Written by Suzy

30 Jun 2008

Jez and I had agreed that we would alternately share our experiences with you by posting on SH. But having discovered in “Suzy’s Hotel Adventure” that I had enjoyed three cocks not just the one, he insists I continue to tell you of my / our exploits on the basis he may discover a little more by reading my postings along with all of you.

After six months working as a part-time receptionist at the engineering firm, I was summoned to the MD’s office late on a Friday afternoon. “Do please sit down Suzy”. I sat facing his desk wearing my red knee length skirt suit, white blouse and underwear with flesh coloured stockings.

“What can I do for you Sir?” I asked.

“Suzy, this isn’t going to be easy, so I’ll come straight to the point. You know that we have had to lay off a third of our workforce and I’m afraid we need to make admin cut backs too. I’m afraid we’ll have to let you go. I’m sorry”. It was no shock but certainly a disappointment. I didn’t earn that much but it was useful pocket money for me to indulge my passion in cloths and most convenient in terms of hours and location. “Sir, I understand that” I said whilst doing my best impression of Sharon Stone (sadly I hadn’t come to work “commando” but hoped the sight of my stocking tops and white panties might help), “but as you’ve said, I’m good and you haven’t yet experienced all my skills. Is there any chance that you might re-consider?”

“Much as I’d like to Suzy, I can’t. I’ll pay you a month’s salary so you can be looking for alternative employment and you can finish today.” Oh well, it hadn’t worked. “Thank you Sir, I appreciate that.”

On the way home I filled up with petrol and picked up a copy of the local newspaper expecting to spend the weekend looking through the “situations vacant” column. Jez arrived home about half past seven and I told him my news. Fortunately Jez earns a lot, so my loosing my job was of no consequence to the family – but it was to me. I liked an interest outside of the home and the financial independence it offered me. Together we searched the newspaper columns and the internet and drew up a short list.

A local dance studio wanted a receptionist, three days a week working 2.00 – 10.00. I’d earn more than at the engineering firm but with a young son, I’d be reliant on Jez to collect him from school, get his tea and put him to bed three days a week. Jez runs his own consultancy business and he assured me, he’d enjoy spending the time with our son. It was Saturday morning and I phoned the Dance Studio to have the owner answer “Please, come down this morning and we’ll have a chat. If we like each other, the job’s yours”. That was easy! I dressed in what I thought suitable attire, track suit and trainers, no make up and hair tied back, jumped in my car and off I went. The owner was a lovely and very trim lady in her 50’s. We got on well and it was agreed I would start on Monday.

A few weeks passed and I was enjoying the work and the people I was meeting were pleasant. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Men good looking, hunky and young for the most part but very effeminate. I like the company of gay men but they aren’t much use to a girl between the sheets! One girl, Lisa was really friendly – is about 5 foot tall with blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure to die for – always stopped for a chat on her way in and out of the afternoon classes. “I work three evenings a week but how about we grab a salad at the Italian over the road on Wednesday before you start work Suzy?” she asked.

“That would be great, we’ll be able to chat uninterrupted. About 12.30?”

“See you there.”

We met and ordered a tuna salad each with only sparkling mineral water to drink. I was going to be working and Lisa working out in a couple of hours. We chatted away about (almost) everything – Lisa was a student who was paying her way through University by working in a Lap Dancing Bar in the City Centre.

“I earn on average £1,000 a night for six hours work. And it’s all cash. The blokes can’t touch, so all I’m doing is keeping fit and showing off my body.”

“If I was younger, I’d be tempted. But I’d be horrified if I found myself in front of my husbands’ colleagues or clients! So it really isn’t an option for me.”

“You are beautiful Suzy and you could do it. But I understand living in the area in which you’d be working so publicly could be an issue. My home town is Liverpool, so I know I’m not going to be asked to dance in front of people where it would cause embarrassment. My fellow students in Leeds can’t afford to frequent the Lap Dance clubs, so I’m comfortable.”

“I wouldn’t want to be journeying out of Leeds to be honest. And finishing at 2.00 am is a bit much because of my young son and the school run.”

“I do supplement my work at the club Suzy. I’m asked by the club owner to do a private show at a venue away from the club probably once a week. Most of the girls won’t do it because they feel unsafe but I have found if its held in a private house in a nice part of the city, its fine. But there’s more work than I can do. Would you be interested?”

“Lisa, it would depend on how much it was worth and what I had to do for my money. I am not a prostitute.”

“Neither am I.”

“I’m sorry, no offence intended. Tell me more”

“In the club, there’s a strict no touching rule. I was at a party last week, there’d be about twenty guys there. I did five fifteen minute routines, letting them help me out of my cloths and yes, they grope and fondle. I also run baby oil on myself and let the audience help at these do’s – all harmless fun.”

“So far, so good – but what did you earn?”

“A flat fee of £500 – and £400 in tips. I was there two hours.”

“I’m in!”

“OK, I’ll come to your place one day next week and we’ll check out your wardrobe and look at a couple of routines for you.”

“Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t work Lisa – take your pick.”

“Tuesday, say 10.00 am – what’s your address?”

It was raining hard as I looked out of the lounge window and saw Lisa’s Mini pull up the drive. I went through the kitchen and flicked the kettle on before opening the front door. Lisa was making a dash for the door through the downpour. “Horrid weather” she said as she ran in.

“I’ve just put the kettle on, come through to the kitchen. Tea or coffee?”

“Tea please.”

I made our drinks and went to sit with Lisa at the kitchen table. She was drying out slowly although it was obvious that she was braless beneath her damp white t-shirt, her firm boobs capped by the neat buds of her erect nipples. “Do you want a change of cloths?” I asked.

“No, I’m alright thanks Suzy, my jeans are fine and this t-shirt will soon dry. So, are you ready for our practice session?”

“I’ve got some cloths out up in the bedroom and I’ve chosen some smoochy music – when you’re ready we’ll go up stairs and you can put me through my paces.”

“Let’s take our tea upstairs.”

In the bedroom Lisa suggested that I’d need five or six outfits. “You should be half way there Suzy – having been a nurse, then a teacher before being a receptionist, you should have at least three appropriate outfits. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

I showed her my nurses uniform with mixed feelings – I knew it wouldn’t see ward duty again, so I agreed to use it – and that I’d need to shorten the dress by at least six inches. I had accumulated half a dozen business suits, four of which were skirt and two trouser. Lisa looked through them and said they’d all be great. Undies, blouses and stockings were there that I had bought to match the outfits, so it seemed that we had all the cloths I would need.

“Right, lets see you dance – put on some music and show me what you’ve got – don’t worry about stripping just yet, just tease me with your movement. Pretend that I’m one of your punters and you’re going to give me the show of my life” she said sitting on the edge of the bed. I put “Smooth operator” on the i-pod and danced for Lisa – she offered advice on my way through the routine – closer here and stand back a bit there so they can better see what you’re showing and so on.

“Right, go and get on one of your outfits and come back in with your props ready to put on a show”.

I choose my navy blue skirt suit, flesh coloured stockings and white thong with matching bra and a white blouse. My only prop was a bottle of baby oil which Lisa had previously suggested I would need. I put Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer” on, placed the baby oil and a towel on the floor by the bed and started my routine. I put into practice the moves that Lisa had suggested and guessed the dance part would be fine – but I was now to disrobe whilst dancing. I bent over in front of Lisa, stroking my stockinged legs looking over my shoulder and lifting my skirt so that my stocking tops and the white gusset of my thong were visible before motioning to Lisa to undo my skirt. I felt her hands undoing the button and running the zip down. I held on to the waist band of the skirt and stepped out of it, throwing it behind me on to a chair. Next I unfastened the button on my jacket and shimmied out of it, placing it on my skirt. I went over to Lisa and straddled her knees indicating she should unbutton my blouse. She did so slowly, all the while looking into my soul with her ice blue eyes. She pushed my sleeves down my arms and I stood, turning to throw my blouse in the direction of my other cloths. As I turned with legs wide apart, I felt a hard slap right between my legs. Lisa’s hand with curled finger roughly gouging at my slit through my thong. I jumped forward “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Only what some of the punters will do to you Suzy. And you won’t be in a club, so you have to smile through it, you can’t get angry with them or it’s show over, no money.”

I collected myself and stepped back into my routine. I unclasped my bra and slipped it off my shoulders and slid the straps down my arms before discarding it, I leant forward and gently blew onto the side of Lisa’s face, hovering, making sure she had a whiff of my expensive perfume. I straddled her, pushing my breasts forward and stroking nipple my right nipple down the left side of her face ran my fingers through her hair. She put her hands on my bear bum and tugged forward, I stumbled and felt her face turn and her mouth clamped around my nipple. She sucked and teased my nipple with her tongue whilst firmly gripping my ass. I pushed her back, smiling as I turned and bent over from the waist, legs together and straight. I put my thumbs in the top of my thong and pushed them down my legs, my quim only inches from Lisa’s face. Once again I was taken by surprise by the 18 year old, she pulled my cheeks apart and quick as a lizard, flashed her tongue up the length of my slit and stabbed it in my bum hole. I staggered forward, smiling I reached over to the baby oil, picking up the bottle I asked “Would you like to give me a hand here?”

“Love to” she mumbled as she knelt on the floor next to me. I lay on my back on the towel. “Sit up” she said and took the bottle of oil from me. She undid the top and pointed it at much chest and squeezed. Cold baby oil hit me across the top of my chest and dribbled down in rivulets over my boobs. Lisa put down the bottle and started to rub the oil into my breasts. A trickle of oil had avoided the hill that my breasts formed and ran quickly down my cleavage, ploughing on to my belly button and beyond. I could feel it tickling as it ran down my slit, between my legs on to my still moist butt hole.

Lisa sat back and stopped rubbing my boobs. “Where’s your vibrator?”

“I’m married, don’t need one” I replied.

“In this game you do” Lisa answered, “for now we’ll improvise”.

Lisa whipped off her t-shirt exposing the most wonderful pale pink nipples. They were puffy rather than my strawberry like nipples. She pulled my face to her chest and I instinctively reached out to fondle her boobs before taking her right nipple in my mouth. It was silken and sensitive to the touch of my mouth. Her boobs were small but firm, a reminder that however nice mine are now, before child and 14 years ago, they were even nicer. Lisa was moaning and fumbling with the buttons of her jeans. “Let me” I said and she stood up to allow me to tug her tight jeans around her ankles. She wasn’t wearing panties. Her pussy was hairless and had neat little lips, closed as though stuck together. She put a hand on my shoulder as she balanced on her left foot, flicked out with her right leg to discard the jean leg. I was sat looking up at her and saw the flash of pink glistening labia as her lips parted with the movement of her leg. I helped her take her left leg out of the jeans and threw them away. She put her hands around the back of my head and pulled me forward clenching her buttocks as she thrust her pussy towards my greedy mouth. Her smell was divine. I used my nose to gently nuzzle between her lips, moving up her slit, kissing her and gently probing with my tongue. She whimpered and I could feel her legs start to shake as my tongue fizzed on her clit. Without a word, I pulled back from her and helped her to the floor. As she lay back I used my fingers to open her labia, parting them so my tongue could taste her juices as it ran the length of each soft and smooth inner lip. I used my middle finger to start to finger her whilst my tongue buried itself circling her clit. “Stop a minute” Lisa said, “Turn round, I want your cunt in my face, hurry.”

I swivelled around careful not to knee her in the head before burying my face in her crotch. I felt her tongue and fingers start to work on me. Luscious warm feelings spread over both of us, our rhythms united. The familiar gut wrenching, tearing, boiling feeling of a massive orgasm looming started to wrack our bodies. Lisa’s fingers were pounding my pussy whilst she used a spare finger to flick my clit. I then felt her other hand move in from the cheek of my bottom towards my bum. Without warning I felt her stick a finger up my ass. She moved it gently in and out, in a circular motion. I was too busy panting and gasping to use my tongue anymore, so copied Lisa. I was fingering her and tweaking her clity with my right hand and using my left to finger her bottom. With a crescendo of pleasure and noise, we came together. I could feel Lisa clamp down on both sets of fingers as her cunt and arse contracted in ecstasy, her juices running down my fingers, past my wrist and starting down my arm. I could feel my own juices running down my inside thighs.

Exhausted and starting with finger cramp, I pulled back and carefully disentangle my body from Lisa’s. We were flushed and smiling at each other. “First time” we said in unison and laughed, still breathless. I started to lick Lisa’s juices off my arm. “Wait a minute” she said “I want to see what I taste like.” I offered her the fingers that had been up her snatch and she licked them whilst offering me her fingers so I could do likewise. Her eyebrows raised and she nodded approval, licking her lips, “Not bad, what do you think Suzy?”

“I like your taste better than mine, but mine’s not bad.”

“Funny – I would have used those exact same words.”

As we dressed, I said” Lisa I really enjoyed that and it’s my first time with a woman. I guess there is no private dance work after all.”

“There absolutely is. This wasn’t planned. And by the way, that was my first time with a girl. But you’ll need a vibrator for the show. In fact I’d suggest two, one for the front and a smaller one for the back! I’ll call you as soon as there’s some work. If you’re still interested that is.”

“I look forward to hearing from you soon Lisa”, and she was off.

The next erotic adventure I’ll tell you about is “Suzy’s surprise assignment”