there would be other opportunities she was sure. She then followed it up by asking me if I had ever walked around naked. It was something I had thought of, also going on a naturist holiday, but never plucked up the courage to do it. She listened to what I had to say then said " You ought to try it, it's great" Before I could stop myself I heard the words coming out of my mouth "We'll I'm up for it if you are"

Jenny looked at me, "I wasn't really meaning now" She then paused and said "But I was really looking forward to not wearing clothes - OK lets do it!" We both looked at each other, not quite knowing what to do next. In the end we drew up some ground rules. we both agreed that this was never going to be a topic of conversation with our friends, and we both promised each other that we would not comments on each others bodies. I had to let her know that I would be likely to be sporting an erection, but she seemed ok about it - just as well as I was rock hard. To help matters along we dimmed the lights in the living room, checked the curtains and then went upstairs to undress. I was naked in a flash, hoping to get back downstairs before Jenny. It didn't work as wet met on the landing. We chatted normally on the way down, got our drinks and carried on as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

The hardest part was not trying to make it obvious I was taking in every inch of her body. The legs were as imagined, superb. Nice and slender all the way up to her neatly trimmed bush, shaped in a tiny triangle. Althoug small her boobs were well formed with lovely small nippples which I had noticed were hard and erect. While I was getting another drink for us I thought I saw her eyeing up my still hard erection. Things had moved on a bit for both of us, but at the time we were still just good friends. eventually we decided we needed to go to (our own) bedrooms. As we got up stairs Jenny gave me a quick kiss and wished me goodnight. The next 10 minutes were spent masturbating, and wondering what may happen next.

when I woke up the following morning I was unsure what to expect, whether the events of the night had been just a one off, or if there would be a repeat. As I was thinking about this I heard Jenny get up and go to the bathroom and start running a bath. I shouted out "Morning Jenny, how are you?" "Fine" she replied "But I could murder a cup of tea. Do me a favour and bring one up, I love a cuppa in the bath" My mind was racing, I was going to see her naked body again. I quickly went and made the tea and brought it back upstairs. Without hesitating I took it straight in to the bathroom. "Oh good, thanks for that - and glad to see your still not wearing clothes. Be a good friend and was my back for me" It should not surprise anyone to hear that my erection returned immediately. Washing her back was a treat, lovely soft skin and silky smooth with the bath oil she was using. Not wishing to spoli things I just kept to her back - I did not want to ruin anything that may happen later. I did have a mind to ask if she would return the compliment, but again thought better of it - just take one step at a time. I shouldn't have worried though, because Jenny took the initiative, "Jump in and I'll do your back for you. Just your bac k though, you can sort the front out yourself!" This was the first time that she had mentioned my erection, and while she gently washed and massage my back the erection grew even stronger"

Asfter bathing we walked around naked for quite a while before both deciding that we needed to go shopping. We went our own ways, and I was first back. This time Ithough that I would take the initiative, and got undressed again. Jenny came back about an hour later, telling me about all the things she had bought. She did not bat an eyelid about the fact that I was naked. When I suggested she tried some of her clothes on she did, undressing and dressing again before eventually remaining naked.

we did not go out that night,preferring our own company.

This was to be the first of many weekends like this - every time Mike went away we would be naked. Our relationship was growing, but still not sexual yet. Little did I know that further developments were not far away. These will be in the next posting.