Written by Freddy

28 Aug 2017

My wife Sarah and I have enjoyed a swinging lifestyle for a good few years. We have met some really genuine and sexy couples.

When we started swinging it took a long time to get going. We had our basic rules and a few of these such as soft swinging were relaxed quite quickly. I do think you start to push the boundaries further as you seek greater thrills and new experiences.

But here is the dilemma.

We were chatting with another couple (Gary and Laura) after having sex together about our sexual likes. Gary and Laura mentioned they were having a regular threesome with this other guy and wanted us to meet so all five of us could have fun together. Sarah was excited at the prospect of another guy but I wasn’t sure especially as I did not know him. The conversation went on and the ladies starting to talk about separate room fun, Laura explained she would often have sex with other guys on her own with her husband’s approval. She explained Gary and her would have the best sex afterwards. One time they had been swinging with another couple and had a separate room thing, Laura said Gary was so turned on when she came back into the same room with him with her pussy filled with spunk. Gary said the feeling of screwing her super wet pussy knowing what she had just been up to was an unbelievable turn on.

My wife Sarah said she would really be up for that, which surprised me because we had always said we would have same room sex. I dismissed the idea but think I might have been too hasty? I also said no to Gary and Laura about letting the other guy join us. Opportunity missed I fear. Owing to some busy stuff we haven't been back to swinging for a while.

Anyway, over last few months whenever Sarah and I have sex she would almost come immediately if I mentioned I would love it if she had sex with another guy on her own and then came back to me with her pussy filled with cum. I get turned on by the idea but didn't at first. Have any of you lovely people had a similar experience, what did you do? Would Sarah do this or is it just the thought that turns her on?