Written by anonymous

16 Jul 2010

Ever been driving down a road and thought,hang on thats my car?

Yesterday i was driving along when i realised i was passing a local beauty spot and picnic area called bluebell hill. Having a bit of spare time i thought why not stop and take in the view.

I parked at the back of the tiny car park and wandered to the edge of the hill and looked at all the surrounding greenery.

As i walked back to my car i noticed at the other side of the car park was my other car parked in the corner.

I couldnt make it out. My Mrs was at work yet here was our other car about 2 miles from our home and where she works.

I wandered over and yes it was mine alright but nobody was inside.

I walked over to the edge of the car park and looked down the hill for signs of my Mrs.


So i decided to take a wander down and see if she was about.

I hadnt walked for more than about 3/4 mins when i rounded some trees and saw her,side on to some bushes. She was on all fours. Her skirt was raised up,knickers and shoes nowhere to be seen. Her back was arched and behind her was a guy i recognised as a rep who i have seen in her shop.

He was smartly dressed in white shirt and black trousers. His trousers and trunks however were pulled down to his knees and whilst firmly gripping her arse cheeks he was fucking her for all he was worth.

As i watched he slowed for a minute and reached forwards to undo the row of silky ties at the back of her top. As it fell to the floor he undid her bra releasing her breasts.

I noticed how erect her nipples were.

She pulled herself upright for just a second and turning her head they locked tongues.

He was still inside her but he was now kneading and squeezing her breasts.

His tanned hands made a stark contrast against her creamy white skin.

She said something to him and he moved back to resume fucking her hard.

I couldnt make out the things she was saying to him as he fucked her but it obviously increased his stamina.

She slumped forwards and reached back between her legs and was i assume playing with his balls and shaft. Its something she does when i am fucking her.

She likes to feel my balls slapping against her shaven pussy and to feel my cock entering her.

He started to growl and grunt,then holding her waist gave several really hard thrusts and filled her with his cum.

He stayed inside her stroking her back as she carried on playing between her legs.

I recognised the signs of her orgasm as she shook and came,his cock still embedded inside her.

They lay together for a moment or two then after more kissing they started to dress.

I caught a glimpse of his flacid wet cock which appeared to be quite slim but so very much longer than mine. She was dripping with his cum as she mopped herself with a tissue he provided.

I snuck back out of sight and made my way back to the car.

Quickly i drove away before they got back.

I will be calling in there again.