Written by Mandy

5 Jan 2009

Simon and I were at a party and it was so boring. We didn't know anyone there and nothing seemed to be happening. The other guests were really dull and we were both desperate for sex. We had gone because we couldn't really refuse the invitation and had expected it to be a dull evening but this was even worse than we had anticipated. To spice things up for Simon I had very little on under my dress - a tiny g-string and a quarter cup bra so that my nipples were poking out through my dress when I was aroused.

One room was less lit than the others and there was some smoochy music playing. a few couples were dancing close together but that was the sexiest thing to be seen. Simon steered me in there and we began to smooch. I ground myself against him and enjoyed the feeling his thick stiff prick pressing asgainst me. He stroked my bum through the smooth material of my dress and gently rubbed my nipples at discrete moments. I was starting to feel in need of more attention and it soon came. Simon eased me to a corner and we continued to dance but he kept my back towards the other couples so that they could not see where his fingers were roaming! I felt his hand slide under my dress and up my thigh. He was soon pulling aside my little g-string and fingering me. My juices started to run and then he began to rub my clitty - gently at first and then with increasing pressure. I clung on to his shoulders as we 'danced' together and he continued to excite me. At one point he pulled his hand away and put a finger to my lips so that I could taste my own juices then he put his fingers to his mouth and licked them in a very provocative manner looking straight at my eyes all the time and grinning in delight. I found this hugely erotic and I was glad when he slipped his hand under my dress again and began to rub me again. Gradually he built up the intensity of his rubbing and I knew I was on the verge of an exciting orgasm. I clung on to him tightly and enjoyed the climax as it built up then shook through me, if I hadn't been holding on tight to his shoulders I think I would have slipped to the floor. Once my luscious orgasm was over I started to grind my cunt against Simon's lovely stiff cock thinking I might bring him to orgasm as well, but he had other ideas.

'Go on up to the bathroom - I'll follow you,' he whispered. Without another word I slipped away up stairs and was soon in the bathroom, already wet from Simon's gropes I couldn't stop myself from pulling my little g-string aside and rubbing myself. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. I let Simon in and flung myself upon him, almost tearing his trousers open. He was rock hard. I sucked him feverishly loving every inch of his gorgeous manhood. I wanted to take him deep so I took a big breath and swallowed almost all of his lovely cock, then moved my mouth up and down. At last I withdrew and great dribbles of saliva poured from me and from his cock. Now he was so wild he made me bend forward over the basin, lifted my dress and plunged his slippery pole right in to my dribbling cunt.

'Ohhhhh!' I nearly screamed but he put his hand over my mouth and proceeded to give me the hard fuck we both needed. Suddenly the door opened - Simon had forgotten to lock it when he came in! There we were in the middle of a hard fuck when a stranger burst in on us.

'There you are,' said a rather handsome hunk. 'We've been wondering where you'd gone. Mind if we join you?' When he said this his cute girlfriend appeared from behind him.

'We watched you two downstairs and it really turned us on,' she said with a sexy giggle. 'We started working each other up and now we're here!'

Simon had scarcely slowed down. He nodded at them. 'Come on in!' I said unable to control my excitement, 'but lock the door!'

In a moment they were beside us. Seconds later her dress was off revealing pert tits on a petite figure and a totally hairless pussy. I knew this would turn Simon on. Her dark hair was quite short so we could see some lovely long dangly earrings, as well as being softly made up she wore a gorgeous scent that I found quite enticing.

She lay on the floor started to moan, 'Fuck me - I'm so wet, fuck me.' There were no preliminaries - he just put his hard nine inches straight into her and began a good smooth action, then suddenly grasped her tight and they turned over. She began to ride him hard and he jerked her up and down on his cock holding her in his strong hands. This was too much for Simon. When he saw this cute girl riding hard on a juicy cock he could contain himself no longer and he shot his spunk inside me in several long hot spurts. He pulled away and we watched our guests. Suddenly the girl gave a long moan and the handsome hunk went rigid as he came. But the show was not quite over. After a few more journeys up and down his cock the sexy girl came off and proceeded to suck the mixture of his spunk and her juices from him. I couldn't control my fingers again and they began to rub my clit as I enjoyed the scene in front of me. It didn't take me long to have another nice orgasm and I gave a deep moan. 'Fuck ... fuck ... fuck...' I said. 'I want more fuck!' and I came.

The guy's name was Andy and the cute girl was Zara. We all laughed at what had happened and hastily put our clothes back on. 'We'll see you downstairs,' said Andy and he gave us a wink and a broad smile. We crept out of the bathroom, some one had been waiting but he was sitting on the stairs nearly asleep and he didn't even seem to see us as four people came out of one bathroom!

Once we were downstairs we had some more drinks then went back to the room where we'd been 'dancing'. Soon Andy was with me and I saw Simon holding Zara very close. Andy was quite a stud as I soon felt his cock harden as he held me tight against him. This did nothing to calm me down nor did his gentle stroking of my body, when his hand slid under my dress I was in no mood to stop him, he soon had me longing for more fucking as he lightly played with clit and my juices started to flow again. I looked over to see Zara in a passionate embrace with Simon. I knew that he would be stiff from the expert treatment she was giving him.

Eventually the four of us were close to the door. 'Don't be offended,' Zara said quietly, 'but are you swingers?' Simon and I nodded together.

'Come on,' said Andy.'We live close by. Why don't you come home with us and we'll have a great time?'

'You must come,' said Zara and she had a pleading look in her eyes as she stared first at me and then at Simon. 'We can all have such fun together and Mandy will get the fucking that she needs.' Simon looked at me and we both nodded enthusiastically. 'That's settled then,' said Zara, 'let's just slip away.'

In the last half hour this dull party had suddenly lead to something exciting and all because Simon had forgotten to lock the bathroom door!

We quietly left the party and walked with Andy and Zara the short distance to their home. As soon as we were in Andy offered us drinks but Zara said to me, her eyes were sparkling with excitement, 'Would you like to come and freshen up before we begin?' She took me uptairs to their luxurious bedroom and slipped out of her few clothes. 'Come on, we'll help each other shower.' I undressed and we showered each other using a shower gel with that same gloroius scent that Zara was using. Then we touched up our make up and popped our dresses and high heels back on.

'You look gorgeous,' Zara said as she eyed me up and down. 'You'll find Andy's a great fucker but I hope we'll have a chance with each other as well.'I licked my lips. This gorgeous girl had echoed my own thoughts. Most of the time I'm content with straight sex but in the group sex situation I can't resist something pretty to lick and suck and Zara was too good to resist.

'Let's just take it as it comes,' I whispered.

We went back to the guys who were half way down some bubbly. 'Come on girls, have some drinks,' Andy said welcomingly. When we had finished two bottles of bubbly we were all very relaxed and I was feeling incredibly sexed up.

'You really turned us on,' Zara said with a sexy grin. 'Watching you smooch was very exciting.'

Andy put some soft smoochy music on and we started again but this time we didn't need to worry about anyone watching. Andy held me close and I again felt his hardness against me. I moved my hand and started to rub him and his cock became thicker, longer and harder. His hands wandered under my dress and he began to enjoy my smoothly shaved love nest. Again I was wet as could be and longing for more action. I looked at Simon and Zara. He had lifted her tight blue dress and was stroking her sweet little bum whilst she kissed him passionately. Suddenly I realised that she had unzipped his trousers and was giving his cock some sensuous attention. As Andy and I neared a chair I pulled him towards it and slid down with him on top of me. I pushed his head between my thighs and he began to lick me eagerly then started to fuck me with his tongue. Then he nibbled my clitty with his lips and thrust first one finger then two, then three fingers into me. I was so wet they just slid in and my juices began to run even more. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every sensatiion of this delicious attention.

When I opened my eyes I saw Simon and Zara had stopped smooching. her dress was off and she was kneeling in front of him taking his cock in her mouth whilst he removed his remaining garments. She was cute but also just so sexy. She sucked his cock into her mouth, took a breath then swallowed nearly all of his thick eight inches, holding it for what seemed like several minutes then gasping for air. Simon looked as if he was in paradise as she did the same thing again with a sexy twinkle in her eye. He smirked happily at me then moaned as a result of Zara's superb attention. Andy moved from sucking me and presented me with his hot cock which I began to enjoy. Zara pushed Simon to the thick carpet and spread herself over his face for some tongue attention then lent forward and went on where Andy had left off. She flicked her tongue over my hard clitty and then lovingly licked me finding all the right spots.

There we were, I was sucking Andy's lovely cock, Zara was sucking and licking me and Simon was licking her but suffering from a raging erection and I couldn't do anything for him. Suddenly he slid out from beneath Zara, eased her hips down a little and thrust into her from behind burying his prick so deep in her that she gave a long moan and stopped her licking. Andy slid from my mouth and then pushed my legs up to my shoulders making me feel very open and deliciously vulnereable. He sucked me for a few minutes enjoying the taste of my juices and sliding them from my cunt to my arse till that was well juiced and then he licked me hard whilst thrusting a finger into my open rosebud. I shuddered in delight and had a throbbing orgasm whilst he just kept on and on licking without seeming to stop to draw breath. Once I had calmed down he pushed his swollen, hard cock in to me and pounded me hard. I looked at Simon and Zara and saw that he was thrusting into her and about to come. He gave three or four long slow thusts and then groaned loudly as his spunk exploded in her. This triggered the same reaction from Andy but he sudddenly pulled out and splashed hot, white spunk all over my cunt, belly and boobs, then he pushed himself in to me again and thrusted me a few more times before he withdrew.

Wow! What great sex! I was feeling disappointed it was over but it wasn't. I should have remembered Zara's words earlier in the evening. Looking me straight in the eyes and with a look of lustful delight she slid over to me and proceeded to lick her man's fresh spunk from my my breasts, slowly she tasted every drop and gradually she eased me from the chair to the carpet. Then she licked my belly clean before she started to enjoy the heavy dribbles of come from my cunt. 'Share and share alike,' she whispered as she positioned herself over my face and I could see Simon's spunk dribbling from her. This was just too tempting, I pulled her gorgeous hairless cunt open and proceeded to devour all that she had to offer. I just wallowed in the sheer sensuality of every moment and forgot about Simon and Andy. Zara was sweetly serving my desires and I hoped I was doing the same for her.

After an age of the most delicous licking we gently moved around and gave each other the tenderest, slowest, most loving of kisses, then we separated. The fellows had been drinking more bubbly and clearly had enjoyed every moment of our sweet loving. They were sitting there each with a glass in hand and with pricks that were already well and truly erect.

'You two look as though you need some drinks,' Andy said with a warm smile. 'Enjoy yourselves, there's plenty more and the night is still young.'

'You are two of the sexiest people we've ever met,' Zara said with a sigh. 'You're just wonderful.' She lay back contentedly on the sofa her beautiful body glowing with sexuality. 'I'm sure we're going to be great friends and have so much fun,' she said, and I was sure she was right.

We lay around lazily drinking and cuddling, some times kissing, and gradually reviving. I have to admit that I was on a sexual high and ready for anything our new friends had to offer. 'Why don't you put some porn on?' Zara suggested to Andy. 'Something really horny.'

'Does that suit everyone?' Andy asked. We were all enthusastic and soon we were watching some splendid action and we began stimulating each other. The DVD ended with two girls having their faces covered in great spurts of spunk from some fine studs then giving each other prolonged kisses and swapping the semen as it dribbled from them. I could't help but wonder what it would be like if the men shot their loads over us like that and we did what the sexy pornstars had done.

Zara must have been reading my mind. She whispered to me, 'I'd love to try that, wouldn't you?' I nodded to her. 'Come on guys, that's what we want to do!' There was a commanding note in her voice that made it clear that she was in control.

We began sucking Andy and Simon, each of us swapping from one to the other and back again. Both of us worked hard to take them deeply and they were on good form, both having good hard erections. Next they fucked each of us but pulled away if they felt they were liable to come. Finally we knelt in front of them as fiercely wanked their cocks over our delighted upturned faces. Andy came first spraying a great deal of thick spunk that landed on my face. Moments later Simon erupted over Zara quite a lot of his offering going right in her mouth. The guys squeezed the final drops from their cocks then lay back and watched the show.

We kissed delicately at first the our tongues began to work on each other licking spunk and tasting it, swapping it from one to the other. Zara gently licked my face clean and I supped the last few spots of come from her and then we kissed happily. The boring party had led to one of the most sexually exciting nights we had enjoyed for some time.