Written by Suzy

25 Feb 2009

Dried and dressing again, I was aware of my erect nipples, tingling clit and swollen pussy. Far from being sated, I was much more aroused than before in spite of enjoying a wonderful orgasm. I wore my white stockings, white panties and white shear bra, ugg boots, gypsy skirt and t-shirt with black / white speckled fur coat. Deliberately I’d used a high gloss very red lipstick and a little more make-up than usual. Andy wore trainers and jeans with t-shirt and coat. We set off for the harbour area for a drink and a meal finding a cosy old bar overlooking the old ships in the harbour and settled down with a beer to consider the menu. I chose a mixed fish platter and Andy went for the steak. I don’t usually drink beer but Carlsberg in Denmark is great unlike that brewed in the UK. And it’s stronger as I discovered four bottles later! Andy was still unwilling to let me into his plans, so much so I was starting to think we’d end up back at the hotel shagging and watching some more movies. He paid for the meal and we left, it was about 9.30.

Heading back to the Tivoli area and passed the rail station we walked down a quiet street and were just talking about anything and nothing. Andy stopped and pointed down at a basement door “I’ve been in there before Suzy – it’s a bar and they show hardcore movies in there – fancy a drink?” “Let’s – we can at least warm up a bit before we end up wherever it is we are going” I replied. Andy knocked at the door and it was opened by a lady in her fourties, blonde and trim, dressed casually. Andy paid the entrance fee and ordered a couple of drinks. Vodka and orange for me and a beer for himself. There were a few in the bar with no sign of any movies playing. Probably ten blokes and two other couples. “Where’s the movies playing Andy?”

“There’s quite a few rooms down here Suzy – that door over there leads to the cinema room” he said pointing to the left. “We’ll go and have a gander in a minute once you’ve warmed up – we can leave our coats in the cloakroom over there” he nodded to the side of the bar where a clock room attendant was giving out tickets for coats. We ordered another drink and handed in our coats before going into the cinema area.

It was packed full – and not very big. My eyes were struggling to adjust and I almost sat on some chaps knee. Andy guided me into the next row and we squeezed past three chaps before settling down in our seats. I was sat between a guy on my left and Andy on my right. A new film was starting. As my eyes adjusted I saw that there were some women in the audience which I must confess was something of a relief. It was actually a nice venue with a nice atmosphere, unlike some places in London my husband Jez had taken me to.

On the big screen two girls were starting to get it on, kissing, caressing and enjoying each other. I reached over and groped Andy’s groin whispering in his ear “Is that your fantasy” in response to the lump I found in his pants. I felt a hand on my leg. It took longer than it should have to realize it wasn’t Andy’s hand but the chap on my left. A little shocked I sat still, not wanting to encourage nor discourage the approach at this juncture, simply playing for time. I was unsure what the etiquette was and had no idea whether the guy was 90 or 19. Anyway, where’s the harm? 19 or 90 I was quite enjoying the touch of the hand on my leg just above the knee. Not knowing who the hand belonged to actually made it all the naughtier somehow. Now the hand is on my thigh. Squeezing and kneading my leg on the way up, ever so slowly. My left leg was crossed over the right. The bloke’s right hand had reached the top of my leg and was attempting to squeeze between my legs to reach my pussy. Should I uncross my legs? Whilst deliberating I was watching the girls on screen – one was really going to town sucking and squeezing the others breasts and teasing their nipples. I took a sip of my drink and felt a hand on my left boob. Determined not to look at the guy on my left, I stared intensely at the screen. He had strong hands and whilst my little B cup boobs aren’t massive, he was easily holding it in his left hand, squeezing and massaging it out towards my nipple. Repeatedly. His right hand now was at the top of my boot beneath my long skirt. He was gently massaging my stocking clad calf. When he reached my knee, because my legs were crossed, he tickled the back of my right leg and I involuntarily uncrossed my legs. Andy looked at me but as I’d moved, the guy next to me had taken his hand off my boob. Andy saw nothing “Want a refill” Andy asked taking my glass. I nodded.

Excitement, hope, fear, panic were all setting in now Andy wasn’t beside me. I just stared at the screen. A big black man had just walked in on the girls as one was licking and finger fucking the other. They were in the process of undressing him as Andy returned – except it wasn’t Andy. Someone else was in his seat!

The guy on my left was excellent with his hands. My left boob was being caressed again and my left leg was enjoying similar treatment. His hand was just about to reach the flesh above my stocking top. Just then a woman in the row in front and a couple of seats to the left stood, removed her jeans and straddled the man on her right. As she gyrated, she pulled her own top over her head and then undid her bra dropping it in the seat she had been sat in. She beckoned two men she was now facing, looking back over the seat, to move forward and each was presented with a boob to play with. I could see Andy stood behind her with a drink in each hand. He smiled, mouthed “Cheers” and took a swig of his beer.

I looked at the chap on my left. Difficult to tell in the relative dim light of the cinema room but I was guessing he was mid sixties. Thick grey hair, wrinkled face, thin and actually quite good looking. I allowed my legs to open. In so doing my right leg caught knocked the chap’s leg who was sat on my right. I was looking at the screen, enjoying the sight of the two girls taking turns to suck that big black cock. With my left hand I reached out to the old chap on my left. Being right handed I wasn’t as smooth as I should have liked to have been in pulling down his zip. He’d managed to get his fingers under the elastic of my panties and was expertly rubbing my clit. I was desperate to have his cock in my hand but had to use my right hand to free it from his pants. Done, I sat back with his cock in my left hand wanking him slowly. His tip was juicy I as I ran my index finger over the top of his prick. I let out a little whimper as he continued to work expertly on my clit. I felt the chap on my right now decide to join in. He started working on my right boob whilst kissing my neck – something which is bound to get me going. I reached out my right hand and went straight to his fly – I wanted his cock in my right hand. My eyes were closed, I had a cock in each hand, the old man on my left was working my clit and the chap on my right – whatever he looked like, had hoisted my skirt and having pulled my panties to one side was finger fucking me gently but firmly. I was in heaven!

I could feel myself building up to a big orgasm, I opened my eyes to see the big black fellow on screen wanking his massive weapon which was pointing towards the faces of the two girls whose tongues were out, touching and waiting expectantly – the woman on the row in front was moaning and groaning as she jumped up and rocked back and forth on the cock beneath her, now also with a cock in her mouth from a chap two seats to my right who stood, thrusting toward her holding her head in his hands. The cock in my right hand started to jerk and the chap thrust his hips forward in rhythm with my hand movement – I could feel him coming in long hard bursts. He was coming just as the black guy on screen showered the waiting tongues with spunk. I was starting to convulse, I could feel by cunt tighten on the fingers inside me, the manhood in my left hand was starting to throb expectantly as the old man approached his own culmination. As he started spurting, he maintained his incredible finger motion on my clit, not altering speed for a second - I came and I screamed – I was totally oblivious to all else that was going on around me. After a moment or two of recovering my composure, the old man offered me a hanky to wipe my hands, both dripping with two different men’s spunk. I thanked him – and he thanked me in almost perfect English. I stood and the chap on my right said “Danka” as I squeezed past him and on behind the chap still thrusting into the woman’s’ mouth from the row in front. I reached Andy who smiled and handed me my drink. I said I needed the ladies and that I’d meet him in the bar, downed the vodka in one and handed him back the empty glass.

Look out for Part 3