Written by Pete

2 Dec 2009

We’d arranged to meet another couple, Steve and Helen, for sex. We live in Yorkshire but didn’t want to get involved with any locals so we went to Liverpool. We were staying in the Marriot as were the others. I wore a suit and my wife wore a short-ish (3 - 4 inches above her knee) black sequined skirt with sheer black hold up stockings and high heeled court shoes. I was pleased to see that she decided to leave her knickers off. She was braless under a black cashmere polo neck jumper. She looked amazing. We met the others in the hotel bar and had a quick drink before we went to a tapas bar next to the hotel to spend a little time getting to know each other.

We went back to the hotel and straight up to our room. My wife told Steve to take his trousers off and lie on the bed. As he did this, she hitched her skirt up until it was almost round her waist. Steve was obviously delighted to see that she wasn’t wearing knickers. She then leaned over the bed and deep throated him for a few seconds before she climbed on the bed and straddled him. She soon had his full length in her and it was fantastic to watch her fucking herself on Steve’s dick. He was holding her hips as they moved against each other. It was great to see her tits moving under her top in the way that only braless tits can. I was raging hard as watched. She then lifted herself off him and, standing next to the bed, undid her skirt and pushed it down off her hips. Still wearing her hold-ups and her shoes, she lay on her back on the bed and invited Steve to get between her thighs. She reached out to me and I held her and as he got between her legs and entered her again. Within a few seconds he was pumping my wife good and hard.

Helen called to me and I saw her lift her skirt and take her knickers off. She also started to undo her shirt. I went over to her and she lay on her back on the bed and pulled her skirt up and opened her legs. She had a tube of lubricant and I watched her rub a small amount on her wonderfully smoothly shaven fanny. I aimed my swollen bell-end between her lips and slipped easily inside her; I was balls deep with the first stroke. She was fantastically tight and it felt great to be fucking her.

I glanced over at my wife who was still getting fucked good and hard and she was clearly having an orgasm as she kicked her shiny high heels in the air. By this time I could feel the beginning of my own orgasm. Helen pulled her legs tightly around me and started to grind herself hard against me and just a few seconds after she came, I off loaded in to her. I remained on top of her with my dick still inside her as we both caught our breath.

Just at this time, Steve jerked is load up my wife and they too lay in each other’s arms recovering. They stayed in our room for another hour or so and we all fucked a few more times.

Although I really enjoyed fucking Helen, for me, the best thing about the evening was watching my wife getting shagged by another man. It was such a massive turn on for me to see her legs wide open with Steve’s arse flexing as he screwed her. We’ve already fixed a date for another session near Christmas with these two and we can hardly wait.