Written by Happy Hubby

8 Nov 2017

After we had all cum Tara said she was going to freshen up having rubbed all her spunk into her face , neck and tits. Me and the two guys went and sat on the bed and a chair. The porn on the TV was now showing a woman being spit roasted and this was starting to have the desired effect as our cocks began to get semi hard. The guy with the big cock was wanking and saying if i thought she would be ready again, i said only one way to find out when she comes out well grab her again.

After about 15 minutes of waiting in anticipation Tara emerged from the bathroom. She was quite surprised to see the two guys still there lying on the bed side by side wanking their cocks. I said ready for more and before she could answer I pushed her face down onto the bed, she laughed and said ok guys if you must but one at a time to start. We all got behind her as she was face down on the bed and I got behind her first and started to finger her pussy and rub her bum, she was soaking wet and with that I entered her and began fucking her as hard as I could, the two guys were stroking her back and after a couple of minutes I pulled out and was replaced by the guy with the big cock, she let out a loud moan as he pumped away inside her, she was raising her head screaming to be fucked by us all, he then turned to his mate and said your turn, in no time she had her third cock fucking her and she started to raise up on her elbows with those big tits swinging free. I pushed my cock into her mouth and she started to suck greedily whilst the other guy was rubbing and sucking her rock hard nipples.

The guy fucking her pulled out and was replaced by the other guy we had her up on all fours and he was fucking her pussy whilst I had her mouth, as she moved back onto his big cock I was pulling her head forward onto my cock to suck. She began to wriggle as the guy watching started to finger her arse and rub her tits, this was making her moan louder and she started to cum and scream to be fucked harder.

We pulled off her and she laid on her back whilst we all wanked, I then got on top of her and started banging into her really hard lifting her legs over my shoulders and have my balls slap against her, she was wanking the other guys and I then pulled out and moved my cock up to her tits and sprayed all over them rubbing my cock and her nipples with my cum. I was quickly replaced with one of the other guys and he only fucked her for a few seconds before releasing his load over her belly.

She was now left with the guy with the big cock and he said he wanted to fuck her on all fours again. He was very eager to get into her pussy and quickly pushed around and started banging away. Tara was looking at me , her big tits swinging freely and licking her lips in a very sexy way as she was pumped hard. Suddenly the guy pulled out and shot a huge stream of spunk up her back and wanked all over her.

Tara slumped forward and said she had been well and truly fucked but now needed to sleep

As the guys dressed and left she said hope to see you again to which they eagerly agreed