3 Feb 2017

So………….my man Ali and I have travelled to the sunny island of Gran Canaria for many years and enjoy spending time on the beach and wandering along to the nudist beach. We have always enjoyed wandering to the start of the famous Maspalomas dunes or lying sunbathing watching the goings on. We are both in our early 40s, Ali is a big built guy over 6 feet., he works out regularly so looks great. I am 5'2, blonde and petite and enjoy the nudist beach near the dunes having travelled to Gran Canaria for many years now.

On our most recent holiday we decided to take things further and agreed to just go with whatever happened. We had talked about it for ages but never taken that next step, until now!

We found a small, sheltered dune we had spent time at before where we had previously enjoyed amazing sex while a single guy lay on his side in a nearby dune masturbating while watching us. So we knew this was likely to be a good spot.

I was already naked having taken off my white bikini bottoms to wander through the nudist beach and into the dunes. Ali had shorts on with his hard on already practically bursting through the material of his shorts. We laid out our large beach sheet and stood up to have a look around. There was a couple, looked to be in their early 40’s, in a nearby dune already hard at it with the guy standing up and the girl thoroughly enjoying giving him a good blow job. They were either oblivious to us or enjoying knowing we were there, it was too early to tell. Looking to our side there were a few single guys, one sitting on the sand slowly rubbing the outside of his shorts and the other a short distance away who gave us a casual wave.

The Gran Canaria sun, the sand, the fact that I was standing there naked and we were both feeling really up for it all led to what happened next.

I lay down on the beach sheet and smiled up at Ali who quickly removed his shorts releasing his large cock which was already dripping. Ali had another quick look around before kneeling down at my head where I leaned up on my elbows and began to slowly lick the tip of his cock. Ali let out a loud moan which just made me feel even hornier. I began licking the full length of his cock before taking the whole lot in my mouth and reaching my free hand under his balls to gently tickle his buttocks.

I felt Ali begin to trace his fingers up the inside of my thigh and could feel myself close to cumming already just with that touch and moaned gently while moving my thighs slightly apart. I shifted my position and that was when I noticed to my shock that it was not Ali’s fingers tracing their way up my thigh but one of the guys who had been lying watching us from a nearby dune when we first arrived. I looked up at Ali who just smiled down at me and nodded encouraging me to continue sucking on his cock.

We had agreed that whatever happened would happen so I relaxed again and began licking along Ali’s cock while being increasingly aware of the stranger’s fingers which were now beginning to probe my dripping wet clit and pussy. I looked up at Ali who was grinning down at my soaking pussy, his cock in my mouth was almost ready to burst.

Ali shifted position so that he was in between my legs while the stranger moved up to my side and began licking and sucking my nipples. Ali quickly got to work licking my clit and pushing two fingers right inside me. I had never felt so wet and felt myself cumming, I was not able to stop and moaned out loud, I could feel my juices flowing. Before I was able to catch my breath Ali had moved up and slipped his cock deep inside me and began fucking me hard while the guy moved up near my head onto his knees and I took his cock in my mouth.

I saw Ali glancing to his right and followed his gaze to see that the couple who had been in the next dune had moved over to within twelve feet of us and were lying on their sides with the guy fucking her while massaging her breasts. Ali was grinning from ear to ear at this point and I had lost all inhibitions completely. Ali nodded to me to invite them closer so I did. Before we knew it, Ali still had his cock deep in me but was now licking and sucking on the girls nipples while massaging her full breasts. Her partner had moved up to the other side of the guy and knelt down offering me his hard cock too. So there I was with two cocks in my mouth watching Ali sucking the girls’ nipples all the while being fucked by Ali in the open air of Gran Canaria.

The first guy began cumming all over my face and I felt Ali shift position, as I was then licking the other guys’ cock I didn’t see what happened next until I looked up and there was Ali with the girl on all fours fucking her brains out. I moved around so that I was kneeling up to kiss Ali while this was going on and he encouraged me to lie down sideways under the girl so that I was able to lick her nipples, her breasts were bouncing around with Ali fucking her harder and harder. Just at that her partner moved over and as I was lying on my back at that point he spread my legs wide and slipped his hard cock inside me.

So there we were, Ali fucking the girl on all fours, me underneath on my back with her partner fucking my brains out. I came over and over again. Just at that both Ali and the other guy did too, their cum going everywhere!

Ali grabbed some cool beers out our bag after we had cleaned ourselves up. The single guy had smiled at us and wandered off, the couple sat on for a bit finishing the beer before saying their goodbyes in broken English. Ali and I lay back down on the beach sheet and laughed – did that just happen?