Written by clivion

15 Apr 2009

Well I said I had more fun and stories.

My second contact came from a couple living just outside Manchester about thirty miles away. She wrote to me saying that they would meet as a couple or she would meet as a single.

We all met up at services on the M56 and went through the getting to know you stuff.

He said they wanted to chat about it and I went back to my car expecting them to come out and drive away as people do. I was surprised when he came over and sid that I should follow them home.

They had a lovely house out in the countryside and we went in. She disappeared and started to worry that they were looking for someone to pleasure him not them both. At that time I had not even considered bi fun and wanted none of that.

Well I was wrong. After about half an hour she arrived downstairs wearing a short pleated skirt, black stockings, a very thin blouse to show off her lovely nipples and …….no panties.

He sat back in an arm chair and signalled that I should carry on. I was a bit dumb struck as she came over to me and took off my trousers and pants. She bent right forward kneeling in front of me and moved her head from side to side brushing my cock and balls with her short blonde hair. I can tell you that is a real turn on and I was very soon as hard as you like. Then she left me and proceeded to do just the same to her husband. As she bent forward I was treated to the sight of a lovely wet pussy. He enjoyed it as much as I but his cock remained limp. I then understood why I was there.

She came back over to me and by now I was slowly wanking at the sight of that pussy. She kneeled between me and a coffee table and leaned right back showing of lovely breasts and nipples through her blouse. My hands were suddenly underneath the blouse feeling her nipples and the weight of her tits. She then moved and stooping, took my hand and guided it between her legs. She had a lovely mound with just a hint of a slit.

I rubbed slowly and opened her. Soon I was off my chair and on my back with her crouching over me. My tongue found its way into her crack and my hands holding her tits tightly as she moaned and quickly came for the first time. I was very green in those days and thought that she had peed a little but it was something different. Her husband was wanking his limp but very wet cock and said come on she wants it all inside. I put her on her back. Her legs came up into the air and she tightened them round me as I went straight in as far as I could go.

I could not move, clamped by her legs. I felt her tightening and relaxing her pussy around my cock. “She has you now” said husband and smiled. Without moving at all I felt my cock getting harder still and as much as I tried I felt that lovely pumping feeling as I erupted inside her. Still she would not let me go . I ran my hands over her nipples which were now large and hard. I could feel her still massaging my cock with her pussy. Then she suddenly screamed and shook all over as she came. My cock was suddenly soaking.

Husband was still wankin a soft cock so she crawled over to him and began to suck him. As she kneeled there I saw what I thought was piss running down her leg along with my cum. It was not until I got more educated that I understood that she could ejaculate. I only met one other woman who did that.

I hope my stories are a turn on. It’s a long time ago and although I remember the occasions and ladies very well it is difficult putting them in chronological order.

This was only the third female I had fucked including my wife.

It’s a while now since I enjoyed swinging but one lives in hope!