Written by marysboy

30 Jul 2008

My wife Molly and I had been swinging for about a year. We had always gone a few towns away and our friends knew nothing of our life style.

There was a straight bar that we used to visit. The bar tender was a big red haired man named Tom. He used to flirt with my wife right in front of me. My wife was always attracted to big, aggressive men.

One night after visiting the bar, I asked my wife, if she would like to fuck Tom. She said she found him attractive

and what did I have in mind. I said, why don\'t you set up a date to meet him after he closes the bar.

She had no trouble setting up the date.

I suggested that she wear no panties or bra. In fact, before she left to meet Tom I removed her bra and panties.

When she came home her breast were black and blue. She said he was a rough lover, but it turned her on. As she sat waiting for him to close the bar she found herself getting excited. So, she masturbated herself to orgasm.

As soon as he got into her car she opened his fly and started to suck his cock. He came quickly. Then he started to roughly caress her naked breast. He sucked her nipples very hard. She said there was an inner violence to him. She found it scary yet exciting.

After his second blow job he became relaxed. Then my wife told him that I liked to watch her being fucked. Would he be interested in a threesome. He said, he would, but he wasn\'t bi so not to expect him to do anything with my husband.

When he arrived at our house my wife was showered, perfumed and had on a sheer black, short night gown and high heels. She met Tom at the door and gave him a big kiss. I knew that this was going to be a great night.

Without any preliminaries Tom took out his massive cock. He pushed my wife\'s head down. She said stop. She got down on her knees and started to suck his cock. I just sat and watched in awe. When he had filled her mouth with his load. He said let\'s go into the bed room.

I watched as he slid off the black nigh gown. She lay naked on the bed Her nipples still showed the bruises from his first time with my wife. He was sucking her nipples hard but she was moaning with pain or pleasure. I couldn\'t tell I had never heard these sounds before. He still had his pants on. He reached in his pocket and brought out a set of nipple clamps.

Have you ever used these, Tom asked, Without waiting for an answer he clipped them on her nipples. I have never seen her nipples so hard or so red. He then began to finger fuck her. First one, then two,now three. He then ran his thumb into her ass hole and the other fingers into her cunt.

I sat watching as I had never fucked her this hard or even thought of fucking her in her ass. He turned her face down and slid his cock very slowly up her ass hole. This was too much for me i jerked myself off.

He shot his load up her ass. I couldn\'t believe my eyes. He treated her like some whore and she loved it. He then turned to me and asked, do you really like to see your wife fucked. I answered yes. He said, great, let me know when I can be of service.

His rough ways scare me, but my wife said she enjoyed being used like a whore

I said I enjoyed it too. So far we haven\'t invited Tom back, but we fantasize and our fucking has gotten a lot rougher.