Written by Suzy

28 Jun 2008

After my “Hotel Adventure” which I have shared with you, I would see Andy about once a month when he was staying over in town. It was always nice to see him and between him and my husband Jez, I was kept reasonably satisfied. Having enjoyed three cocks at the same time, one at a time simply wasn’t quite the same!

Since moving to Leeds I had not been able to get a job in teaching, so had taken a receptionists job at a local engineering firm, part-time working afternoons. It isn’t as rewarding in terms of the work or the money I earn but it paid for my shopping exploits – after all, a girl has to have nice cloths to feel sexy and good about herself. I enjoyed the banter from the lads in the factory – and even some of the suits from upstairs were pleasant enough.

It was a Thursday morning and as usual I had jumped out of bed into a track suit and stirred Jez into action before waking our son and having him get ready for school. A quick breakfast and I gave Jez a peck on the cheek as he departed for the office moments before I went on the school run. By 9.15 I was at home in the kitchen enjoying a fag and a coffee, writing a shopping list. The phone rang. It was Andy. “Hi Suzy, how’s you this morning?”.

“I’m good And, how’s you?”

“It’s been a while but I’m in Leeds for the day Suzy, I just wondered if you were at home?”

“Well, now you know – I’m here. Are you staying over tonight?”

“No but I can pop round for a coffee if you’re free this morning”.

“I’m at work at 2.00 – what time can you be here?”

“In about an hour – about twenty past ten”.

“I’ll have the kettle on” I said as I hung up. I’d need an hour to shower and change for work, so I figured it made sense to do so now, so that I’d have the extra time to talk with Andy. I went up stairs and dropped my track suit in my dressing room and went into the shower. As I soaped myself, I started to remember the night in the hotel with Andy, Svern and Jens. I felt twinges of excitement. As I sponged my loins my clit responded to the light brush of the sponge. Bringing myself back to earth, I realised that I needed to shower and dress quickly or Andy might arrive before I was decent. I dried and lotioned and potioned myself before entering my dressing room. What to wear …. mmmmmmm. I chose my black chalk stripped suit – a smart single breasted jacket and knee length skirt with a slit in the back. It made me feel good to wear my white with black pin stripped panties and bra set. Being June, I wondered whether to wear stockings or not (I simply can not wear tights) – having not had the chance to sun bathe I decided on black seamed hold-ups and black patent high heels. I wouldn’t wear a blouse as it would cover my cleavage which was much appreciated by my male work colleagues.

I laid the cloths on my bed and proceeded to do my hair and apply my make up before dressing. I was just buttoning my jacket when the door bell rang. The front door wasn’t locked so I guessed it wasn’t Claire, my neighbour – it would be the postman or Andy. “Coming” I shouted from the top of the stairs.

“What, without me?” Andy smiled as he came into the hall.

I pecked him on the cheek “Coffee?” I asked.

“Love one”.

“Go in the lounge and I’ll be through in a minute. Make yourself comfy.”

I entered the lounge and put the tray on the table between the sofas, smiling at Andy who was sat in my husband’s chair. I plunged the cafeterias and poured, handing Andy a cup noticing his eyes focused on my cleavage as I leant forward to hand him the cup. My nipples throbbed at the though of his imaging my boobs – and remembering him squeezing my left nipple whist Jens sucked on the other. I was determined that I would not have sex with him in my home, so decided to focus on the shopping I needed to do after work in order to distract me. We’d have a chat over coffee and I’d be off to work and Andy off to his appointment. “Oh God! Only three hours to hold out” I thought. No sooner had the thought occurred than I heard the front door open. “Thank goodness for Claire” I thought, “the cavalry’s arrived!”

“Suzy, where are you?” I heard Jez ask.

I was filled with horror. Jez knew that Andy had me screwed in a nearby hotel and it had even turned him on. But in our home? We hadn’t but would Jez believe it? Nor had I told Andy that Jez knew. Jez came into the lounge, “Hello Andy, long time no see. What are you doing here?”

“I had two appointments in Leeds today – this morning’s cancelled, so I called to see if you guys were at home. Suzy invited me round for a coffee.”

“It’s great to see you. Good job I forgot my mobile this morning or I’d have missed you – just popped in to collect it”.

“Fancy a coffee Jez?” I asked.

“Yes please” he answered.

I went out to the kitchen to get another cup. I pulled out a small coffee table and placed it next to Jez, put his cup down and leant over to pick up the cafeteria and biscuits.

“Why are you all dressed up with no place to go Suzy?” Jez asked.

“When Andy phoned he was an hour away and I thought I’d use to time to get ready for work – I’m due to start in a couple of hours.”

“I think you’re over dressed to be serving coffee and biscuits. What do you think Andy?”

“Suzy looks lovely”.

“But over dressed. Suzy, I want you to take off that suit”.

Jez was sat on the sofa opposite me. Andy sat rigid on the chair between the sofas. “If you want it off, come over here Jez and you take it off”. I sat back on my sofa, crossing my legs as I did so, feeling the silkiness of my thighs as the skin touched above my stocking tops. I knew I’d called Jez’s bluff and felt better for it. Whilst excited at the thought that my husband might expose me to Andy in nothing but my underwear, I now started to think he wouldn’t. I began to wish I’d simply stood and removed my jacket and skirt. I started to think the unthinkable. Three cocks are better than one. But surely two must also be better than one. I’d blown it. Or had I saved my marriage?

“Alright, if you insist” Jez said as he walked across the room, “Stand up Suzy” and he reached for the buttons on the front of my jacket”. He undid them, “Turn round” which I did, my eyes catching Andy’s as I spread my arms enabling Jez to remove my coat. “Now your skirt”.

“I’m not taking it off” I said standing with my hands on my hips, still with my back to him, “You want it off, you take it off”.

“I’ve a better idea. Go over to Andy and let him take it off.” Andy looked horrified but I now knew I was back in control. I glared over my shoulder “Is that what you really want Jez?”.

“He’s seen you wearing less, so go on”. I moved over to Andy who was professing his innocence, “No I haven’t Jez”.

“Yes you have Andy. Have you forgotten when we came round for dinner with you and Jane. I can’t believe that you’d forget what Suzy was wearing that evening”.

“I remember now. Alright Suzy come here”. Andy unbuttoned my skirt and slid down the zip. As he slipped it down my legs, I could see he had coloured cheeks and beads of perspiration were starting to show on his forehead. I put a hand on his shoulder to balance as I stepped out of the skirt.

Jez was smiling as he looked on, now sat on my sofa. “Come and sit with me” he said. As I walked over to my husband Andy stood and folded my skirt as he crossed to the empty sofa where my jacket was neatly placed. He put my skirt next to my jacket and Jez said, “Come and join us Andy”.

Here I was, sat with my two favourite men dressed only in my best underwear. I was rouged and tingling with excitement, not sure what would happen next but knowing that I was going to enjoy it. Andy was sat on my left, Jez on my right – he stood and removed his tie and jacket. He sat back down and put his arm around me and started to kiss me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue in my mouth and on my neck. His right hand was busily fondling my left boob through my bra. My nipples were on fire. A hand started caressing my left leg. Jez had one arm around my back, one hand on my left breast. Andy must have joined the party. I was already past scheming, I was just going to enjoy going with the flow. The hand caressing my leg was gently circling ever upwards, towards my stocking tops and the bare flesh of my thigh that lay beyond. I was aware of Jez’s knob throbbing against my side. My pussy was glowing and I could feel the moisture soaking into the gusset of my panties. Involuntarily I stretched out my left leg as the hand reached the naked part of my thigh. I felt another stiff cock now against my calf. I was reaching nirvana. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt. My pussy was throbbing for cock. And a hand reached my panties.

“God, you’re wet Suzy”.

“Is she now?” Jez said. “Slip her panties off Andy and give her some tongue, she loves that”.

“I know”, Andy said as he slipped my panties off. My wet labia felt strangely cool now exposed to air. He pushed my legs apart and went down on me, his tongue circling my clit and then sucking my lips, parting them with his tongue, fucking me with his mouth. He brought up his hands and parted my lips so that he could stick his tongue as far up my cunt as physically possible. I was on such a high but I needed more. I needed a hard, veined throbbing cock. No, I needed two. “Fuck me you bastards!”

Jez pushed me forward to unclip my bra, “You heard her Andy, get your cock up her”. I shuffled around and opened my stocking clad legs wide as Andy pulled back to drop his trousers and pants. His meat was bouncing, throbbing away and I was desperate to have him inside me .I could feel my juices running down my crack and onto by arse. I gasped as he entered me. My husband was holding me, kissing me and encouraging Andy to pound away at my receptive cunt. Andy was reaching up to play with my nipples – when he wasn’t Jez was! I was on the brink and I could feel Andy start to cum. Spunk squirting violently against the neck of my womb. I wanted cock in my mouth but made do with Jez’s tongue, sucking hard on it between gasping for breath. My cunt tightening as I started to come. I cried out again and again as a tide of orgasms wracked my body.Andy was still squirting into my contracting pussy, our mingled juices squishing out over Andy’s cock and balls. He stopped thrusting into me and his cock was still throbbing inside me. Jez sat up and I said ”I can’t come again but I want you to drain you balls up my cunt whilst I lick my pussy juice and Andy’s spunk off his dick”.

Yes please” Jez said and manoeuvred his way round to gain access to my cunt. Andy straddled my face and I started licking his balls. I could feel Jez whacking his JT into my wet and swollen pussy, still gushing with my cum and Andy’d spunk. The noises emanating from my crutch as Jez’s cock squelched in and out were turning me on and then I was back there on the brink again. Jez had slipped two fingers up my ass which was lubricated from all the juices flowing out of me cunt and the sensation was driving me wild. Andy moved to my side so that he could watch Jez banging away at my pussy and finger fucking my ass. I turned my head to the side and started sucking his softening but still large cock. “You taste so good Andy” I gasped. Jez was watching my sucking and licking Andy’s dick and it was too much for him. I felt him start to come, spurting spunk inside me, mixing with Andy’s spunk and my cum juices. I was licking and panting and my guts felt as though they were being ripped out. I came in a wave of gushing warm flushes. Jez put his juice covered fingers in my mouth as he twitched away inside me, having shot his load. His fingers cleaned by my tongue, he withdrew from me and moved up for me to lick his cock clean.

The boys dressed and sipped at their now cold coffee. I lay exhausted and feeling pleasantly sore in all the right places. An hour and I needed to be at work. I didn’t shower, simply dressed and thanked them both. I wanted to smell of sex all day, to feel dirty. “See you tonight Jez – and until next time Andy, thank you both”.

“I must get back to the office – see you again soon I hope Andy”, Jez kissed my cheek on his way out.

“I’ll need to be off too Suzy. That was great – I had no idea Jez would be OK with this” He kissed me on the lips, “I’ll call you next time I’m in Leeds”.

As I drove to the office, I couldn’t help thinking of what had just been …….. and planning my next adventure! (Suzy's New Job)