Written by Rob

1 Feb 2018

My wife Emma and I were in town last Saturday and we bumped into Geoff and Kim, a couple we had been friends with over 15 years ago. It had just been one of those things when you life goes in separate ways so it was nice to see them again. We had been friends through our children’s school so it was nice to catch up with them.

We went to a coffee shop to chat.

Although a long time had past we all recognised each other and although we were that much older we hadn’t changed too much. Geoff and Kim were now in their early 60s. Geoff tall and slim and Kim was always quite buxom with very large breasts, she had lovely long reddish brown hair. We had always got on well with them; they were intelligent and very good company. Whilst neither were oil paintings they did have a sexual chemistry, I always enjoyed Kim’s curves and Emma enjoyed Geoff’s flirting, he was also very quick witted which Emma enjoyed.

They invited us back to their house. We agreed to come over to their house later that evening. We went home, showered and took a taxi to Kim and Geoff’s. Emma and I discussed that we would be quite happy to have sex with them if it happened but went with no preconceptions.

The drinks and chat flowed nicely. Kim sat with me on the two-seater and Emma squashed in with Geoff on the other two-seater. It was clear the chemistry was starting to build, there was flirting and touching. When I looked over and saw Emma and Geoff kissing his hand on Em's breast and Em rubbing the bulge in his trousers; I moved my hand onto Kim’s bare leg and moved it slowly up her thigh. She wore a short skirt and she opened her legs slightly and I knew what she wanted. We started to kiss and my hand moved up and found her very wet pussy. I started to finger her and she swayed her hips against my finger. She was also very hairy and I couldn’t wait to go down on her.

I moved off the seat and moved between her legs as she wriggled out of her skirt. I was faced with her beautiful hairy pussy. The pubes were reddish and glistened with her wetness. I dived in the lick her and she tasted of musky sex. My tongue darted all over her pussy, her clit was hard and she clearly enjoyed my tongue pressed against it. She got wetter and wetter and I got lost in my enjoyment of it.

When I came up for air, Kim undid my trousers and released my hard cock. She sucked me and I reached down to tweak her erect nipples which swung at the end of her large breasts. She sucked my cock and balls, which felt so good. For the first time, I noticed Em who was now sitting astride Geoff and his cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. By the sounds she was making it felt good and from the view I had it was a good size cock so I knew Em would be happy.

I didn’t want to come without having fucked Kim first so we both got on the floor Kim lay on her back with her legs open and I got on top and slid my cock into her and pumped hard, her large breasts against my chest felt good, we kissed passionately and my orgasm arrived and I spurted my spunk into her. I think she had her own orgasm soon after mine.

Em and Geoff joined us on the floor. Geoff had also shot his load into Em. Kim and Em kissed each other their hands in each other’s pussy, Geoff and I suggested they should 69 and they happily obliged. Seeing them licking our spunk out of each other’s pussy was such a turn on. And, as started touching them as they played my cock stirred back to life, Em wanted more of Geoff’s cock so whilst I positioned myself in a 69 with Kim, she gave me a great tit wank and I came all over her tits as she licked my balls and arse. Geoff came in Em’s pussy for a second time. Watching her orgasm as he came in her was a truly wonderful sight, as was the sight of his spunk slowly seeping out of her pussy when he took out his very wet cock. He later told us that he had always fancied Em.

It was a great evening and we chatted and drank some more before getting our taxi home. We have promised to meet up soon and not to leave it 15 years. The next day Em and I agreed it had been great. Em told me that Geoff had a great cock and she loved his spunk shooting in her, she also loved eating my come from Kim so we definitely plan another meet with our old friends.