Written by AL

13 Mar 2008

This happened over 2 years ago when Cheryl and I went to Tenerife.

At the time we were both 26 years old and were spending a week on Holiday in Las Americas. Cheryl at the time had long dark hair, 5ft2 tall, size 12, blue eyes, and large 36c tits. We had been together 3 years and we had decided to get engaged while we were there. I am not a romantic so we decided on the Friday night Cheryl would wear her ring and we would go out and get hammered to celebrate.

Friday night arrived and we headed out. Cheryl was a little bit reserved dressing at home but on holiday when always seemed more willing to dress for the occasion. Anyway she had on knee length black boots, A short black satin skirt, and a white low cut vest type top. Cheryl was wearing her ring and we had a meal and then headed down to Veronica\'s strip (This is the main drinking area). We had drank a bottle of wine each with the meal and were both on our way to being drunk.

Cheryl liked cider and we must have been in and out of about 5 bars having a half of cider in each. We went into a bar which I think was called o\'neils and was upstairs. I gave Cheryl some money as I needed the loo and headed off. When I came back Cheryl was sat on a bar stool with two lads talking to her and one had his hand on her upper right thigh. I knew I was pissed and at 1st felt very jealous as I walked over. Cheryl smiled as I approached and handed me my money back and said the lads had got us the drinks. I knew looking at her she was drunk and so was I.

Both lads Asian and from Bradford. One was called Saj and the other called max both were about 22years old. Saj was the one with his hand on Cheryl\'s thigh and he did not move it even though I was there and Cheryl did ask him to. I started talking to max who seemed like a decent lad and he told me they had just arrived and were here for a week on the pull. He laughed saying they thought Cheryl was on her own and that they had both wanted to see if they could bed her. I smiled and said well we have just got engaged tonight and that, that may up set matters. The music was loud and I could not hear what Saj was saying to Cheryl but they both kept laughing and smiling at me and max.

After about 30 minutes Cheryl said max had invited us back to there apartment latter if we wanted to go. I said I was happy to go later thinking we would probably never make it. Anyway we stayed in the bar for about another two hours drinking. I never noticed at 1st bust Saj and max weren\'t drinking alcohol but had water or orange juice. Cheryl was wasted as we left and I was not far behind her. Max and Saj asked if we wanted to go back there apartment but I declined. Saj said they would walk us back to our apartment.

When we arrived back I cannot recall inviting them in but they both came in anyway. Cheryl fell on the her back on the bed drunk. As she did her skirt bounced up and folded back on itself showing her pussy. She had not been wearing any knickers. I had sat down and was very pissed and I must admit did nothing. Saj pulled out a mobile phone and started taking a video. He was saying it was to good to miss. I just sat and watched Cheryl\'s eyes were closed and I just said in a drunken slur give it a finger. Saj didn\'t need asking twice. He started rubbing her pussy and slipped 1st one, then two and then three fingers in her with his left hand. Saj stopped using his mobile phone and with his right hand undid his pants and pulled out his cock. I was just sitting watching and I could just feel myself getting hard. Max picked up Sajs phone as saj pulled his pants down to his knees. Chelsy legs where dangling over the edge of the bed slightly apart and Saj Lent across her. I knew what was going to happen but it all seemed not really as I was drunk. His dick did appear to a couple of inches bigger than mine and he just widened Cheryl\'s legs and penetrated her. Cheryl without opening her eyes put her arms around his neck and they started kissing Saj. At this point I stood up and came closer. Max was videoing it all on Sajs phone. Then Cheryl opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. Saj was hammering away and started ripping at her top to get her tits out. Once the top was off he started sucking her tits and giving them a little nibble. Then he turned Cheryl over. Cheryl lay flat on her stomach while he fucked her from behind. After about 2 or 3 minutes he said he was coming and pulled out cuminng across her skirt and back. Max quickly replaced him with Cheryl just looking across her left shoulder as he entered her. That was the dirtiest look I have ever seen her give. Maxs cock was smaller about the same size as mine and he took no time to cum. He probably was only fucking her for a minute or two. But max emptied himself in side Cheryl. As they had both finished Cheryl just turned onto her back and fell asleep. Both lads used the bathroom and said to me that they would see us around again and left. I sat back on the couch and fell asleep. In the morning when I woke Cheryl was on the bed naked which seemed strange but awake. She told me that later on Saj had returned and had a second shag with her and came inside her and then gone.

We talked about what had happened and I said I had enjoyed it and Cheryl said she had on the holiday but she would never do anything like it at home. She admitted that she had enjoyed the pregnancy risk side but if she got pregnant we would have to get rid as her dad would not be happy.

We stayed together for 6 months after that before we broke up. I just wanted to do the same again but Cheryl just told me it was a one off. I always thing of our time together very fondly.