Written by ssftsf01

16 Apr 2013

After that week's sexy encounter at Dave's workshop (see previous story) we had planned to meet that Saturday. But the plans had slightly gone adrift as Tina's daughter had unexpectedly came home that weekend from uni. Had affected our plans somewhat but nevertheless we improvised things and we just knew it would involve sex at some point in the evening aswell!!

We decided instead to go for a chineese; Dave had an idea and we'd go with the flow, see what happened. Was a nice resturant and what started as "normal" conversation over good food and wine started to get rather smutty and wild!

Tina always opens up after a glass of wine. Soon there was lots of "Footsie" going on under the table and some very suggestive ideas being banded around. As always Tina looked delicious; I knew she was wearing stockings. Deliberately she ran my hands over the outline of her suspender belt under the split black pencil skirt she was wearing aswell. I asked if she was wearing knickers; she said she was as I knew often she would go without. It was then Dave confessed he'd seen her parading about in them earlier as she readied herself and fastened her suspender belt. Unable to resist he'd fucked her over the dresser hard; his hand over her mouth to gag her sluttish cries from her unsuspecting daughter watching TV downstairs on the sofa! He'd slipped from her cunt and deliberately spunked in the silk to send her out a sticky, hot slut; to remind her what she'd get again later tonight. Tina smiled. Dave wouldn't tell me what lingerie she was wearing but I would later, find out! Tina adjusted herself ever so slightly as again she stroked my cock through my jeans. Without raising suspicion I could carefully slide my hand through the split of her skirt and run a finger over her sheer black lace tops pulled tight to a belt. Tina smiled wickedly knowing the effect this had on me; I could feel her panties too; so wet and sticky. Tina just knew they were coming off that night!

We had fucked Tina and played in the car many times. It was exciting and made us horny. But as none of us were into "dogging" the thought of being disturbed by idiots made us think carefully where we played if we parked up. One good thing about Dave having the workshop as it gave us a "Plan B". It was private and also served as a back up should like this weekend Tina's daughter was back home aswell. It was only a 10 min trip and I hopped in the back with Tina as Dave made the drive.

Poor Dave nearly crashed the car! I could see him look back at the mirror smiling! He knew his partner was having fun as Tina and I petted and french kissed; as slowly I undone her satin blouse. Tina moaned, arching her head back as I exposed her warm, pert tits, kissing, sucking each nipple, slowly reaching under her skirt to find her stocking tops and suspender belt. I told her again tonight she'd be fucked, taken so wild. I whispered "I wanted to get into her knickers" as Dave pulled up at the gate to unlock it. Two Minutes later were private and secure in the workshop as Tina gave a whoreish smile. Now it was Dave who took over, exposing and zipping his hard cock to Tina's aroused eyes. "The Merc I think, theres more room. Ti; slip your skirt off. C why dont you strip off and wait in the back seat; Im just gonna uncork this wine".

Opening the door I eased in the back, pulling off my jeans, boxers, unfastening my shirt as Tina stripped outside. I felt my hardon surge as she slipped off her bra, skirt and blouse. Now I saw the lingerie she was wearing for the first time. Cherry red designer suspenders, matching, cum stained panties aswell. Rather than lift the seat, rather unladylike Tina attempted to climb between the 2 front passenger seats. Giggling like a whore she focused on my throbbing cock and gave a wicked smile. "Tina you are an idiot" Dave commented grinning. Through the open door she watched him naked, holding the now opened bottle of wine in his hand. Moving forward he thrust his hard dick to Tina's mouth. Without hesitation Tina began to suck him; as assertively for a moment she pushed his head up and down his hard shaft. Finally she continued to climb through as Dave reached in, yanked her knickers down. He left them trailed over the gearstick as finally she climbed into the back and sat beside me hard and aroused.

"You are a dirty bitch" Dave commented

"I know"! Tina replied

Tina loved the attention as two guys kissed and stroked her, her stockinged legs opening wide. Like a slut she sipped straight from the wine bottle, in turn passing it to each guy. The wine we were to drink at their house tonight. Slightly tipsy again Tina spread her legs, moaned loudly. Gently Dave fingered her, her clit throbbing, his hands deep inside her. She giggled too as wine dripped onto her warm, pert breasts. Gently I reached out, cupped each breast in turn, slowly lapped at the white fizzy liquid, sucking her nipples passionately as he gave faint cries. Slowly she reached out, wanking us slowly and seductively; "Are you looking for sex"? Dave whispered. Her whoreish look told him all he had to know. "Our guest first Tina. has been a while"! Without hesitation Tina mounted me with a loving sigh.

I gasped as I entered her, her slit so wet and tight. Instantly I felt her clit, my purple head deep inside her as she straddled me, held me tight. Lovingly but whoresishly she rode me as we french kissed, as she rode me stiff cock, my hands at first on her stocking tops, then her tits, then draped over her back as we cum together passionately. But Tina knew she'd be fucked again; Dave was waiting. "Oh Tina baby" he cried beckoning her . I looked down as I slipped my satisfied cock from her. Still panting and her sex oozing with my cum I took her hand, led her outside. "Over the bonnet" Dave demanded. "Ooh yes" Tina squealed. Assertively Dave positioned her there, her breasts push up against the matallic paintwork; as he parted her stockinged legs. "Fuck her" I cried!

Again Dave had her, had his hot lover as she took his cock the way she loved best, teasingly deep and hard as she sobbed and cried. Over and over she moaned as she screwed her, screwed her so furiously, fucking another climax out of her as finally his cock exploded and he cum inside her.

And finally? Yes once again I Licked her clean as she lay there, now totally naked her back spread on that bonnet.

Another fantastic evening :)