Written by Freddy

2 Sep 2017

Last night, my wife Sarah and I met with Gary and Laura at their house. We agreed to meet Simon as well, their threesome partner.

It wasn’t long before we discussed some separate room fun, which is what my wife wanted to try. She went upstairs with Gary and Simon and I started playing with Laura on the sofa. I have to say I enjoyed playing with Laura knowing what Sarah would be doing upstairs. It was nice having Laura to myself and she was also enjoying the experience. Laura and I had plenty of oral together and sex in a few positions, she came and I came all over her breasts.

Not sure on how long we had been playing but probably an hour before Sarah, Gary and Simon came back to join us. They were all naked and Sarah came over to kiss me passionately. She had a big smile on her face. She smelt of sex and it was great. I couldn’t resist sliding a finger into her pussy and she was so incredibly wet. We chatted a while and then started to have sex again.

I couldn’t wait to lick Sarah’s pussy and it was more delicious than ever. Her body was sweaty, mixed with cum and her own love juices. When I started to fuck her she was so wet, I looked over and Laura was on all fours with Simon fucking her hard and she was sucking Gary’s cock, I imagined this is what they had done with Sarah. I had an intense orgasm as I filled my wife with cum. She opened her legs and Laura licked her pussy and Sarah took charge of Gary’s cock as he dangled his cock and balls over her mouth. I watched as they all came within a minute of each other, Gary in my wife's mouth and Simon came in Laura whilst Laura fingered her clit as she was fucked by Simon…wonderful.

The experience of separate room was mind blowing and I would advise anyone to try it. This is from someone who started out saying this was a strict no. Somehow whilst it was separate room it didn’t really feel as though it was because we were doing it together if that makes sense? It was great to all have sex together straight after the separate room!

Sarah has told me that tonight she will tell me what she did with Gary and Simon…I can’t wait. Perhaps I might tell you as well?