Written by Freddy

3 Sep 2017

Following our night with Laura, Gary and Simon my wife Sarah started to talk about her experience with Gary and Simon. Just her telling me was an extremely erotic experience and our lovemaking was heightened considerably.

She told me they went to Gary and Laura’s bedroom. Gary and Simon started to undress Sarah, their hands were all over her. Gary was standing in front and kissed her passionately on the lips whilst he played with her nipples. Simon was behind and already had my wife’s knickers off and he was cheekily rimming my wife as he fingered her pussy at the same time. Sarah told me she was so turned on being sandwiched between two males and especially enjoyed Simon’s tongue in her ass.

They moved over to the bed and Sarah told me that is when she lay on her back with her legs wide apart, they took it in turns to lick her pussy. By this stage all three were naked. When Simon was licking her pussy Gary would lower his balls onto Sarah’s mouth for her to suck. Then they would swap.

Sarah instructed the two guys to lie on their backs on the bed next to each other and she delighted in telling me how she licked her way down both men and gave them both a blowjob alternating from one to the other. She told me she got really turned on when Gary gave Simon’s nipples a lick as she sucked his cock.

Sarah told me that Simon had a fairly large cock, really good width and as he lay on the bed it just begged to be sat on. She moved on top of Simon and lowered her wet pussy onto his cock. She then started to ride him and Gary knelt over Simon’s head and offered his cock to Sarah’s mouth, she sucked him hard and he played with her erect and sensitive nipples. Sarah told me the sensations were intense and she started to orgasm and then orgasm again. She didn’t stop because when Simon came in her the feeling of his cum and pulsating cock made Sarah orgasm for a third time. Gary said he was going to come so he pulled out of Sarah’s mouth and came over her tits, she said it was a very heavy load.

The three of them just chatted and relaxed for a while and then came back to join Laura and I for some more sex. Sarah’s pussy was absolutely delicious, I would thoroughly recommend the sexual thrill of licking a pussy overflowing with cum. I understand the trust issues and this might not be for everyone. But like most swingers we are the most genuine people because we do not need to have affairs.

We will definitely have more separate room fun and Sarah has already said she wants me to have sex with another woman without her in the room and then she will come in the room to lick her pussy. And, I can't wait to play with Sarah's pussy after it has been played with by one, two maybe three other guys. So, for those who have never considered separate room, perhaps think again?