Written by Suzy

27 Feb 2009

As we stood in the lift on our way out of the hotel, I told Andy “Just watch where that doorman looks as I get in the cab”. He smiled. “And why wouldn’t he?” Sure enough he did. We arrived at an up-market restaurant in the business district and Andy spoke with the Maitre D who showed us to a table where low and behold, there was Svern and Jens with two ladies. Svern had now retired – he was 65, bald, fat but great company – and Jens handsome as ever and younger than me at 34. I had met both – in the biblical sense - six years earlier when they were, to my surprise with Andy at a hotel where I had expected to enjoy a nice meal and intimate evening with Andy alone. I was now wondering whether that whole evening had been planned. The two ladies were their wives. All spoke very good English and conversation flowed as readily as the wine. Evidently we were all booked into a show after dinner. I can’t claim to have been thrilled at the prospect. It was really nice to see the chaps again and to meet their wives but a trip to the theatre was not what I had in mind for later. My mind kept drifting back to the previous evening. My boobs and my pussy were still nicely sore and tingling at my recollections. I’d just have to give Andy a good seeing to back at the hotel.

Andy settled the bill and we went out to climb into the taxi which was waiting to take us to the theatre. It was a ten minute drive and as we climbed out I lit a last cigarette before we would be in a no smoking zone in the theatre – although I couldn’t see the “Playhouse” or “Grand” anywhere near us. We walked down the road and turned left down an alleyway. “Where are we going?” I asked Teena, Svern’s wife. She pointed to a well illuminated building fifty yards ahead of us in a quadrangle. There was a large illuminated medieval stock as the building banner with some words in Danish. “It looks more like a London Dungeon than a theatre” I commented. “Perhaps so, but I can assure you it is a theatre” replied Teena. Andy went in through the door first and paid whilst Svern and Jens ushered we ladies out of the cold night air. “Follow me” Andy said as he led the way to our seats.

The theatre was constructed with seating in a semi-circle around a half moon shaped stage. We took our seats three rows back from the front, elevated to a height level with the stage. Steps led up to the stage at either end and there was a curtain running around the curve of the stage as you’d see in any theatre. I was sat next to an isle, three of which ran up to the top of the seating leading to a balcony which ran around the top of the seating area. The theatre was not massive – probably seating around 200 people. Jen’s wife, Ranja was sat next to me – she explained that the toilets were off the balcony at the top of the stairs. Ranja was a very attractive blonde in her mid twenties, a bit shorter than me with a perfect figure. Teena on the other hand was in her early sixties and had short gray hair, was under five foot in height and busty with a stocky figure – in her own way, she was still pretty. We chatted away as the theatre filled up, all sorts of folk arriving in good cheer – the only thing I noticed a little out of the ordinary was that there were no children in the audience.

Bang on time the theatre lights dimmed, music started to play loudly and the curtains were pulled back. On stage there were about 20 people, heads bend down with silver capes pulled around them. Spot lights came onto them and they started a dance routine, capes were thrown back – the dancers were all topless (the boys and the girls) – very similar to Moulin Rouge. After half a dozen routines involving different costumes the theatre lights went on and the stage curtain closed. Intermission and time for a drink. “What do you think so far?” Teena asked. “I’m really enjoying it” I replied. “The best is yet to come – I hope you’ll enjoy the second half more than the first” Teena said with a smile. Ranja said little but smiled a lot during the break. Andy asked how we girls were doing as he brought over the pre-ordered drinks to the corner of the bar we stood in. We all were having a good time and told him so – he seemed to be enjoying himself too. Ranja told me that the second part of the show was often longer than the first part, so as we left to take our seats for the rest of the show I availed myself of the opportunity to use the toilets.

The second part of the show started with Robby Williams “Let me entertain you” blasting from the speakers around the theatre. There was the sound of people running down the steps from the top balcony and I looked over my shoulder to see a boy and a girl in costume running down, reaching out at intervals to take peoples hand and try to persuade them out of their seats. The girl stopped alongside me and grabbed my arm and smiling, nodded towards the stage. “Go on Suzy” Teena yelled. I looked down the row and everyone, including my own party were giving encouragement, so I stood and allowed myself to be led up onto the stage. The actors were all dressed in skin tight PVC trousers and capes with their naked chests exposed. I feared some sort of hypnotists show was looming – no doubt one where I’d end up taking my cloths off for the audience without any recollection of having done so. Of the actors there were three chaps and three girls on stage. One couple stood with arms around each other looking like they were awaiting the judges’ verdict on Strictly Come Dancing – at the far end of the stage. I noticed that there were massive LCD screens either side of the stage and on each of the two side walls. Two of the girls were stood in similar pose to the couple but on the opposite side of the stage – one chap was wielding a camera whose capture could be seen on the LCD’s. The spotlight was full on me and the third chap was smiling and holding a microphone. I stood nervously wondering what to expect next, my nerves hardly soothed by the four massive images of me on the screens. As the music was turned down in volume, the smiling chap with the microphone said “Hello and thank you for deciding to help us out tonight. What’s your name?”

“Suzy” I replied.

“And where are you from Suzy?”

“Leeds in England”.

“I hope you are enjoying your stay in Copenhagen Suzy and that you are really enjoying the show”.

“Thank you, I am”.

“Good – having volunteered to help us with the show tonight Suzy, you will have to relax and put all your trust in us. You will have no control over events until we escort you back to your seat. No harm will come to you but you must do as we bid. Is that OK Suzy?”

“Here we go”, I thought, waiting for the pocket watch to appear. “Yes, that’s understood and fine” I replied into the microphone.

“Over to you ladies!” the announcer blasted.

With that the music came up in volume and the two girls danced over to me in the middle of the stage. One stood in front of me dancing away and started to undo the buttons on my jacket and blouse. The second girl was behind me and had already undone the button and zip on my skirt which was now around my ankles on the floor. The girl behind me reached over my shoulders and pulled off my jacket and blouse in one smooth movement. I was confused and with the spot light on me I could see very little. I was however very aware that I was stood in my black panties, black bra and stockings – I was trying to make sure I was smiling ever conscious that the audience were seeing a massive image of me on any one of the four screens. I felt the floor of the stage start to shake and was vaguely aware of a motorized hum as the two girls, one on each arm, turned me around so that I had my back to the audience. Out of my peripheral vision I could see that the couple who’d been waiting for their scores were now naked. She was on her knees and was blowing the guy with exaggerated movement.

My vision slowly improved as I looked into the relative darkness at the back of the stage. I could now work out some sort of contraption that sat a couple of yards in front of me. The microphone man went over to it and wheeled it towards me. It was a stock – the girls undid my bra and pulled it off before putting my head and hands into the stock and fastening down the top seal. I then felt my legs being forced apart and my ankles being shackled to a long heavy piece of wood. Now I was wheeled back to the front of the stage and turned side ways on to the audience. To be honest I really wasn’t having that much fun! I was now looking straight at the couple who’d been engaged in fellacio – but now they were shagging. As I was left for what seemed an eternity, they changed position so many times, I remain convinced they worked their way through the karma sutra. Then the bloke came over towards me with his big cock bouncing along as he walked. He stopped, ripped off a condom and put on another. He came on towards me and stopped in front of my face. He looked to the audience with arms extended as if to ask “Shall I?” A huge roar went up above the sound of the music and he held my head gently with his hands, guiding my mouth to his manhood. It was a nice one and no mistake. He gently rocked back and forth, tickling my tonsils with his prick but being careful not to gag me. He had no idea I could swallow his cock without gagging and surely the show would be spoilt if I threw up on stage.

He moved away from me and I felt the loss. I had enjoyed focusing on his cock and in some part forgetting about the audience. The stock was wheeled around so that my back was once again to the audience. I can remember thinking “Thank God I wore panties tonight!” I could see the huge screen to the right of the stage from my position in the stocks. Sure enough, the cameraman had zoomed in on my tosh. It didn’t look too bad actually. The two girls were playing the audience with innuendoed movements. Then I saw one pull out a pair of scissors from the waist band of her trousers – she took hold of the side of my panties and looked for approval from the crowd. The noise swelled again and the scissors cut. She handed the scissors to the other girl. She went through the same routine and yes, cut the other side. Slowly they pulled my panties from between my legs. Now my bare butt was filling the large screen. The girls were now drizzling some cream onto my cheeks and between them. They rubbed in the cream and again, egging on the audience, pulled my cheeks apart. Pleased I’d invested in an anal blanche, my ring was now on view, larger than life to about 200 people. I felt a hand on my pussy – then another from the other side. My lips were pulled apart and my pink innards were now displayed on the screen. The chap who’d had his cock in my mouth returned to the action. He stood behind me and put his cock right inside me. I was half expecting it to hurt because thus far I hadn’t found the experience particularly horny but I must have juiced up a little to take such a large prick. He pumped away and the stock was turned intervals so that the action could be seen from all different angles. Once through the full 360 degrees he pulled out of me and disappeared.

The man with the microphone re-appeared. “Hi Suzy, how are you doing? Enjoying it I hope”. Not sure what to say I mumbled incoherently. “We like audience participation, so thank you Suzy”. I was hoping I could now take my bow, dress and return to my seat. “So, do we have any more volunteers out there? Come on up onto the stage and the girls will look after you”.

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