Written by Rob_Consort

5 Aug 2012

Two years ago this month, Ali and I collaborated on one of our occasional efforts to sexually satisfy our swing and swap interests…together. Thanya (swear to this day, her real name Tanya…but for interest to hob-knob with upper crust, became ‘Thanya’) and Kyle were members of our swing social for about 3 years. Thanya oftentimes played the distant party…teasing a few husbands however rarely engaging. When she chose to fuck another member, usually with hubby’s prior approval…and limitations set as to amount of activity she would engage.

Prior to that August in 2010, she and Kyle went silent for nearly 4 months…not even attending any of our casual get-togethers. THEN, the surprise announcement…Thanya was pregnant…approximately 8 weeks into her cycle. Terrible to disclose now…well, NOT so terrible…Ali and several of her gal friends in the group thought what better timing than to enjoy a preggo wife in possible heat…! She and Sandra approached Kyle…and to abbreviate an overlong dialogue…they convinced Kyle that it would be enjoyable for several of the wives to ‘entertain’ his wife…sort of a ‘congratulations’ effort…provide some sexual relief at a time when activity would still be well within physical limits. Kyle agreed, however asked what his “benefits” would be in all of this now that his wife had already pretty much shutdown his sexual play with her! Sandra ‘negotiated’ some time for Kyle…well worth the effort the girls planned.

A mid-august date was set…we’d have casual dinner and enough time for the girls to get together and play with Thanya. Kyle prepared his wife that evening…in some manner convinced his wife that she should enjoy the wives’ play with her. He didn’t share with his wife that he himself would be in swap fuck mode with another one or two of the wives that evening…

Melanie, Sandra, Linda and Ali were all set…an evening of casual drinks…and spicy conversation got Thanya in the mood. Melanie was first…she played with Thanya while she still had most of her clothes on…but gradually disrobed her…down to bra and panty…noting a lovely ever so slight bump already appearing on her tummy. Linda came over…removed Thanya’s bra. From a distance I had before seen her topless figure…small, rounded breasts with accentuated nipples. Now, closer, it was a pleasure for me and the other husbands watching her…exciting our cocks without a touch I might add! Linda also removed her panty…NOT seen before…a lovely smoothly shaven clit with rounded bum…Thanya looked classy AND ready.

Melanie worked and fingered her way around Thanya’s snatch…opening her lips…slowly stroking her labia…and eventually pressing her mouth and tongue into Thanya’s clit. NO doubt…Thanya became enthralled…loved the oral engagement…even wanted to reciprocate Melanie. BUT that was not the plan that evening. Sandra took second position…played Thanya’s cunny well while she also massaged her anal entry. Linda then followed…pretty much drove Thanya into sexual ecstasy…3 women eating her out so well. In fourth play, my wife took over…Ali went directly to Thanya’s well-lubricated vagina…played with her lips…slightly biting into the sides of her very moist cunny…and used I believe 3 fingers to massage Thanya’s inner cunny canal. That put Thanya over the edge…coming a torrent…even begging for more. More she would have…but with a surprise!

I took my position next to Ali…my cock ready to play. When Thanya realized I was standing before her, it was shock in her eyes and facial expression. Apparently Kyle never told her it would be a ‘husband and wife’ evening…afterall, Kyle was already engaged with another woman downstairs in the parlor… By then it didn’t matter…Thanya was here amidst us. Ali was preparing to hold one of Thanya’s legs open…I motioned that I would be going down on Thanya first…my usual oral pleasure with a woman. I went for her slit…tongued and fingered her cunt. It seemed I had all the value…Thanya’s body lotion…and several brands of ladies’ perfume and mouth wash…along with Thanya’s body juices. At least it wasn’t a lot of guys’ sperm…;)

When oral complete, I entered Thanya’s cunny…deep and unforgiving…my first time fucking this woman…and likely the last opportunity to do so. I didn’t last more than 10 minutes or so. At last plunge I went as deeply as possible…spunked her deep with my cream…spurting at least 2 or 3 times deep in her vagina. No condom…who was caring…she’s already pregnant! Unless we were missing something…what difference!

She seemed quite satisfied albeit originally disapproved of my intention to fuck her….her mild protest didn’t last long…once my cock entered. As she looked around the side of the bed, there was Ben…another husband…stroking his cock ready. Within seconds of my withdrawal, Ben was in her missionary position…Thanya never had a chance to object…EVEN if she wanted to object.

I left the room at that point…my wife and I going downstairs. In addition to Ben, two other husbands from the group fucked Thanya that evening…we believe George chose to fuck Thanya’s ass deep and raw. Ali and I had enjoyed our time…no need to witness the rest of ‘play time.’ Kyle was also finishing up with his efforts downstairs…we chatted a bit…occupied his time…no need for him to see his lovely, early-stage preggo wife fucked by the hubby suitors (Kyle had watched most of the gals eating out his wife earlier…)

Several weeks later, Kyle and Thanya moved...quite surprisingly and suddenly. We never saw them again...though one of the guys in our group received an email from Kyle some months later...Thanya had delivered a lovely, healthy baby daughter. A few of our husband members who weren't party to that August evening still express regret and disappointment they never had the opportunity to fuck Thanya. Ali and I smilingly remark that the lady who so often evaded our sexual attentions, was often as well one of those most desireable and prized sexual objects. We had our turn with Thanya...we enjoyed her "prize!!"