Written by Suzy

25 Feb 2009

All went according to plan on Tuesday morning. Jez, my husband departed for London at 7.00, Mum arrived at 8.00 and took our son to school – no sooner had she left than Andy pulled up outside the house. I had packed the previous night and was simply wearing jeans with a fleece top for the journey to Copenhagen. Now 38, I have luckily retained a reasonable figure 34B – 22 – 34, am five foot six inches tall and have long, thick auburn hair and brown eyes. The journey to Manchester airport was uneventful and it was good to spend time catching up with Andy’s news. Traffic was heavy, so the journey took just over an hour but we arrived at the check-in at 9.10 – just enough time to get our luggage through for the 10.15 flight.

I could sense Andy was feeling frisky from his subtle hand working its way up my leg to the less subtle glance around the plane before grabbing one of my tits through my top! The flight time is just under the hour, so I told him he’d have to wait until we were in our hotel suite. In fairness to him, we were travelling business class and were staying at the five star Radisson SAS Royal close to Tivoli. So I was kind of flattered that he’d made an effort and spent some money ………… but I still was unsure what lay in store. I had challenged this old colleague to give me the most erotic night of my life – but so far, he’d kept his cards close to his chest. Six years ago I had arranged to meet Andy at a hotel near us in Leeds. When I met up with him, expecting to meet him alone, we ended up having dinner with two of his Danish colleagues. It innocently developed into a less innocent exciting evening – I was half expecting more of the same. Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed it but I was just hoping for something new, something different.

The taxi dropped us at the Hotel and we checked in. Andy had to leave almost immediately as he had a lunchtime appointment with a client, so I decided to go out for a wander and grab some lunch. Not far from the hotel I came across a bar called “The Spunk Bar” which naturally attracted me. I ordered a beer and a Danish sandwich. The barman was nice and chatty and started to fill me in on what was going on in the area on a Tuesday evening in February. Not much by all accounts. Behind the bar was a bottle that contained a cloudy fluid with precipitous white tadpole type objects floating in it. It was labeled “Chris’s Spunk”. Evidently an aquavit based drink. I asked for a large one thinking it would be the only spunk I tasted in Denmark I hadn’t sampled before (it was quite nice!) I went back to the hotel and booked a massage in the Spa before going up to the room to unpack and iron my cloths ready for going out in the evening.

The Spa was wonderful. I enjoyed a sauna before my massage which was all above board and really relaxing. Pampered I went back up to the room and decided to shower and try on some of my outfits. Andy hadn’t told me where we were going nor what we’d be doing which, bareing in mind the promise that this was to be the most erotic night of my life, added to the anticipation and excitement it didn’t help me in the choice of what I should wear!

I’d brought three outfits – a black business suit with knee length skirt, white blouse and court shoes. A white gypsy bohemian skirt, white t-shirt and Ugg boots. And a daring little red mini skirt with black roll neck jumper and knee length black boots. The black suede coat with fur collar I’d brought would not work with the business suit I decided, so if we were walking I’d need to be in either my white or red outfit. First I decided to try on the red outfit. I’d just dressed when Andy came into the room. “Good day?” I asked.

“Yes and it just go a whole load better” he replied. I had one of the music channels on the TV - Alex Gaudino’s Destination Unknown was playing with all those very attractive micro mini wearing sax players strutting their stuff on the screen.

“Love the outfit” he said.

“Mine or the sax players?”


I explained I was unsure and showed him the three options and asked what he was planning for the evening. “Go with the white skirt” he suggested and went off into the bathroom to shower. I was stood in my stockings and undies as he emerged still wet from the shower and sporting a huge hardon, not at all hidden by the towel he had wrapped around his waist. He picked up the TV controls and put one of the hardcore channels on. Being Denmark, that’s exactly what it was – a babe was being spit roasted by two hunks. I was already horny as hell in anticipation of what the evening held in store and the images on the TV weren’t calming me down any. Andy came over to me and hugged me to him, kissing me, tongues squirming. He guided me to the edge of the bed and I sat ripping his towel from around his middle. I took his cock in my mouth, hungry for it. Andy reached down over my back and undid my bra, me rubbing his cock with alternate hands so he could slip my bra off over my arms but not once letting his throbbing prick out of my mouth. His hand took a boob in each and massaged my boobs firmly, tweaking my nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. He pulled me back off his cock and pushed me back on the bed. He pushed my legs wide open and pulled my panties to one side before burying his face greedily into my wet pussy. Expertly he used his tongue on my clit stopping just as I was about to orgasm. He climbed on top of me and thrust into me I could feel the thrusting and throbbing of his cock inside me. Seconds later we came together. We lay for a while and as I could start to feel his spunk dribble out of me, we parted and I took off my stockings and panties and we showered together.

Subsequent parts will appear as I have time to get them written ……………. A lot happen in a short time.