Written by A&D

4 Mar 2007

First off let me describe my wife for you. Dianne is in her mid 30's, 5'3 with shoulder length auburn hair and a very pretty face. She is a curvy size 12 with a big arse slight belly and size 36dd boob, which have large thick nipples, She shaves the lips of her fanny but allows a thick furry strip of hair on her pubic mound and she loves to show off her body and to fuck.

I always wanted to see her shagging other men but It's not until a good few years of marrage that she agreed with me that love is love and sex is sex and you don't have to love someone to open your legs and enjoy what they do to you. We started quite tame at first, flashing her tits and arse at strangers and allowing younger guys to grope her as I watched when we were out. Each time we had an adventure we'd talk about it in bed as we fucked and it was obvious that she was enjoying what she did. Eventually she agreed to try a swingers club with me, but she said she wasn't going to fuck anyone just see what went on and maybe give someone a flash.

We found a club, not to close to home (just incase) and she dressed in lacy bra and g-string, black hold up stockings and a short black dress that barley covered her stocking tops. Which told me she was in the mood to flash. We got to the cub at about 10.30 and I looked at the customers as we entered. There were about 6 women all obviously with there partners and another 10 or so men looking to chat the women up. We sat and had a drink and Dianne crossed her legs, flashing her stocking tops and watched what went on. Men were asking women to dance or if they wanted a drink. It was fascinating, watching these men take a married women onto the dance floor and as there husband watched, grope them and openly try to seduce them. We chatted with quite a few guys and Dianne accepted a couple of drinks but she refused the offers of a dance. As it got later the women on the dance floor were wearing less most were just in there underware but one women was dirty dancing in just her panties as two men groped and necked with her. She soon disappeared upstairs and as I said to Dianne "getting proper fucked". We decided to have a look upstairs and so changed into some towels. Dianne left her stockings on but was naked under her towel. We got upstairs and say groups of two or tree men looking through windows, watching people fucking, some openly wanking as they watched. Dianne looked on as two men glanced at her but continued to watch and wank their cocks. Two men sat and started to make small talk with us, it was quite surreal all just wearing towels and two men wanking just feet away. I left to get more drinks and when I returned Dianne was still talking with the two men but had allowed her towel to loosen and drop so they could see her breasts and boy were they looking. " Are you two going in a room " one of them asked. "Why do you want to watch?" replyed my wife. "No we want to join in" he said. She giggled and said "Ok". My heart was pounding as we lntered a room which consisted of one enormous bed and a tv playing porn. All the towels dropped and three stiff cock pointed at my Dianne. As I watched they started kissing her and exploring her body with their hands as she slowly wanked both their dicks at once. Then the bigger of the two guys lay her down and got to work licking her fanny out the other man slipped his cock into her mouth and I joined him in groping her tits. She was in heaven and soon came on this stranger tounge. He turned her over and started to fuck her doggie style, quite roughly and I watched as he slapped her big arse the other man was till in her mouth and she only remove his cock to suck his hairy balls. I felt a bit redundant and was left to just grope and stroke her body as she held on to my cock. After some time the men swapped ends and she was soon licking her own juices from a very impressive dick and her mouth had to stretch to fit him in her mouth. No wonder she'd enjoyed him fucking her. The new man in her cunt slammed into her for a couple of minutes before spunking in my wifes pussy. I replaced him and what a feeling it was sliding into her red hot cunt, filled with another mans spunk. I watched her sucking the monster cock as I fucked her and she was really going for it sucking him fast and dirty. Soon enough he shot his load into her mouth and I pulled out and spunked over her quivering arse. They thanked her and left and I stroked her heaving body until she recovered. We fucked like teenagers for weeks after our first time and its only got better and wilder since that first time but I'll always cherish that first time as she lay there cover in spunk from three dicks and just begging to do it again.