Written by I&T

23 Mar 2007

After swapping with Deb and Sean we'd talked about what we'd done and all agreed we liked it. Both Sean and I had admitted we liked watching our wives being screwed as much as doing the screwing. It was Sean who suggested we go to a swingers club as the kids were beginning to get suspicious (bah teenagers). So only a couple of weeks after I'd first seen My wife, Tammy spread her legs for another man we found ourselves in a club. There where hard core porn movies playng and as we'd gone on an open night lots of single men.

Tammy was in a skin tight black dress and not much else, while Deb was wearing a mini skirt and a see though top with a black bra under it and boy did they attract a lot of attention from the single guys there. After a couple of drinks we went and got changed into towels. It was still look at Seans wife as she stripped naked and I know from the looks he was giving Tammy that he felt the same. We made our way upstairs and found an empty room, all of which had windows so people could watch. We dropped our towels and being somewhere strange made if feel so new and exciting. Sean Started by licking his wifes pussy and Tammy started to suck me off. Within moments there were three mens heads at the window watching. I mentioned this and to my surprise both girls started playing up to their audience. Tammy spread her legs and pointed her cunt at the window. Deb looked right at the men and started playing with her tits as her husband fingered and licked her pussy. Single men are not supposed to enter a room uninvited, but that didn't stop them. All three entered the room and quickly got naked soon a tall shaven headed mad was running his hands all over Tammys arse and she wasn't stopping him. Meanwhile Deb had a the other two with a each with a tit in there mouth as Sean continued to lick her out. Under the onslaught of three toungs and six hands she was soon cumming and cumming. The guy behind Tammy was rubbing his big cock up and down the lips of her fanny, which made Tammy shout "Are you going to fuck me of what?". He didn't need asking twice and shoved his cock balls deep into her gaping cunt. I glanced over at Deb who was being fucked now by Sean while taking turns sucking each of her new friends cocks. Pretty soon the man in Tammy shot his spunk into her and disappeared out of the room . Before I could fill her up one of the other guys was between her legs and fucking her fast and hard(just how she loves it). She still had my dick in her mouth and I saw that Deb was also being fucked by a stranger as Sean looked on. When the man in Deb finished by spunking on her belly, I slipped my dick into Seans wifes pussy. She was so wet and hot! I looking over to see that Tammy was still enjoying herself when the first man who'd screwed her came back in with two other men. By the end of the night I'd seen four different men fuck my beautiful slut wife and Five had filled Deb's sticky cunt. Both Girls could barely walk when we left and the next day Tammy and I relived the night in our bed and later on the phone with Deb and Sean, who I think thought things had got a little out of hand, But we all agreed if had been an adventure and we started discussing what should be our next.