Written by Robbieeee

13 Feb 2015

My beautiful sexy wife had harboured fantasies yet to be fulfilled unknown to me.

Then came the books ALL women became fans of. 50 Shades.

She read all three books and more erotica besides, and it seemed to awaken something within her.

She began to take more of an interest in lingerie, especially racey black and tight. She even asked me for a glass dildo and restraints. Which I obliged, but was a little wary of due to the suddenness of this change.

We had a little fun, but she seemed dissatisfied with my input. I was so confused!

Late one night I woke to find she was not in bed. I looked for her and saw the study light on. I was about to walk in, but heard her say "Yes Master".

So I just stood at the door, peeped through the gap in the door and listened.

She was wearing leather pants with a split crotch, stockings, high stiletto boots and nothing else. The computer monitor was on and a man was talking to her. He told her she was a slut and naughty bitch and needed to do exactly what he told her. She just said "yes master". They were on line for around an hour. She had two hard orgasms in that time. I had a raging hard on. I snuck back to bed and said nothing.

We went to London for a few days break later that month. We stayed in a great hotel, mainly frequented by business men. The first night she told me to go on down to the bar while she got ready for dinner. She later joined me, but a sensed something was different about her.

While at the bar her phone rang. She answered. She listened and then said "Yes Master". I was totally shocked! She looked at me and told me that her master had seen me at the study door. She said he told her that she had to do as he told her when she was with me in London. She placed her hand on my groin and said I have been told to take you and the black male at the bar upstairs to our room, where she would be cuffed to the bed. I sat there in stunned silence. She walked over to this good looking black guy, spoke to him and made her way the the elevator. I just followed. The black guy looked like he had just been given the best birthday present ever!

On opening our room door, I saw an assortment of sex toys and odd chains, ropes and paddles etc on the bed.

Her phone rang, she answered and passed it to me. The man on the phone said my wife was his sub and the black guy was his Dom friend and she was going to be fucked by him. I could watch or leave, my choice. Then he just hung up. I was so shocked, I just sat there. The black guy said to her, "get on your dress off, and get on the bed on all fours". What happened next changed me forever.