Written by Ben

2 May 2011

I'm Ben and my wife is Lynne, as we have explained previously we are very new to the swapping scene. Last weekend as it was a bank holiday we decided at the last minute to have a long weekend in a caravan in Somerset. The first night we visited a pub that we had been recommended to, with good food and entertainment, we had a very good night there and set off for the journey back to our caravan.

We were driving down dark, winding country lanes with a small car a few yards in front of us,when the car in front swerved and hit a small tree at the side of the road, it appeared that the driver had avoided hitting a small animal that had run in front of him.

We stopped and ran to see if the occupants of the car were ok, they were but the driver, John had a bump and a cut on the side of his head, the girl Pauline was fine but we were surprised to see that both of them were naked, they explained that they got a thrill from driving at night without clothes but they were put at ease when we told them that we also enjoyed doing the same, and had been doing so for some time. As they were obviously shook up we offered to take them home, with John riding with me and Lynne driving their car.

On arrival at their home, an old farmhouse, we went inside for a coffee and a generous measure of brandy, it was strange to us that they were both still naked, they said it was pointless covering up as we had seen them naked in the cars, after a bit of banter they persuaded us to strip, I was quite aroused by the situation which was obvious by my erection as I dropped my trousers, I could see that Lynne was also aroused by her nipples being hard and sticking out from her lovely white tits.

John who turned out to be sixty and very distinguished looking was now erect, his cock looked about the same size as mine, about eight inches, Pauline was small and petite with quite large tits with very dark nipples.

The conversation came round to our sex lives, we told them about ours and about how new we were to swinging, they asked us lots of questions and were very interested in what our experiences were, telling us that it was something that they had wanted to do but the opportunity had never presented itself, I think it was Pauline who suggested that we may like to try it together as it was obvious that the men were arroused. I walked over to Pauline, kissed her while fondling her big firm tits, we sat together on the sofa, I put her hand on my hard cock and she started to wank it for me while I slipped my fingers into her very wet hole, finding her clit I rubbed it till she started to shudder as she reached her climax.

We wanted more and Pauline stood up and bent over the sofa arm, I pushed mycock into her wet fanny, fucking her as hard as I could, we were both getting really carried away now she came again screaming, I came quickly and just kept pumping my load into her, I don't think I have cum that much for a very long time.John and Lynne were nowhere to be seen when we finnished.

This is Lynne's story

When Ben and Pauline started to play together John and I watched for a few minutes, then he kissed me, hed my hand and took me upstairs to the bedroom where I went down onto his cock, sucking and wanking him till I felt that he was about to cum, we lay on the bed where we kissed deeply, his fingers went between my thighs and he slipped all of his fingers into my hot fanny, working into me until I orgasmed, he then lay me on my back pushing his cock into me, he fucked me for what appeared to be a very long time before he exploded into me.

After resting for a few minutes we left the bedroom, but as we descended the stairs we watched the others as Ben finished into her, we could actually see his cum seeping out of her fanny and trickled down her thighs, such a sexy sight I wanted more.

We plan to meet up with this lovely couple again and hope that they may join our small group of likeminded friends, so we can have more fun together.